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Association P.C. was founded in 1969 by Dutch keyboarder Jasper van't Hof along with the Dutch drummer Pierre Courbois and the German guitarist Toto Blanke. The bassist was sometimes the Dutchman Peter Krijnen, sometimes the German Sigi Busch. Association P.C released their first record "Sun Rotation" in 1971. The band produced a synthesis of jazz, rock and avantgarde music reminding sometimes Soft Machine and was highly acclaimed at the Berlin Jazztage of 1971."Eighty percent of Association P.C. was electronics", Jasper recalls.
In 1972 the band released their second record "Erna Morena", the last with Jasper van't Hof who left the band to form Pork Pie with Charlie Mariano and Philip Catherine.On the 1973 release "Rock Around The Clock"he was replaced by German pianist Joachim Kühn. The record moved away from the Canterbury oriented sound and integrated free-jazz elements. Their last record "Mama Kuku" (1974) contained live recordings from 1973, on which the band was joined by American flute player Jeremy Steig. Association P.C. continued to tour until 1975.

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Sun Rotation (studio) 1971
Erna Morena (live) 1972
Rock Around The Clock (studio) 1973
Mama Kuku (live) 1974

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Erna MorenaErna Morena
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4.04 | 8 ratings
4.00 | 9 ratings
Sun Rotation
3.71 | 7 ratings
Rock Around The Cock

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4.81 | 7 ratings
Erna Morena
3.33 | 8 ratings
Mama Kuku

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 Erna Morena  by ASSOCIATION P.C. album cover Live, 1972
4.81 | 7 ratings

Erna Morena
Association P.C. Jazz Rock/Fusion

Review by Lewian

5 stars Budubb Budubb Budubb Badadubb Budubb Budubb Budubb Badadubb - Erna Morena starts with Siggi Busch's bass of Frau Theunissen's Kegel, which then takes off as a wild, fast and furious 7/8 orgy of jazz rock with Pierre Courbois's superbusy drums and some plainly incredible solos. This is one of the best pieces of jazz rock I have ever heard. Particularly Jasper Van't Hof on his distorted e-piano blows away my ears with what he is doing here, but also guitarist Toto Blanke is very inventive, after Karl-Heinz Wiberny on saxophone introduced the solos in a more conventional way. The band strikes a perfect balance between free (and at times atonal) creativity and energetic rock feeling. The remainder of the album is the title track, a long suite that has five parts but is basically just a single opus. On vinyl it is cut into two halves somewhat clumsily (but perhaps unavoidably) between the A and the B side because it's just too long for one side; I'd be curious whether there is any version out there where one can hear the whole thing from beginning to end. Anyway, this is a somewhat different animal from Frau Theunissen. Much more of this is influenced by bandleader Pierre Courbois' free jazz background without a straight rhythm and a transparent harmonic concept. Something more rhythmic and rocky happens again at the end of side A and the beginning of side B. A rhythmic pattern on the e-piano, later joined in by again fast and wild drums, emerges out of a calmer drone-like part on the organ that makes me imagine a desert and has some arabic influences, together with a meditative bass line; something fast is always present as both drummer Pierre and pianist Jasper can't stop themselves from making things buzzing and moving around. Earlier on side A the band creates a spacey atmosphere with Jasper and Toto producing some longer open sounds behind which as ever the drums and the bass and the saxophone are jumping around. It starts rather noisily but becomes quite relaxed and even calm at times despite the amount of notes piled up by the musicians. Still it is always atmospheric, ever evolving and surprising. On side B, after the most rocking part of the Erna Morena suite has ended, things calm down again and come almost completely to a halt with some cymbal and hi-hat sounds, some less conventional calm percussion and some bass, before Jasper takes again off into outer space with Siggi now using a bow on his bass (I think). This develops into a short part with relaxed jazz drum and bass and a crazy guitar solo. Later the initiative is taken again mainly by Jasper on organ and e-piano and Pierre, who just can't stop. There is a rather dynamic stretch with some calm, some rhythmic and some rather loud and noisy parts in quick succession. Pierre then gets a fairly long well structured drum solo before the whole band says goodbye with a short intense rhythmic part with one of these crazily unpredictable jazz melodies, before we hear the audience celebrating the band for more than a minute.

Overall this is extremely inventive, exciting and intense music bringing together rather free and experimental jazz with some rock elements and feeling creating a very atmospheric and emotional music (which although may be difficult to stomach for listeners who are into more conventional harmonic and melodic music), played at a very high level of skill. I bought this on a flee market in the early eighties and in more than 30 years this album never failed to impress me. I heard two studio albums of Association P.C. which I didn't like as much as their live offering here, which is just so much more lively and pulsating.

