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Disperse biography
Founded in Gmina Przeworsk, Poland in 2007

Polish band DISPERSE was formed by Marcin Kicyk (bass), Jakub Zytecki (guitars) and Rafal Biernacki (vocals, keyboards) in late 2007, with Szymon Balicki (drums) added to the line-up in March 2008. His tenure proved to be brief though, and in June he was replaced by Konrad Biczak (drums).

With a stable line-up assembled the band hits the studio to record a promo CD, and in the second half of the year Disperse are also holding a few select concerts. Przemek Nycz (drums) replace Biczak in January 2009, and when this latest edition of the bands settle a few more live gigs are in order. In the second half of 2009 they hit the studio again, now to record their official debut effort. The rest of the year and the first few months of 2010 are used for this project, and on April 6th 2010 Disperse release their first album Journey Through the Hidden Gardens.

Following the album release Disperse have continued their careful exploration of the live circuit, appearing at a few select concerts and festivals in spring and early summer.

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3.74 | 149 ratings
Journey Through The Hidden Gardens
3.38 | 45 ratings
Living Mirrors
3.55 | 22 ratings

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 Journey Through The Hidden Gardens by DISPERSE album cover Studio Album, 2010
3.74 | 149 ratings

Journey Through The Hidden Gardens
Disperse Progressive Metal

Review by Mind_Drive

5 stars I want to keep this short: in my ears this is simply a masterpiece! The likes of which you only come across once in a while, without expectations - fully blown away!

Prepare for your journey through the hidden gardens of sheer beauty, intriguing brilliance and exciting and colourful encounters of emotional depth while exploring the vastness of this enchanting wonderworld...

Each and every song is so well thought out, full of phantastic ideas, that inspire your imagination and litteraly take you on a journey. Overall this little gem is so pure and fresh and one of the best debuts I ever had the pleasure to discover.

Consistency, versatility of the songs and the throughout masterful compositions make this an unforgettable experience, very unique in it's own way!

4.8 / 5 Stars!

 Living Mirrors by DISPERSE album cover Studio Album, 2013
3.38 | 45 ratings

Living Mirrors
Disperse Progressive Metal

Review by Hrvat

5 stars When I heard the debut album from Disperse 'Journey Through the Hidden Gardens' back in 2010 I became an instant fan. It was a surprising album from this young and unknown Polish band. What made it even more remarkable was that all the band members were still in their teens. The band has now followed up their debut with an equally mesmerising album 'Living Mirrors'. This album is simply packed full of emotion and atmosphere. Each band member is in amazing form, but much like their debut it is guitarist Jakub Zyetcki that steals the show. You only need to listen to the instrumental intro Dancing with Endless Love to understand just what special talent Jakub and his bandmates possess. I look forward to following this band for many more years to come, this is only the beginning.
 Living Mirrors by DISPERSE album cover Studio Album, 2013
3.38 | 45 ratings

Living Mirrors
Disperse Progressive Metal

Review by Gallifrey

2 stars If "Living Mirrors" had been my introduction to Disperse, this review would perhaps go something like this:

"Disperse bring the often repetitive 'djent' sound to a wider range of influences, incorporating atmospheric progressive rock and ambient into the standard chuggy tone. In a scene of Periphery and Animals as Leaders clones, Disperse stand out with their melodic delivery and atmospheric base."

But unfortunately, around 3 months ago, I managed to get my hands on their debut, "Journey Through the Hidden Gardens". Journey had been on my list of stuff I should hear for a very long time, but finding many of these can be a trouble. I loved the album from the start, the band finding a unique balance between neo-prog and metal, in a way only Dec Burke's many different bands has achieved. But with this, the follow-up, they have regressed. Regressed to a second-rate djent band. Admittedly better than 98% of djent bands, but this is a regression nonetheless.

If you search through my previous ratings, you'll see that I actually gave Periphery's second output a positive score, as well as a few for lesser-known bands like Oceanwalker, Wings Denied and Loxodrome. But most of these ratings have been in spite of the chuggy guitars, not because of. And to hear a band with such a lush and fantastic sound fall to this clichéd and overpopulated scene of bedroom projects is a real shame.

