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Gentle Giant Scraping The Barrel album cover
3.24 | 35 ratings | 3 reviews | 11% 5 stars

Good, but non-essential

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Boxset/Compilation, released in 2004

Songs / Tracks Listing

Disc 1 (76:19)
1. Giant-Vocal Mix (1970) 1.14
2. Alucard-Derek,Master of Ceremonies (1970) 1.27
3. Pantagruels Nativity-Vocal Mix (1971) 0.47
4. Schooldays-Piano,Studio (1972) 0.43
5. Schooldays-Grand Piano,Studio (1972) 0.54
6. Working All Day-Demo (1972) 0.56
7. Peel the Paint-Different Solo (1972) 3.42
8. Mr.Class & Quality-Intro Bits+Complete Solos (1972) 5.10
9. Three Friends-Piano Experiment (1972) 0.57
10. Three Friends-Vocal Mix (1972) 1.02
11. Kerry's Kindness (1972) 0.37
12. Think of Me with Kindness-Studio Outtake (1972) 4.02
13. Keyboard Concerto-Plymouth 1973 (1972) 3.57
14. In a Glass House-Intro (1973) 1.04
15. Runaway/Experience-Segue (1973) 1.15
16. Way of Life-without Vox (1973) 2.46
17. Proclamation-Rehearsal before take (1974) 2.22
18. Proclamation-Demo (1974) 5.44
19. Playing the Game-Experiment (1974) 1.00
20. Playing the Game-Pick'n'Mix (1974) 6.06
21. Playing the Game-Alternative Part (1974) 1.28
22. The Boogie and the Woogie-Cogs (1974) 2.01
23. No God's a Man-Demo (1974) 3.26
24. No God's a Man-Vocal Mix (1974) 2.03
25. The Face-Demo (1974) 4.12
26. Valedictory-Starts (1974) 4.48
27. The Power and the Glory-Inbetweenies (1974) 2.37
28. The Power and the Glory-Demo/Band/Studio Pick'n'mix (1974) 3.16
29. The Power and the Glory-Second Song (1974) 1.54
30. With Gentle Giant on KMET-Jingle (1974) 0.31
31. On Reflection-Rehearsal Chaos (1975) 1.50
32. Free Hand Riff (1975) 0.39
33. His Last Voyage-Vocal Mix (1975) 1.49

Disc 2 (72:55)
1. His Last Voyage-Demo (1975) 6.51
2. Talybont-Special Mix (1975) 1.01
3. Talybont-Demos (1975) 3.59
4. Mobile-Demos (1975) 1.40
5. Mobile-Studio Outtake (1975) 4.57
6. Give it Back-Guitar (1976) 2.38
7. Give it Back-Funny voices (1976) 1.24
8. Another Show-M8 (1976) 1.52
9. Empty City-Studio Outtake (1976) 4.30
10. Empty City-Guitar and Rhodes Mix (1976) 1.30
11. Empty City-Vocal Mix (1976) 0.32
12. Timing-Demo (1976) 3.13
13. Intro'77 (1977) 1.25
14. Two Weeks in Spain-Rehearsal (1977) 1.32
15. Two Weeks in Spain-Studio (1977) 0.25
16. 12 Bar Warmup+Who Do You Think You Are?-Outtake+Rehearsal (1977) 4.33
17. Rock Me Baby (1977) 1.29
18. As Old as You're Young (1977) 4.10
19. Winning-Band Rehearsal-Odd M8 (1977) 3.35
20. Winning-Lights Rehearsal-Pinewood (1977) 6.56
21. For Nobody (1977) 4.41
22. For Nobody-Vocal Mix (1977) 0.35
23. Friends-Demo (1978) 2.45
24. Rock Climber-Band Rehearsal (1978) 3.39
25. Shadows on the Street (1979) 3.03