 Sun Rotation by ASSOCIATION P.C. album cover Studio Album, 1971
4.00 | 9 ratings

Sun Rotation
Association P.C. Jazz Rock/Fusion

Review by Suedevanshoe

4 stars Guldbamsen's review of this album is the best review I've read of any record ever. Scratch that, it's my favorite record review ever. Of course it partially because it's spot on, but mostly because it's a splendid recounting of the feelings conveyed by the music. Read it if you have any interest in checking out this first wave freeprogfusion anomaly.

Many top progressive artists and albums are sorely underexposed, and this is at the top of that list. A former college professor once told his class "the real information in any context is contained between the margins and in the footnotes". Association P.C. epitomizes and romanticizes this concept. Anybody with a degree of interest in the history of German music will find appeal in this record.

Classic Germanesque/Canterbury freakprog like a meld of Soft Machine and Faust.

 Earwax by ASSOCIATION P.C. album cover Studio Album, 1970
4.04 | 8 ratings

Association P.C. Jazz Rock/Fusion

Review by Mellotron Storm
Prog Reviewer

4 stars It doesn't happen a lot these days but it's a pleasure to be the first to write a review for this album as it was last week to do the same with that classic Michael Mantler album "The Hapless Child And Other Inscrutable Stories". ASSOCIATION PC was formed in 1969 by Dutch drummer Pierre Courbois and was originally known as simply ASSOCIATION. Just look at the album cover provided here and you'll see that that was the case with this the debut album released in 1970, while Pierre Courbois' name is in smaller print on the lower left side of the album cover. The band was a multi-national group with Germans and Dutch making up the lineups over the years. This is an all-instrumental affair with the music being in the Jazz/Rock and Free Jazz sub-genres. Some of you may have heard of the guitarist named Toto Blanke who puts on a show in his unique style but then I have to say that each member blows me away with their performances on here.

"Spider" is up first and it's an energetic, uptempo track with intricate guitar sounds and lots of cymbals, bass and keyboards. We get a brief drum solo(hey it's his band and there will be more solos to come) after 2 minutes then the keyboards lead the way a minute later but not for long. A complex opening number. "Hit The P. Tit" is the longest song at 11 minutes. The guitar sounds different here as he rips it up while we get some jazzy drum patterns and bass to fill out the sound. The guitar is almost experimental sounding here. The sparse electric piano reminds me of early seventies Miles Davis. Some insanity follows that makes me believe these guys were influenced by Free Jazz. We get a calm and the bass solos after 4 minutes and this continues until around 5 1/2 minutes in. A full sound returns after 6 minutes sounding much less experimental than before and quite jazzy. Another calm arrives as we get an interesting drum solo then back to the full sound before 9 1/2 minutes. Some fuzz here as well.

"Elsen" is one I really like. Just a feel good, melodic beauty but it's so short at just over 1 1/2 minutes. "Earwax" is a top three song for me and what a pleasure to focus on the instrumental work of all these guys. So intricate and sophisticated. A drum solo before 6 minutes that lasts just under a minute. "Round A'bout Nine" and the next and final track fill out my top three songs. This one starts with a bass solo and it continues for some time. Some drum work then the guitar joins in around 4 minutes along with more of that early seventies Miles Davis sounding electric piano. So good. "Jazzper" is another beauty as keys, bass, drums and guitar impress with their intricate and melodic sounds. The title of this song is a play on words i'm sure on the keyboardists first name(Jasper).

Easily four stars and this sounds so much better than the flute dominated live album of theirs called "Mama Kuku" that I reviewed some time ago.

 Sun Rotation by ASSOCIATION P.C. album cover Studio Album, 1971
4.00 | 9 ratings

Sun Rotation
Association P.C. Jazz Rock/Fusion

Review by Guldbamsen
Special Collaborator Retired Admin

4 stars Always crashing in the same car

The fusion world is a strange one. It can be suave and smooth like a babyīs bottom - taking you on a melody filled trip through soft lingering jazzy landscapes, but then again you just might end up with a record that is all chops and no sauce - with terrorizing musicianship thrown around in all directions with not a tune in sight. Sun Rotation is something in between, and as much as I hate the latter form of fusion, Iīll also admit that sometimes this manic approach does work wonders - Herbie and Miles are both proof of that.

Sun Rotation is a weird beast, and sometimes I wonder if all the tracks are played by the same musicians, or if they after the first cut simply decided to eat some LSD with their mashed potatoes and gravy, - because WOW - let me tell you, this music reeks of gravy... The first track is a dandy little fusion track, that keeps itīs arms and legs in the trolley - the kind of track that opens the door for an elderly lady and eats with its mouth closed. Perfect manners, melodic aspirations and wonderfully executed in every way. Reminds me of early Brand X somehow.