Of course, this was just an expectation. As my rating suggests, this isn't actually a bad album. Admittedly it hits dangerously close to cliché, and the autotune-laden "Unbroken Shiver" is almost unlistenable, although you have to give them points for inventiveness. When the album shifts from djent and into the rather ambient neo-prog, we hear some rather nice results.

However, for every nice moment, there is an equally bad one. The wonderful intro of "Dancing With Endless Love" is destroyed in the mess of "Enigma of Abode", which takes from Periphery's weird electronic side to some almost power metal riffing. Every time a nice chorus comes in, a huge slurry of messy riffs and chugging overwhelms. Even the ambience is incredibly unoriginal, with most of the "noodly" guitars coming directly from the Animals As Leaders camp.

To be completely honest, if I want to enjoy this record, I have to think of this as a completely different band. I will always admire a band who take rapid changes, like when Periphery went for melodic over metalcore for their second release, it truly changed my views of them. But I feel Disperse have gone the wrong way. If Living Mirrors was the debut and Journey was the sophomore, I would hail them as fantastic innovators.

But "djent", is a very childish scene. I can't say this without sounding like a tool, but although there are bands I enjoy within the scene, it feels like something one grows out of, not into. There's a reason djent bands are generally teenagers in their bedrooms masturbating to Meshuggah riffs.

You've got to think of this as a debut. And if it was, I'd call Disperse a promising band who show signs of producing something great. But unfortunately, these boys have already done something great, and it is named "Journey Through The Hidden Gardens".

Originally written for my facebook page/blog

 Journey Through The Hidden Gardens by DISPERSE album cover Studio Album, 2010
3.74 | 149 ratings

Journey Through The Hidden Gardens
Disperse Progressive Metal

Review by apps79
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

3 stars Polish Prog Rock/Metal act Disperse was found in 2007 in Przeworsk under the forces of bassist Marcin Kicyk, guitarist Jakub Zytecki and singer/keyboardist Rafal Biernacki, soon to be joined by drummer Szymon Balicki.Balicki's experience with the band was short, dating only a few months, and he was replaced by Konrad Biczak, with whom Disperse recorded a promo in 2008.The band slowly starts performing in concerts, however Biczak would also quit in summer 08', replaced by Przemyslaw Nycz.Disperse start becoming a live beast and Piotr Kozieradzki, drummer of Riverside as well as manager of the new label ProgTeam Management takes notice of the band.In July/August 2009 Disperse record their debut in Progersja Studios in Warsaw and release ''Journey Through the Hidden Gardens'' the following year on Kozierdaski's label.

Disperse propose an affair between atmospheric and virtuosic Progressive Metal in the vein of RIVERSIDE and DREAM THEATER along with touches of more melodic Polish Progressive/Art Rock akin to bands such as SATELLITE, LOONYPARK or ANANKE.Most of the time the sound swirls around impressive and rich keyboard parts and very angular riffs with the group delivering technical and sharp musicianship with endless big-time breaks, leading this virtuosic style either to deep atmospheric textures or accesible and memorable choruses.There is a great and mature balance between instrumental grandiosity and vocal performances with even some narration parts and the overall offering is as professional as it gets, as the tracks have an appropriate length for such flexible changes.Disperse never forget to add a few good melodies here and there and their style can be heard by the majority of prog fans, incorporating elements from Space Rock, Neo Prog, Symphonic Rock/Metal and Progressive Metal.My only complaint is the rather unpersonal style, which springs to mind a different legend of the Prog Metal/Rock scene each time, but the well-played material is very rewarding.

A young Polish group with a strong amount of talent.Challenging, intricate and balanced arrangements with great performances, that only need a bit of refreshment towards a more original style.Strongly recommended...3.5 stars.

