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Prolific Russian artist specialised in serene, meditative and spacious electronic music. He is well known for his film scores for cult directors as Andrei Tarkovsky (...). Close to Deuter, Iasos, Klaus Schulze (at his most heavenly new agey moments) with the addition of symphonic touches.

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Stalker / Mirror: Music From Andrey Tarkovsky'sStalker / Mirror: Music From Andrey Tarkovsky's
Mirumir 2015
$52.42 (used)
Ais 2013
$47.74 (used)
Warmth of Earth by Edward ArtemievWarmth of Earth by Edward Artemiev
Wheezy Multimedia
Audio CD$81.29
Solaris, The Mirror, StalkerSolaris, The Mirror, Stalker
Electroshock Records
Audio CD$199.99
$42.13 (used)
Three Odes - Edward ArtemievThree Odes - Edward Artemiev
Electroshock Records
Audio CD$51.91 (used)
Shadows of a Theater - Edward ArtemievShadows of a Theater - Edward Artemiev
Audio CD$40.05 (used)
A Book of ImpressionsA Book of Impressions
Electroshock Records
Audio CD$40.00 (used)
Right Now on Ebay (logo)

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3.28 | 6 ratings
3.20 | 6 ratings
Three Odes
4.12 | 14 ratings
Warmth of Earth
5.00 | 2 ratings
2.52 | 8 ratings
Solaris. The Mirror. Stalker

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 Solaris. The Mirror. Stalker by ARTEMIEV, EDWARD album cover Studio Album, 1999
2.52 | 8 ratings

Solaris. The Mirror. Stalker
Edward Artemiev Progressive Electronic

Review by Dobermensch
Prog Reviewer

2 stars I should have paid more attention to the description of this CD before buying. I was expecting the ethereal and creepy sounds from the Andrei Tarkovskiy films of the early 70's. Imagine my disappointment then, on hearing this 1999 re-working of his most well known films.

This is a crushingly dull and cheesy album full of the worst 'New Agey' keyboards, artificial flutes, inane and emotionless electronics you're likely to hear this side of sub-standard 'Tangerine Dream' from the early nineties.

I think it's bang out of order that there's nothing on the sleeve that makes the buyer aware that they're purchasing a re-hash of what were once beautiful sounds. All the Electro-acoustics have vanished - replaced with a sickly, smooth and instantly forgettable vibe that belongs in a TV documentary about sperm whales and dolphins.

The fourth track 'Station' is quite good with a definite 'Blade Runner - Vangelis' feel running throughout. Unfortunately, throughout this recording, the schmalzy parts stand out far more than the interesting sections and they detract enormously. It's like having your head crushed in a vice whilst being force fed bucket loads of chocolate and cake.

What was once haunting now just sounds saccharine.

 Three Odes by ARTEMIEV, EDWARD album cover Studio Album, 1984
3.20 | 6 ratings

Three Odes
Edward Artemiev Progressive Electronic

Review by apps79
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

3 stars In 1984 Melodyia released Edward Artemiev's ''Ode to the herald of good", a work composed actually four years back, especially promoting the Olympic Games of Moscow in 1980, re-released with a pair of bonus pieces in 2002 on Electroshock Records as ''Three odes''.The album features Artemiev as an arranger and composer, handling also the keyboards, along with some guest vocalists and instrumental help by the Melody Ensemble, directed by Georgy Garanian, the State Orchestra of Cinematography, the State Russian Choir, the State Moscow Choir and the Children's Choir of Moscow Choir College.

Soundwise this one shows Artemiev moving a step closer to Symphonic Rock and Classical Music, still the album is strongly grounded in his principles as a composer of Electronic Music.''Ode to the herald of good" is actually a long suite, divided in seven pieces, which is based on electronic ambiences and symphonic orchestrations, however the presence of guitars, clean Russian vocals and drums make this a decent Symphonic/Electronic Rock entry.Spacey layers and synth-driven orchestrations meet with some bombastic guitar solos and leads with a heavy Classical aura, creating a dreamy and delicate listening experience.Vocals are an acquired taste, they sound a bit pompous and even poppy, trying to reach a wider audience.The album contains also lots of dominant choirs, which produce a cinematic atmosphere next to Artemiev's electronic explorations, he never actually abandoned his love for bizarre TANGERINE DREAM-like sequences, but the omnipresent vocals will even add a Pop Opera feel in the process.This step closer to Symphonic Rock is further powered by somekind of sampled organs and harsichord appearing in the album and this material will often flirt with HORIZONT, IN SPE and other ex-Soviet Progressive Rock combos.

I consider this work as a guiding light for the future works launched by bands like 7 OCEAN or LITTLE TRAGEDIES.The powerful vocal parts along with the Classical colors, grandiose orchestrations and heavy keyboard content are sure to please both fans of Symphonic Rock and Electronic Music.Recommended and genuine Symphonic/Electronic Opera, arranged by a monumental figure of Russian music.