Disc 3 (75:30)
1. Home Again (K. Minnear with G.Green & J.Weathers 2000) 3.56
2. Moog Fugue (K. Minnear with G.Green & J.Weathers 2000) 3.41
3. Move Over (Kerry Minnear 2000) 4.45
4. Really Don't Know (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo 1983) 4.07
5. Heaven's Tears (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo 1983) 3.53
6. Flower Arranging (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo 1983) 3.11
7. Living in a Restaurant (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo 1983) 3.42
8. You Make Me Very Happy (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo 1983) 3.46
9. Get Out of My Way (Kerry Minnear) 4.27
10. Wisdom Was Calling (Kerry Minnear) 3.43
11. Good Christian Men Rejoice (Kerry Minnear) 3.20
12. Hava Nagilla (Simon Dupree and the Big Sound) 2.24
13. Homeland (Simon Dupree and the Big Sound) 1.59
14. Burn My Working Clothes (John Weathers 1982) 2.28
15. On Safari-with Sally Minnear (Shout (G.Green & R.Shulman)) 1.28
16. Shout-Starting Line (Demo) (Shout (G.Green & R.Shulman) 1982) 3.42
17. Shout-Running Away (Demo) (Shout (G.Green & R.Shulman)) 4.32
18. Our World (Gary Green ca.1991) 4.20
19. Back To the Front (Gary Green) 4.25
20. Prehistoric Boss Level (Ray Shulman) 3.45
21. Volcano (Ray Shulman) 3.56