 Journey Through The Hidden Gardens by DISPERSE album cover Studio Album, 2010
3.74 | 149 ratings

Journey Through The Hidden Gardens
Disperse Progressive Metal

Review by kev rowland
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars When I first saw the album cover I was fairly convinced that what I would be hearing would be a doom album, so to say I was somewhat surprised when I put this on and realized that here was yet another top quality Polish prog act is something of an understatement. Apparently the band made their breakthough when they supported Riverside on a national tour and it was from there that they were invited to record this their debut album which was released in 2010 but has only just come to my attention. Poland seems to have way more than their fair share of great prog acts, and on the basis of their debut Disperse should soon be gaining the same sort of attention that is normally reserved for Riverside, Quidam, Millenium and the like.

For the most part this is prog metal, but with large amounts of neo-prog thrown in for good measure. It is hard to pick out a highlight from the album as it is so good throughout, and while the guys are all strong musicians it is the guitar of Jakub Żytecki that really takes this to the next level. They say that they are heavily influenced by bands as diverse as Cynic, Toto, Portal, Aeon Spoke, Planet X, Devin Townsend and Allan Holdsworth, and they certainly manage to capture the fluidity of Holdsworth's guitar solos. There is loads of atmosphere on this album, and the result is something that is polished and packed full of emotion. Given that this is now two years old we can only hope that there is a new album due sometime soon.

 Journey Through The Hidden Gardens by DISPERSE album cover Studio Album, 2010
3.74 | 149 ratings

Journey Through The Hidden Gardens
Disperse Progressive Metal

Review by Warthur
Prog Reviewer

3 stars Disperse's debut album presents a mildly spacey brand of prog metal reminiscent of the work on Porcupine Tree's recent album, with influences from the heavier side of the neo-prog scene for flavour. It presents good performances and is well-produced, but at the same time it feels a little cheesy and artificial to me; Rafal Biernacki's vocals aren't really to my taste, and the band don't really offer very much in the way of really compelling musical motifs beyond those they borrow from their influences. It's a good, enjoyable debut album, but it could be a lot better, though on balance I think Disperse have as good a chance to grow musically as anyone.
 Journey Through The Hidden Gardens by DISPERSE album cover Studio Album, 2010
3.74 | 149 ratings

Journey Through The Hidden Gardens
Disperse Progressive Metal

Review by Tarek

4 stars POLAND again!!! again a very auspicious band from Poland that succeeded in grapping my attention.. melodic, progy and emotional which generate a perfect scene to prog rock/metal fans without debating the genre:)

to begin, literally the guitarist has the most important role in this band, his imagination and playing style is so impressive that I'm repeating his solos all over again without even getting bored of each note, its like combining Vai and Petrucci together. in addition to the smart solid and creative structure of the songs which makes the whole picture intimately perfect..

although of very good and catchy vocal melodies, the vocalist is suffering weak English pronunciation like many other polish bands, still, his emotional and good performance overcome this weakness, creating with the other musicians en-bloc a master piece in prog scene,

I'm not exaggerating by the above depiction, its has been now more than 6 months since I start listening to their debut album and still find something new in the songs with Goose- bumps from time to time..

Far away, balance of creator and let me get my colours back are my favorites songs orderly.. in a nutshell, "Journey Through the Hidden Gardens" is DISPERSE debut album and I think in the next few years they will carpe diem and climb the ladder rapidly?

 Journey Through The Hidden Gardens by DISPERSE album cover Studio Album, 2010
3.74 | 149 ratings

Journey Through The Hidden Gardens
Disperse Progressive Metal

Review by bartosso

3 stars Young virtuosos from Slav forests

Disperse, young yet professional band from Poland, country of beautiful forests and unfinished motorways. Despite that, their musical technique is very impressive. Is it neo-prog or prog metal? People are divided on the issue. My personal opinion is as follows: it's a neo prog metal music - full of keyboards, small bells and other... things, but with participation of distortion guitar and metal riffs as well.

Now, since I established the facts, I'll try to pick some interesting features out of this release. First of all it is quite well produced, some tones are not balanced but overall impression is good. There are also some very interesting ideas and haunting melodies (unfortunately many annoying and trite too... well, it's normal for neo prog). The band tries to experiment with rhythm and complex composition which is admirable. However, lack of musical intuition often condemns this experiments to be overdone. Despite their young age, the musicians manage to create very consistent album with well-defined concept, but as a whole, JOURNEY THROUGH THE HIDDEN GARDENS is rather exhausting experience. Excessive abundance of sounds, synths and... in fact everything, is overwhelming. I prefer listening to it in fragments. You see? I don't even know when I've begun with criticism.