 Warmth of Earth by ARTEMIEV, EDWARD album cover Studio Album, 1985
4.12 | 14 ratings

Warmth of Earth
Edward Artemiev Progressive Electronic

Review by groon

5 stars It is a joke that Edward Artemiev wrote the soundtracks for nearly a half of Russian (and not only) movies and a 3/4 of cartoons, but there's a grain of truth in that joke. A pioneer of Russian electronic music, who is well-known for his innovative works with ANS synthesizer (which was a photo-electronic device whose mechanism is difficult to describe) whose unique sound he demonstrated, among other, in movies "Solaris" and "Mirror" directed by Andrey Tarkowsky, he made a succesful attempt to combine electronic music, symphoprog and elements of ethnic music in his memorable "Warmth of Earth" suite. Based on lyrics of Yury Rytkheu, a Chucotian poet who praised the beauty of nature, life of small northern folk Chukchi, this is a true masterpiece of a famous artist. Music is really beautiful and creates with talent the atmosphere of this large northern region sparsely populated by small folk, its way of life and traditions. The voice of Jeanne Rozhdestvenskaya, strong, then mellow and then strong again (in fact, it covers 4 octaves!), brings colours of peace and comfort. Birth of Earth/Who I Am! are the best tracks in my opinion. Highly recommended!
 Moods by ARTEMIEV, EDWARD album cover Studio Album, 1983
3.28 | 6 ratings

Edward Artemiev Progressive Electronic

Review by apps79
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

3 stars The pioneer of Russian Electronic Music and a composer of various soundtracks,Edward Artemiev was born in Novosibirsk in 1937 and studied at the Moscow Conservatory.Already from the 60's he show his interest on the new-born synth sound and wrote his first composition in 1967.During the 70's Artemiev collaborated with director Andrei Tarkovsky and wrote film scores for three of his movies: Solaris, Zerkalo and Stalker.His album ''Moods'' (the Russian translation of the cover is actually Mood-Pictures) from 1983, released on Melodyia, is a good example of his style,containing pieces from various cinema and theater movies.

His music has straight links with German Electronic legends TANGERINE DREAM.Floating analog synthesizers creating superb spacious and cosmic soundscapes with a trippy attitude.Actually the first side is very close to the style with some nervous synths alternating with great calm spacey electronics and only helped by the use of drums,while one track includes an acoustic guitar part.The second side is more grandiose and bombastic at moments with often a symphonic nature (VANGELIS comes to mind),while the drums have a more powerful sound and there is even some organ,flutes and, yes, some electric guitar minutes thrown in.Both styles though are quite fascinating and hide some inner dynamics you won't find in some other highly-praised but definitely more boring electronic albums.

The collection of instrumentals in ''Moods'' are an excellent start to explore this artist's discography.Nice Progressive Electronic Music with a good dose of changing themes and far from being hypnotic.Recommended.

 Warmth of Earth by ARTEMIEV, EDWARD album cover Studio Album, 1985
4.12 | 14 ratings

Warmth of Earth
Edward Artemiev Progressive Electronic

Review by Kazuhiro
Prog Reviewer

4 stars Official position of professor of Soviet cultural university. And, Eduard Artemiev that held the chairman of the Soviet electronic music composer society successively appeared in 1937. The history is started as a synthetic music and a synthesizer player graduation from the composition department of advanced Academy of Music in Moscow later in 1960.

It is said that a large amount of material concerning music was always created after own studio is established in 1966. Journalists by the locale at that time were reporting that the music character that Eduard Artemiev had done in the 70's had devoted oneself to Rock. However, those opinions will be able to consider the situation as various respects.

Always music character that Eduard Artemiev did reformative point. There might certainly have been a flow of management and the inspection as their situations at that time. It was not a translation that completely at least managed the situation. A progressive and a reformative flow might have been at least becoming main currents for the item of music. It might have been Eduard Artemiev to have practiced them.

Music's for a famous worked of related of Eduard Artemiev as other respects movie work might have been mentioned. The derivation of the influence received from "Solaris" open to the public in 1972 and music might have at least had the influence in a local market. It might have been an opinion from another angle to the music character of Eduard Artemiev from which it was mentioned to journalism as an opinion and directionality.

Or, the Rock fan and some dealers paid attention to the wonderful music that Eduard Artemiev had done as work that Eduard Artemiev is related because the signature tune in the Moscow Olympics in 1980 was too a make as symphonic. Reformative music might not have applied to the part that had been especially managed as a result. Perhaps, it is guessed that there was an inspection related to lyrics. However, music was free. Progressive music of Russia that had been created in the situation might have been a treasure house for the fan of Prog Rock.