And then the mayhem starts! Swoosh! Have you ever wondered what Faust would sound like, if they had been comprised of jazz musicians? If so, let me introduce you to Association P.C. In fact, let me introduce anybody whoīs interested in fusion with emphasis on the jazz part of the equation, Canterbury, Krautrock and improvisation all wrapped up in one big hefty pile. The first time I listened to this album, I couldnīt quite fathom why it was part of the (in)famous Nurse With Wound list, but then I reached the second track, and everything now seemed clear as vodka. I will say, that for an album included in this wild and crazy list, the overall feel of the music here and how it comes across, is something I think many people around these parts would appreciate, and thatīs without having to convert their beliefs to the more porous and bizarre end of the avant seas.

To paint a better picture of the music here, then let me be your guide through that second track, which incidentally is divided up in several movements. Oh yeah! Gotta be something there for the prog head!! This little excursion is very much representative of what you can expect from this astonishing little album.

Itīs aptly called Suite and starts out with some rather cacophonous jamming with the different instruments falling elegantly all over each other in what seems like a musical edition of a womenīs mud wrestling match performed on guitar, upright bass, drums and a mixture of piano and organ. At some point the music pulls itself together - and feels like itīs been through a regular storm, only to be metamorphosed into an entirely different beast: the organ turns evil in an eccentric and freakish way - sounding like a derailed version of a circus melody spinning around its own axis. The rhythm section on the other hand turns solid and groovy balancing things out nicely - just in time for the electric piano to take off on a pulverizing ride over stock and stone. This piano player knows what heīs doing, thatīs for damn sure. Abruptly the focus is turned to the drums for an earthshaking rhythmic hubbub, before the whole track takes the form of a runaway car violently crashing into a childrenīs percussion store, and rattles, bongos and eggs are flying all over the place in one big explosion. Ending this musical mayhem is (and I might be mad at this point) the distinct buzzing of a giant insect - genetically combined with the storeīs ringing alarm.

If anybody out there is thinking: Wow this doesnīt sound like Yes at all. Thatīs because it doesnīt. It emanates musical facets such as you will find in freejazz and Canterbury, and beneath these leading trades of it, I sense an electronic infused Krautrock layer to it. This might be down to the man whoīs behind the engineering of this album, and thatīs Conny Plank. It is far from being up front and in your face, but these swarming, sizzling electronics are certainly there to form some sort of cribbly crawley foundation, and who else does this kind of thing better than Plank?

I wholeheartedly recommend this album to fans of Soft Machine, early Weather Report, Wolfgang Daunerīs Et Cetera and Exmagma. This is music that tears down the walls of conformity and punches you directly in the nose with everything itīs got! Itīs free and itīs music! 4.5 stars.

 Mama Kuku by ASSOCIATION P.C. album cover Live, 1974
3.33 | 8 ratings

Mama Kuku
Association P.C. Jazz Rock/Fusion

Review by Mellotron Storm
Prog Reviewer

3 stars This was the last recording for ASSOCIATION PC and it's a live one from a 1973 tour.The band here was comprised of two Dutch guys and two Germans. On this particular album American Jeremy Steig plays flute and is given equal billing really as the title on the album cover says ASSOSIATION PC + Jeremy Steig. Jeremy was gaining quite the reputation for his aggressive and daring use of the instrument.They first saw Jeremy at a Jazz Festival in Munich, Germany that was celebrating the summer Olympic Games that year in 1972. He was playing with a few bands including Tony Williams, ASSOCIATION PC liked what they saw so invited him to tour with them. This album is a taste of that. The music here is very much flute dominated and i'd guess you'd call the Free Jazz for the most part. My favourite parts are the two sections where the flute isn't leading like the first 4 minutes of track one and the 10 minutes towards the end of the side long closing track. Don't get me wrong, I like flute but it absolutely dominates here. When he starts to play it's like the band stops to listen.That's exaggerating but that gives you the idea.

"Mama Kuku" opens with a relaxed bass solo then the guitar joins in after 1 1/2 minutes followed by a full sound.This is great ! Flute then comes in before 4 minutes as it settles right down. "Bold N Steig" opens with flute then the keyboards join in. Keyboards only before 4 minutes then the flute returns to end it. "Dr. Hofmann" features laid back flute and sparse drum work throughout. "Ecnelis" has some energy. Finally ! Everyone is pitching in here. "Bassamagic" is pretty much a flute solo.

"Lausanne" is the over 21 1/2 minute closing suite. Flute and keys to start as the drums join in. It's better 7 1/2 minutes in when the keyboards become more prominant and the sound gets more intense. It settles back 10 minutes in as the flute stops.The guitar plays lazily here with drums, bass and keys. Much better. Check out the keyboards 14 1/2 minutes in. Applause 17 1/2 minutes in when they stop and bass only takes over. Flute's back 20 minutes in to end it.

I'm not a huge fan of Free Jazz and this really comes off as being a flute album of sorts.

Thanks to alucard for the artist addition.

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