But seriously, this band has great potential and their debut is actually a decent record. The singer is quite talented guy with nice, strong voice and the guitarist is a guitar hero under the influence of such virtuosos as Steve Vai and John Petrucci. Therefore, if you are a fan of awe-inspiring guitar and rhythmical twists and turns and you enjoy rich neo-proggy musical landscapes, this album is for you.

 Journey Through The Hidden Gardens by DISPERSE album cover Studio Album, 2010
3.74 | 149 ratings

Journey Through The Hidden Gardens
Disperse Progressive Metal

Review by Mellotron Storm
Prog Reviewer

3 stars The way this comes advertised as being heavy with lots of atmosphere ala RIVERSIDE certainly caught my attention.The problem for me is that RIVERSIDE never once came to mind in the many listens i've given this recording. I really have had a hard time getting into this which does surprise me because there is lots of heaviness and atmosphere. It's just not capturing my imagination at all. The heavier sections do little for me just as the lighter ones don't. The middle ground stuff works for me though. Go figure. DISPERSE are four young guys from Poland who in the liner notes say hi to RIVERSIDE among others. I like where they list the musicians who've insprired them like Allan Holdsworth, Sean Malone, Paul Masvidal & Sean Reinert, Steve Lukather, John Pertucci and others.

"Balance Of Creators" opens with atmosphere as the music and vocals kick in at 1 1/2 minutes.The tempo then picks up with some aggressive guitar before it settles back. "Reflection Of A Dying World" builds then it kicks in. It settles with spoken vocals 1 1/2 minutes in.The tempo continues to shift. Some instrumental bombast then the vocals return. "Entering Newlands" opens with drums and atmosphere before kicking in. Vocals after a minute. Atmosphere after 3 1/2 minutes as it settles followed by a tasteful guitar solo. Vocals before 5 minutes as the tempo picks up.

"On The Windows Of A Dove" features keyboards as almost spoken vocals and guitar take over. I like when the vocals get more passionate. Some nice guitar before 2 1/2 minutes. "Let Me Get My Colours Back" opens with atmosphere as it builds. Reserved vocals before 1 1/2 minutes as it settles.Vocals and sound do get fuller. It settles back with some good guitar. "Far Away" again contrasts the the lighter and fuller sounds. As do the next two tracks.The closer "Circles Complete" is a mellow track throughout really with reserved vocals.

A definite disappointment for me. Barely 3 stars.

 Journey Through The Hidden Gardens by DISPERSE album cover Studio Album, 2010
3.74 | 149 ratings

Journey Through The Hidden Gardens
Disperse Progressive Metal

Review by Bonnek
Special Collaborator Prog Metal Team

3 stars Disperse is a young Polish progressive rock band that made a convincing entry on the scene with Journey Through the Hidden Gardens. They play a kind of neo-prog that sits close to Riverside, especially so on a first listen. The lush spacey sound and the warm melodic vocals stand out as most prominent features. Repeated listens reveal a more technical and heavier edge to their music, with some jazzy lead guitars and shredding solos that might also please progressive metal fans.

At their best, they bring very atmospheric heavy prog soliciting for the love of Marillion, Pink Floyd, Anathema and possibly also Porcupine Tree fans. Also the British modern neo-prog of Frost* comes to mind. Great examples are the two opening tracks, which feature epic song writing and pleasant vocal melodies.

Entering Newlands is the first of 4 songs that show the band's roots in neo-prog, resulting in a fairly old-school and commercial sound. With Let Me Get My Colours Back and the touching ballad Far Away the quality gradually improves again till it reaches the level of the opening songs on Above Clouds and Spirit of Age.

Journey Through the Hidden Gardens is not always highly original material but it's a very competent and well-crafted album of a talented young band. Disperse seem to feel especially at ease on the lengthier epic material, which is very promising! A pleasant listen. 3.5 stars

PS: the band streams their album at

Thanks to windhawk for the artist addition. and to Quinino for the last updates

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