This album is a most important work at the history at latter term for Eduard Artemiev at that time. Boomerang Ensemble takes charge of ..performing concerning the recording of the album.. t. There is actually a theory that says that it is not related to the recording of this album at all Eduard Artemiev. However, the music character that Eduard Artemiev cultivated develops and is established. And, it is partial of complete construction with the synthetic music and symphonic that splendidly catches the age. They are completely constructed with this album and expressed.

The synthesizer used with this album is machine parts that is called EMS Synthi 100 made in the Soviet Union. It is said that there is a flavor besides the sound of the Moog synthesizer. The music character of Russia at that time might have appeared remarkably in the introduction of this machine parts to which it paid attention. This synthesizer is famous because it was possible to use it by "The Dark Side Of The Moon" that Pink Floyd announced. As for the history of music, in Eastern Europe at that time, consistently original pursuit and following the culture might have been given. When it is based, these music is guessed as details finished up in original music that is not to feel the influence of other music characters too much indeed. The introduction of a symphonic, electronic machine parts is projected to this album as a music character that Eduard Artemiev indeed at that time did. This album might have influenced very much for the fan of Prog Rock as music of fine quality. And, this album taken up with the earth and Global warming as the theme is grand overall as much as possible.

"Birth Of Earth" produces a complete dash feeling with SE of the explosive sound. Part of construction of rhythm unfolded in fast Passage where The irregular Beat was multiused. Part of Solo of complete guitar in close relation to obbligati of synthesizer with tension. It is a tune to decide the impression of this album.

"Who I Am" creates one complete space. The tune receives the top attended with the melody that gives a grand impression from the part of the song that flows quietly. The song gives the ability and the volume of one's voice as much as possible. A grand melody and an electronic sound twine effectively and advanced development is complete. It succeeds exactly as symphonic Rock of fine quality. The song shifts to the part of the scat and goes to the part of grander more symphonic on the way of the tune. The composition in which the sound and the space of an electronic sequence are felt will call overwhelming impression.

The melody of "Warmth Of Earth" with an acoustic guitar and the anacatesthesia is impressive. Part of melody of guitar with exhilaration one feels. The composition in which a sense of relief and a pastoral part are involved is splendid.

"On The Bank Of The Milky Way" is a perfect tune. The irregular Meter is multiused from Intro with overwhelming development and it advances. The song to get on the composition and a perfect melody shows off overwhelming powerful. The progress of Chord that has both the tension and the sense of relief will completely excite the listener. This tune can be counted as one of the highlights of this album. Melody to get on rhythm that multiuses nine rhythms. The impression of the tune is completely decided to an effective melody of the sound and the synthesizer of the guitar intensely sung. The composition where it goes to the melody to introduce in the part of Coda of the tune is perfect. It is correct and a masterpiece if it thinks as a tune of the part of a complete electron and original symphonic that is.

In "Farewell", a grand melody with the synthesizer is a feature. And, the line of Bass that supports the melody also contributes to the tune. Because the player is well versed in work concerning the recording with the studio as much as possible, the part of ensemble is complete. The sensibility to introduce a part of Solo of the guitar and a shining electronic sound effectively might be splendid. One space and story are recollected to this tune.

In "Expectation", the melody with a beautiful sequence and synthesizer is features. Processing of effective composition in which part and sound of gentle song are made to overlap. An electronic part and the part of symphonic shift to the part with the dash feeling and the sense of relief. The melody of the tune is grand as much as possible. There is a part where the music character of Atoll and Francois Breant is reminiscent as the impression.

The melody of an aggressive song in close relation to the part where a complete sequence is had both twines round "Rakkans". The rhythm that catches the age is a little reminiscent of the dance music. The effect of an electronic sound has been brought from this tune forward.

In "Hope", a beautiful melody and the song with an acoustic guitar are features. Processing of effective sound with synthesizer. Or, it contributes by the line of Bass. It consists as a tune with the form of a beautiful ballade.

"Where Are You?" is a tune with some elements of the dance music. The sound of E-Piano in close relation to a steady rhythm section has decided the impression of the tune. The introduction of Vocoder might also have taken it as an impression of the tune. Solo of the guitar is announced with stability.

In "Lonely Sail", the sound of the synthesizer with diversity is a feature. It shifts to the part where space is recollected because of a heavy flow of the melody and the part of the rhythm. The part of Electronics is expressed well. And, the melody and the rhythm of the guitar with the expression of feelings intermittently introduced expand the width of the tune.

"Hymn To Man" is a grand tune composed attended with the melody of complete symphonic. The composition that gives the melody with a transparent feeling and the sense of relief from the part of the sequence and is developed is splendid. Part of melody that produces expression of feelings and powerful song. The composition is complete. The performance exactly creates one space in union. All the atmosphere united with this album is blocked in this tune.

In the age, the music character that Eduard Artemiev had followed satisfactorily splendidly demonstrated the ability in this album. Uniting the part where an electronic sound and symphonic are good is completely expressed in this album.

Thanks to Philippe Blache for the artist addition. and to NotAProghead for the last updates

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