Disc 4 (513:40)
1. Nothing at all-Piano Solo (1970-mp3 audio) 2.07
2. Loop Idea going into Inmates Lullaby (1973-mp3 audio) 7.14
3. Piano and Vox Improvisation (1973-mp3 audio) 9.01
4. Octopus-Plymouth 1973 (Plymouth,17.9.1973-mp3 audio) 15.38
5. The Runaway (Torino,Palazzo dello Sport,19.10.1973-mp3 audio) 5.28
6. Way of Life (Torino-mp3 audio) 6.32
7. Funny Ways (Torino-mp3 audio) 9.04
8. Excerpts from Octopus (Torino-mp3 audio) 12.38
9. Nothing at All (Torino-mp3 audio) 15.42
10. Plain Truth (Torino-mp3 audio) 7.05
11. Recording So Sincere-Complete (1974-mp3 audio) 24.34
12. So Sincere Clavinet Riff & Glockenspiel (1974-mp3 audio) 3.44
13. The FBI File #1 (1974-mp3 audio) 1.51
14. The FBI File #2 (1974-mp3 audio) 2.17
15. Just the Same-Backing Track (1975-mp3 audio) 5.45
16. On Reflection-Clavinet Composing/Improvising (1975-mp3 audio) 3.13
17. On Reflection-Celesta (1975-mp3 audio) 1.04
18. Free Hand-Backing Track (1975-mp3 audio) 6.12
19. Time to Kill-Backin Track (1975-mp3 audio) 6.12
20. His Last Voyage-Vocal demo (1975-mp3 audio) 0.56
21. Octopus in Rehearsal 1975 (mp3 audio) 11.03
22. Interview-Counter Melody (1976-mp3 audio) 0.45
23. Interview-Trying Rhythms (1976-mp3 audio) 2.24
24. Interview-Rehearsal (1976-mp3 audio) 5.28
25. Give it Back-Guitar (1976-mp3 audio) 2.38
26. Empty City-Accoustic Guitar (1976-mp3 audio) 3.31
27. Empty City-Electric Guitar (1976-mp3 audio) 1.51
28. Timing-Guitar Part Check (1976-mp3 audio) 2.15
29. Timing-Rehearsal (1976-mp3 audio) 3.09
30. I Lost My Head-Composing 1 (1976-mp3 audio) 12.25
31. I Lost My Head-Composing 2 (1976-mp3 audio) 17.24
32. I Lost My Head-Clavinet Guide (1976-mp3 audio) 3.32
33. I Lost My Head-Rehearsal (1976-mp3 audio) 1.07
34. The Runaway-Experience (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 8.35
35. As Old As You're Young (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 4.55
36. On Reflection (interrupted but continues) (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 7.08
37. Just the Same-Playing the Game (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 10.38
38. Memories of Old Days (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 6.45
39. Winning (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 6.48
40. For Nobody (not complete) (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 3.50
41. Funny Ways (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 7.27
42. The Face-Plain Truth (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 3.53
43. So Sincere (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 9.59
44. Free Hand (interrupted) (Pinewood Rehearsal-1977-mp3 audio) 2.38
45. I'm Turning Around-Rehearsal (1977-mp3 audio) 2.31
46. Mountain Time-Piano (1977-mp3 audio) 1.30
47. Mountain Time-Girls (1977-mp3 audio) 2.33
48. Memories of Old Days-Guitar Rehearsal (1977-mp3 audio) 2.05
49. Memories of Old Days-Guitar Studio (1977-mp3 audio) 2.02
50. Memories of Old Days-Harmonics+Hammond Organ (1977-mp3 audio) 0.28
51. Winning-Rehearsal (1977-mp3 audio) 2.46
52. Words From the Wise-Band Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 4.03
53. Thank You-Band Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 3.41
54. Spookie Boogie-Band Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 3.06
55. Little Brown Bag-Band Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 3.40
56. It's Only Goodbye-Band Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 4.09
57. Freedoms Child-Band Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 4.34
58. Unknown Giant for a Day Demo (1978-mp3 audio) 1.52
59. All Through the Night-Rehearsal (1979-mp3 audio) 5.00
60. It's Not Imagination-Rehearsal (1979-mp3 audio) 3.52
61. Fine Friends You Turned Out to Be (mp3 audio) 1.48
62. Guitar Duet-Rehearsal (mp3 audio) 5.47
63. Groove-Kerry (mp3 audio) 1.22
64. Guitar Thing (mp3 audio) 0.31
65. Derek-Possible Robin Hood Thing 1 (mp3 audio) 0.38
66. Derek-Possible Robin Hood Thing 2 (mp3 audio) 0.58
67. Derek-Possible Robin Hood Thing 3 (mp3 audio) 1.41
68. Glockenspiel (mp3 audio) 1.29
69. Every day-1964 (Kerry Minnear-Grundig Tape-mp3 audio) 2.35
70. Phantom Brothers-1964 (Kerry Minnear-Grundig Tape-mp3 audio) 1.09
71. Kerry's Old Grey Whistle Test-1964 (Kerry Minnear-Grundig Tape-mp3 audio) 0.37
72. Jazzy Me-1965 (Kerry Minnear-Jazzy Tape-mp3 audio) 3.13
73. Make it Work (Pain)-1965 (Kerry Minnear-Jazzy Tape-mp3 audio) 2.21
74. That's One Idea-1965 (Kerry Minnear-Jazzy Tape-mp3 audio) 0.56
75. One More Chance-1965 (Kerry Minnear-Jazzy Tape-mp3 audio) 1.14
76. Some Other Time-1968 (Kerry Minnear-Peter Brooksmith Songs-mp3 audio) 2.09
77. Turn Out the Sun-1968 (Kerry Minnear-Peter Brooksmith Songs-mp3 audio) 2.04
78. An Echo of Today-1968 (Kerry Minnear-Peter Brooksmith Songs-mp3 audio) 3.08
79. He Started to Dance-1969 (Kerry Minnear-Wakehurs Road Multy's-mp3 audio) 4.14
80. I Watch You-1969 (Kerry Minnear-Wakehurs Road Multy's-mp3 audio) 5.03
81. The Baby is Crying-1969 (Kerry Minnear-Wakehurs Road Multy's-mp3 audio) 2.42
82. We've Taken All the Flags Away-1969 (Kerry Minnear-Wakehurs Road Multy's-mp3 audio) 1.53
83. Writing for Sturminster Newton's Choir-1969 (Kerry Minnear-Wakehurs Road Multy's-mp3 audio) 1.40
84. Fairground-Kerry's Demo/Band Demo-1969 (Kerry Minnear-Wakehurs Road Multy's-mp3 audio) 4.04
85. Et resurexit-1972 (Kerry Minnear-Very Fragile Tape-mp3 audio) 0.43
86. Shepherd's Be-Madrigal-1972 (Kerry Minnear-Very Fragile Tape-mp3 audio) 0.29
87. Fathers Touch-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 0.43
88. Piano Riff-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 0.30
89. Home Again-Demo-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 4.32
90. Are You Making Money?-Demo-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 4.20
91. Flower Arranging-Demo-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 3.36
92. I Wanna Live-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 4.02
93. Beautiful Vocal Line-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 0.10
94. I'm Gonna Change-1981 (Kerry Minnear-Bell Street Work Tapes-mp3 audio) 2.20
95. Really Don't Know-1983 (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo-mp3 audio) 3.56
96. Heaven's Tears-1983 (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo-mp3 audio) 3.57
97. Flower Arranging-1983 (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo-mp3 audio) 3.14
98. Living in Restaurant-1983 (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo-mp3 audio) 3.41
99. You Make Me Very Happy-1983 (Kerry Minnear-Chrysalis Demo-mp3 audio) 3.45
100. Pick-Me-Up-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.31
101. Sorry-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.01
102. Headline-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.01
103. Theme for Life-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.04
104. Olympics '92-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 0.31
105. Rain Again-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.01
106. This Country-1989 (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.04
107. This Country 2004 Mix (Kerry Minnear-Portfolio-mp3 audio) 1.04
108. Staring Line-Vinyl (Shout-mp3 audio) 4.32
109. Running Away (Shout-mp3 audio) 4.47
110. Is This a Tunnel? (Shout-mp3 audio) 4.06
111. Dance (Shout-mp3 audio) 3.09
112. Friday Night Suit (Shout-mp3 audio) 3.20
113. Groove (Gary Green 1977-mp3 audio) 0.46
114. Noodle 1 (Gary Green 1979-mp3 audio) 1.27
115. Noodle 2 (Gary Green 1979-mp3 audio) 1.11
116. Mikal-Electric Guitar (Gary Green 1982-mp3 audio) 1.03
117. Mikal-Accoustic Guitar (Gary Green 1982-mp3 audio) 0.15
118. Waltz Through the Night (Gary Green 1993-mp3 audio) 2.24
119. Ray Demo (Ray Shulman 1982-mp3 audio) 5.19
120. Showmix (Ray Shulman-mp3 audio) 8.27
121. Sample Archive (94 Dateien-mp3 audio) 37.06

