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With the goal to create a timeless, organic mix of krautrock's strangeness and black metal's coldness, combining Striborg with Faust, Burzum with This Heat, Svest with Paul Chain, or Ildjarn with Can, Aluk Todolo conjures rabid obsessive rhythms and abyssal disharmonic guitars, subliminal spiritualist vibrations and bizarre, magick summonings. By reducing psychedelic improvisation to a bare, telluric instrumentation, and basking in the archaic rawness of lo-fi production, the trio elaborates on an audio ritual meant to be monolithic and stabbing, hypnotic but unpredictable, minimalist yet teeming. Aluk Todolo features members from the legendary, underground black metal acts, Diamatregon (tUMULt) & Vediog Svaor (Paragon International).

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Three ex-members from Black Metal bands gather up to create a interesting combination of Black Metal and Krautrock.

Aluk Todolo, single (2007)
Descension, studio album (2007)

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Occult Rock by Aluk TodoloOccult Rock by Aluk Todolo
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Public Guilt 2007
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Utech 2009
Audio CD$17.99
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Descension by Aluk Todolo (2009-11-24)Descension by Aluk Todolo (2009-11-24)
Public Guilt
Audio CD$74.74
Voix by Aluk TodoloVoix by Aluk Todolo
Audio CD$53.57
Imports 2016
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2.93 | 7 ratings
2.87 | 4 ratings
3.88 | 10 ratings
Occult Rock
3.33 | 6 ratings

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2.54 | 3 ratings
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 Occult Rock by ALUK TODOLO album cover Studio Album, 2012
3.88 | 10 ratings

Occult Rock
Aluk Todolo Krautrock

Review by siLLy puPPy
Collaborator PSIKE Team

4 stars Here's a bizarre group that couldn't decide if it wanted to be black metal, doom metal, surf rock, Krautrock or psychedelic noise rock, so they decided to be all of them. Often at the same time! The battle between the aggressive and the psychedelic is in full play on this one. The very first track is probably one of the most aggressive pieces of drone music i've ever heard utilizing the blastbeats and tremolo guitar fury of black metal while sustaining a single chord for several minutes in an almost meditative manner which literally defies expectations. After a while strange new sounds emerge from the din and slowly unfold variations and patterns.

The secret to the success of OCCULT ROCK, the 3rd album by the unique French band ALUK TODOLO is that it likes to combine forms of metal with forms of space rock creating a unique space metal that takes its time to unfold at a nonchalant lolligagging pace. It often seems like the band is racing full speed ahead to get nowhere only to stay put which is a stark contrast indeed. Luckily I was unaware of the fact that this is a double album which more often than not makes me stop and think if I want to subject myself to so much music, but as I put in disc one I was pleasantly surprised as track by track the album unfolds its sounds and branches out into different musical arenas. The tracks pleasantly connect and each one takes you somewhere new. The only constant here is change with a heavy distorted bass and drums being the rhythm while the guitar takes on a post-metal duty of atmospheric generator. I was very surprised by this one. I can sit through both discs simultaneously and only get kind of tired of it by the very last doom metal inspired OCCULT ROCK track.

 Occult Rock by ALUK TODOLO album cover Studio Album, 2012
3.88 | 10 ratings

Occult Rock
Aluk Todolo Krautrock

Review by chamberry
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars We all know that Krautrock's heydays are over, so let's not get to touchy with what recent bands are trying to make with its sounds. David Bowie was the first (non-German) in using Krautrock influences in a pop context; Kraftwerk opened the door for synth pop of the early 80's; Neu!'s tape manipulation paved the way for remixes; Cluster played electronica in the middle of the 70's; Tangerine Dream made ambient music even before Brian Eno was theorizing about it; Faust's experimentation were like a premonition of the Industrial sound of the 80's. So, even though Krautrock is pretty much dead, its influences stretch far and wide into a vast musical territory. It's no surprise then that Black Metal heads would try to use some of its influences and fuse it with their sounds. Well... It does sound surprising and shocking... And intriguing too, wouldn't you agree? Come on! Even though you've never heard of Black Metal, the idea sounds too curious to ignore, at least it'll raise some brows.

Aluk Tolodo, from France, are just that. Their Neu! fetish is pretty evident in the hypnotic style they play and it swallows all their Black Metal influence into controlled anger. The music is tense, bleak and awesome, but not depressive, if that makes sense. The album, Occult Rock, starts withe the only thing that resembles Black Metal: blast beat, though I'll bet that any fan of that genre has ever heard of a blast beat as drugged as this one! This song, the opener, is an endurance test, though in a good way. The rest of the album is nothing like it and the following songs are more subdued / trance-like, like Neu!, but with TEETH. The songs slowly morph into unrelenting climaxes which then morph into the next song on the album. Not every song is disturbingly dark, as the album title may suggest. The seventh track, for example, is one of the best Surf Rock songs of the 21st century. A band whose album is named Occult Rock, has a Black Metal background, plays an awesome Surf Rock song! Though, keep in mind, it's their own stab at that old Californian sound of the 50's.