Total Time:

Line-up / Musicians

- Derek Shulman / lead vocals, saxophone, bass
- Ray Shulman / bass, violin, guitar, percussion, backing vocals
- Phil Shulman / saxophone, trumpet, recorder, vocals
- Kerry Minnear / keyboards, vibraphone, bass, cello, lead vocals, percussion
- Gary Green / guitars
- Martin Smith / drums
- Malcolm Mortimore / drums
- John Weathers / drums

Releases information

CD/DVD Alucard/Gentle Giant Records (2004)
3 Audio CDs: 79 Tracks/230 Minutes; 1 Data CD w/8 hours of Audio, Video, Pictures, and More

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(35 ratings)
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GENTLE GIANT Scraping The Barrel reviews

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Collaborators/Experts Reviews

Review by fuxi
3 stars I bought this set about a year ago and am still exploring its riches. Since it contains "over twelve hours of enchanting Gentle Giant musical entertainment", mostly in embryonic form or in the shape of demos and live performances, you will understand I do not intend to enjoy all four discs non-stop from start to finish .

I've never been a particularly ardent GG fan; I first discovered the band's best music in the late 1990s when I was approaching my 40th birthday, so they never left the same mark as bands I got to know much earlier. But I love anthologies of all kinds, and I love the idea of a huge set full of (almost) countless snippets from a band's workbench. Hearing dozens of familiar passages from GG's classic albums performed on guitar and Fender Rhodes only, or by vocalists only (to give just two examples) is a fascinating experience, which only increases my admiration for this most endearing of bands.

The SCRAPING THE BARREL tracks list provided by Progarchives is highly detailed (I wonder which brave soul typed it all out?) and the single review the set has so far received (by Agemo) gives you an excellent impression of what the four disc set is like. All I will add is that the sound quality of most of the music is excellent, so if you're a true GG fan, don't worry, you're going to L-O-V-E this. A lot!