This is not the happy hippie psychedelic jams of Amon Duul II or the kaleidoscopic effects found on a typical Hawkwind or Ozric Tentacles album. Aluk Todolo's psychedelia is controlled, claustrophobic, not without it's own spacey effects. The focus here is on the rhythm section. The bass sounds MASSIVE. The drummer never skips a beat and, man, does he know how to keep your heart racing! The guitar here adds more texture than melody, and the atmosphere is key in Aluk Todolo's sound. These three garçons know how to make their music sound immense and engaging from the moment you press play. It's a double album, but, when in the right mood, the length seems way shorter... Probably because of the hypnotic effect this music tends to have on oneself. Hint: Let it drown you.

 Finsternis by ALUK TODOLO album cover Studio Album, 2010
2.87 | 4 ratings

Aluk Todolo Krautrock

Review by Guldbamsen
Special Collaborator Retired Admin

3 stars Uzbek prison sonnets

Dirty trash can music. Metallic coldness in dark French alleys. Music that makes you fear the dark and what it hides of creatures and mad hatters. This is the album you put on, when you have run out of horror stories to read in front of children. This will scare the living daylights out of them, and maybe land you a day in court as well.

Aluk Todolo are some French dark riders who came into these experimental waters by way of ship from the black metal scene. Whilst leaving a lot of things behind - such as the high pitched screaming vampire vocals, choruses and..... yeah well structures, there is still a good deal of stark black metal mentality about these guys. First of all, the production is raw like an unpeeled potato. Finsternis actually sounds like it was recorded inside a skip - or perhaps on the lower deck of a container-ship. Like I said trash can music.

The music itself trots along like a gothic Frankenstein. It's clumsy, slow as an Alzheimers patient on ice skates, ill-mannered, shrill, reverberating and uncouth - yet somehow this distinguishably bad taste in sonic behaviour manages to come across as something listenable. Hell, I'll even go as far as to say, that this actually is a rather good album. Sure it sounds like music from an Uzbek prison, made by convicts on bad acid with but a few rusty chains and an old broken microphone at their disposal, but it still does what it's supposed to: It frightens you, whilst stirring up bleak and chess-coloured images of what nightmarish brutal and heavy rhythmic noise just may look like.

Finsternis is made up of four "contacts" and one "totality" - whatever that means, but I guess we're dealing with some kind of concept album. The actual word Finsternis means darkness, and to tell you the truth, that is a pretty damn accurate description of the music within. Imagine being led through a couple of old and squeaky houses by a man with cold cold hands - he's breathing heavily, and he wears a lot of heavy jewellery - cling clanging his way through these black rooms with his hands around your waste - he occasionally steps on saws and other such tools that give off these chaotic noises. That's the general feel of this record. It's disturbing and scary like a David Lynch movie, and whilst you are aware of certain give-away horror moments - like the unmelodious guitar wails that sound like robotic cats being slaughtered - you are still on the fence about what kind of emotions to feel. The whole thing feels strangely absurd and disconnected, but it always has you by the throat with those cold hands. It's like being frightened of a shoe because of its placement. Quite bizarre.

If you are on the look out for what strange and terrorizing new musical frontier is being tortured and overstepped at the moment, then I urge you to give these guys a listen. This is not for the faint of heart, but as I said in the beginning of my ramblings: it will sure as hell scare away the snotty kid down the block who's into gangsta rap and likes to throw stones at heavy set people with glasses.

 Aluk Todolo by ALUK TODOLO album cover Singles/EPs/Fan Club/Promo, 2007
2.54 | 3 ratings

Aluk Todolo
Aluk Todolo Krautrock

Review by Rivertree
Special Collaborator PSIKE Team & Band Submissions

3 stars This EP works much better for me as the following full album. There's no dark 'occult' atmosphere coming up here - on the other hand it's not so unique of course.

ALUK TODOLO is starting Side A in an industrial mood which intones what 'Descension' delivers later on but is leaving the path a little bit arranging a dramatic post rock wave afterwards similar to ISIS for example.

Side B is a high speed jam, much more Krautrock inspired in the vein of Amon Düül 2, with a hypnotic and powerful punching bass and weird psychedelic guitars. I would prefer to hear more of this ...