I was originally inclined to rate SCRAPING THE BARREL two stars (collectors/fans only), but since such a rating is usually interpreted as meaning: "so bad only dedicated fans will enjoy this", I'll give the set three stars instead, meaning: "good (provided you're fan of this kind of music) but non-essential".

I've decided to post this review even though I've not yet heard a single note from the third disc (which includes post-GG material by various ex-members of the band), because all the tracks I HAVE heard were highly enjoyable, life-enhancing even, and I felt SCRAPING THE BARREL finally deserved a recommendation from one of Progarchives' regular reviewers. I solemnly promise I will expand my review as soon as I have heard all 12 hours in their entirety...

Review by Alucard
SPECIAL COLLABORATOR Honorary Collaborator
4 stars Scraping the Barrel, 12 hours of music, compiled, cleaned and edited by dedicated Gentle Giant fan & friend Dan Bornemark between 1998 and 2004. As the title indicates, this is it, the best of the rest. The box-set contains 3 CD's and a data disc, a good solution even so my personal choice which tracks to put on the data disc (128 K/bit for the majority) would have been slightly different. Both, the 3 CD's and the data disc follow in chronological manner the Gentle Giant history with some miscellaneous tracks at the end (Kerry Minear, Gary Green Ray Shulman, John Weathers solo tracks & Shout (R.Shulman, Gary Green) and a sample archive (320 K/bit) of classic tracks. First remark, the high quality of the material, throughout their history Gentle Giant has released a great number of high quality compositions. With this boxset (and his predecessor 2CD set Under Construction ) you get the occasion to follow the evolution of the tracks. While Under Construction concentrated on unreleased and live tracks, STB presents the demo and composition sessions. My favourite tracks are on the data disc and at 128 K/bit only I would have preferred to have them in better quality on the CD part, seen the excellent source material, but that's a matter of taste. On the data disc, following the original record sessions you have long and elaborated composing / impro sessions which give an inside of the genesis of the tracks featuring strongly the compositional capacities of Kerry Minear. Some of the sessions are quite long for example 35 minutes for I lost my Head from Interview and as a non GG fan this might be boring, but then it's great music in progress. To hear Kerry Minear pass from renaissance madrigal moods to French impressionist music is awesome. Some of the early tracks are breathtaking like the vocal mixes of Three Friends and Pantagruel's Nativity, another highlight two guitar rehearsals for Memories Of Old Days by Gary Green. The overall sound quality is excellent as most of the material comes from the original recording sessions. There are a couple of live recordings among them two entire concert recordings, the first one from Torino in 1973 (medium sound board quality) and a public press rehearsal in the Pinewood studios from 1977 (good quality with some dropouts), containing hilarious comments from Derek in front of a half asleep bunch of journalists. The non Gentle Giant tracks present in majority Kerry Minear's works from 1964 to 1990. Dan Bornemark liked so much two of the demos that he initiated a 2000 minor Gentle Giant recording reunion with John Weathers, Gary Green and Phil Shulman furnishing the lyrics to one track. Gary Green's outtakes are fewer but among my personal favourites, among them two beautiful sketches he wrote after the death of his brother. A couple of tracks come from the short lived band Shout that Ray and Gary created in the beginning of he 80's in pure new wave style. On the visual part of the data disc some funny clips featuring John Weathers, a couple of promo films with John W. as The Giant in a miniature village, press kits photos and promo material. A well made 40 page booklet with interesting liner notes and pics comes along with the box-set. All in all, a must have for Gentle Giant fans, the others should try out the Gentle Giant discography and come back later eventually.

Latest members reviews

2 stars Being a long time fan of Gentle Giant, I finally got to the point where I was scraping my wallet and bought this beautifully packaged box. It contains 3 audio cd's, 1 cd- rom and a book. In total it is over 12 hours over music. The cd-rom contains, next to all sorts of mp3's, GG videos, tourboo ... (read more)

Report this review (#74913) | Posted by Agemo | Friday, April 14, 2006 | Review Permanlink

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