 Descension by ALUK TODOLO album cover Studio Album, 2007
2.93 | 7 ratings

Aluk Todolo Krautrock

Review by chamberry
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars The darkest, coldest, blackest and most disturbing KRAUTROCK album you'll probably hear.

This is what you get when ex-Black Metalers decide to make hypnotic and motorik rock reminiscent to what the German's where doing in the early 70's. Yes. You heard right. Black Metalers doing Krautrock. This controversial idea may either intrigue you or scare you away and I hope that you're not one of the later.

Aluk Todolo is a French band in which the three members have been previously playing in Black Metal bands (Diamatregon and Vediog Svaor) and decide to team up and play rigid, pulsating, noisy, ominous rock. The interesting thing about Aluk Todolo is that the band members bring their occult and bleak ideas of their previous bands to Aluk Todolo's music which ends up as being a combination of Krautrock instrumentation with the atmosphere of Black Metal. Adding to the virulent atmosphere the band also delves into Industrial music making the already cheerless music baneful.

The album starts off with "Obedience" which is the rawest, unrelenting and discordant track on the album. It may start slowly and quietly with a low hum in the distant background, but then it hits you hard with a wall of Industrial noise and drums blasting everywhere and it won't subside until the whole 8 minutes of the song ends. "Burial Ground" and "Woodchurch" can be seen as full song since they don't differ much in their rhythm. Sounding less aggressive than "Obedience" still won't be a good thing here. Aluk Todolo plays here with a slow and dreadful marching rhythm while the guitar screams and shrieks like lost souls burning in hell. The music here seems to get dimmer and dimmer when every song passes by and the last song, "Disease", seems like the culmination of it all. After a noisy introduction the band shows us the darkest and coldest moment on the album with a pounding rhythm (with a bass sound reminiscent to Zeuhl bands) that shakes your brain as well as the ground while listening to it. And just after the ground below you crumbles the music ends and you're on your way down to the depths of the Tartarus.

Descension isn't pretty. There's nothing melodic in it and not a single ray of light passes through the music. Aluk Todolo managed to create one of the most despiteful and wicked album that has come out of the Krautrock genre. If you're a fan of bands like Neu!, Can and This Heat, but have a certain taste for the occult (or you're simply curious like me) then I highly recommend Aluk Todolo's Descencion, even if you're using it to give nightmares to your little brothers or cousins.

Occult Rock? You bet.

 Aluk Todolo by ALUK TODOLO album cover Singles/EPs/Fan Club/Promo, 2007
2.54 | 3 ratings

Aluk Todolo
Aluk Todolo Krautrock

Review by chamberry
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

2 stars The shape of "Occult Rock" to come.

This is Aluk Todolo's debut single. It's the first music they managed to release and it was only a mere example of the things to come. The two songs presented on this single are around five minutes in length and shows the band at an early stage void of any industrial influences and with a post-rock-like cleanness in their sound.

Side A is the song that closest in spirit to the music in their debut, but, like I previously mentioned, the sound is cleaner and stripped from all of the harsh and disturbing effects that will dominate the band's later release. Side B sounds like a completely different band. The music here hits you hard and fast. There's not a single trace of "occult rock" to be found on this song and it actually sounds like something that Neu! would release if they where still alive and kicking in the 21st century.

The music on this single is very different to that on their full-length debut. Aluk Todolo sounds a bland and lacking personality on this single. This shows a band that's still looking for their own sound and luckily enough they managed to found it within the same year. If you really want to know what Aluk Todolo are about then you're better off listening to their full-length debut, "Descension".

 Descension by ALUK TODOLO album cover Studio Album, 2007
2.93 | 7 ratings

Aluk Todolo Krautrock

Review by Rivertree
Special Collaborator PSIKE Team & Band Submissions

2 stars Monotony in Black ...

ALUK TODOLO calls it 'Occult Rock' and presents something midway between Kraut and Tech Extreme Metal. I came across the band because of the announced Krautrock interfaces and it's true - they are noticeable because of the repetitive, industrial sounding rhythm section, a little bit comparable to FAUST and especially the project SPACE EXPLOSION. I know it's intended in this way - and with all my respect - not a great challenge for drummer Antoine Hadjioannou though. Anyhow - never listened to music like this and it's very unique indeed.

Ambient, trance and even some floydy psych elements are also to state, for example with Burial Ground which is the most catchy song for me. But in the whole this instrumental album is still not very melodic - rather with a dark and cold atmosphere, a lot of sometimes unfamiliar effects and harsh noisy walls of sounds/feedbacks. Not everyone's taste for sure - either you love it or you hate it. Not my cup of tea anyway and the summary is: recommended first of all to doom and hardcore fans.

Thanks to chamberry for the artist addition. and to NotAProghead for the last updates

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