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TRITONUS was an early project initiated by Peter K. Seiler, a German art-student who continues to make music today and is a well-regarded new-age/ambient/classical composer and performer. Seiler's intent was to create a 'classical rock' band in the tradition of EMERSON, LAKE, and PALMER, complete with heavy keyboards and Lake-inspired English vocals.

The group enlisted a new vocalist for their second and final album (Geff Harrison) who had been a founding member of the defunct 2066 & THEN, and had most recently left KIN PING MEH in search of a solo career. The second release showed more promise with a side-long symphonic epic ("Suburban Day Suite"), a more psychedelic-sounding style, and keyboards closer to free-form than the highly structured work of their ELP forbearers.

The band toured extensively from 1973 to 1978, but Seilers by then had focused his attentions on television and radio commercials and other projects, finding financial success with his theme song for the television series "Atlantis May Not Perish" as well as a widely used jingle for the Ferrero Chocolate Company, among others. He also collaborated on several efforts with electronica wiz Michael Bundt, and launched a series of multimedia live solo shows. As for the band, TRITONUS folded in 1979.

This band deserves a place in the Archives for their two distinctly different but undeniably progressive studio releases, particularly the highly symphonic and ambitious "Between the Universes".

Bob Moore (ClemofNazareth)

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Far in the Sky: Live at Stagge's Hotel 1977Far in the Sky: Live at Stagge's Hotel 1977
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Between The Universes (Japanese Mini LP Sleeve SHM-CD)Between The Universes (Japanese Mini LP Sleeve SHM-CD)
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Tritonus (Japanese Mini LP Sleeve SHM-CD)Tritonus (Japanese Mini LP Sleeve SHM-CD)
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Between The UniversesBetween The Universes
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Belle Antique 2017
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Prison Of LightPrison Of Light
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Tritonus - Between The Universes - BASF - CC 22 946, BASF - CC 22 946-7Tritonus - Between The Universes - BASF - CC 22 946, BASF - CC 22 946-7
$48.98 (used)
Tritonus//Between the UniversesTritonus//Between the Universes
Vivid Sound
$35.05 (used)
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Winds "Prominence" CD SEALED Mayhem Arcturus Dan Swano Solefald Khali Tritonus USD $3.00 Buy It Now 6 days
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Tritonus - Far in the Sky: Live at Stagge's Hotel 1977 [New CD] USD $16.64 Buy It Now 7 days
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3.16 | 28 ratings
3.38 | 39 ratings
Between The Universes

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 Between The Universes by TRITONUS album cover Studio Album, 1976
3.38 | 39 ratings

Between The Universes
Tritonus Symphonic Prog

Review by b_olariu
Prog Reviewer

3 stars Tritonus from Germany a prog band that had a short career from 1972 to 1978 and two albums in their pockets. I think thier second release and final one Between the universes from 1976 is the best from the two. It was fun to listen to these guys and particular this album, the music has many times great parts, symphonic space prog is all about here, ELP meets Nektar meets Eloy meets Novalis with that special german sound. The title track is awesome and the best pieces of the album for sure, nice choruses, strong interludes between musicins, inspired keyboards parts. Another greaqt tune is Suburban Day Suite the longest pieces of the album clocking around 17 min, classical influence over symphonic parts, electronic wizardy, all is here. So, all in all a good towards great album to my ears, I really like it, somehow they didn't get any serious recognition back then as not today and Between the universes has enough good music to be appreciated by any prog fan. 3.5 stars for sure.

 Between The Universes by TRITONUS album cover Studio Album, 1976
3.38 | 39 ratings

Between The Universes
Tritonus Symphonic Prog

Review by Lozlan

5 stars This subtle, effortlessly eclectic slice of space rock hails from the Germanic Regions, & is appropriately Tuetonic in composition & execution. Tritonus seem destined to be thrown into the same Symphonic pile as ELP & their noted German pseudo-imitators, Trimvirat; imho, such comparisons hardly do the music on this LP justice. Not to decry the aforementioned bands, but 'Between the Universes' is not, at least most of the time, mile-a-second Emersonian keyboard wizardry. Indeed, the second track 'Mars Detection' (dedicated to the July 1976 landing of the Viking spacecraft) is an eight-plus minute trance-out, with a repetitive undertow of throbbing liquid synths that reminds me oddly of 'My House On Mars' (coincidence??) by Ayreon, though I can draw more chronologically-pertinent comparisons to Kraftwerk & Kraan. True, there are rambunctious moments, when the symphonic influence surges to the fore; this is most evident in the second movement on the second side. However, 'Between the Universes' manages to ultimately remind this reviewer far more of Eloy than Trimuvirat. A solid five stars, & a raised eyebrow at this band's state of general dismissal by the prog community. Herein lie myriad deep-green beauties, & the album's ultimate effect is (to me) rather exalted.
 Between The Universes by TRITONUS album cover Studio Album, 1976
3.38 | 39 ratings

Between The Universes
Tritonus Symphonic Prog

Review by Progfan97402
Prog Reviewer

3 stars I've been aware of Tritonus for many years, since 2000 when their albums were reviewed on Tommy's Forest of Progressive Rock (later called Vintage Prog, no longer updated, but the site still exists), at the same time I understand why this band was never a high-priority band for me. This band was lead by Peter K. Seiler, and he's still very much musically active to this day. It's obvious that this band was modeled after the likes of ELP and Triumvirat, but Seiler often has a few tricks up his sleeves that neither Emerson nor Fritz would have never done. But the problem I have is a few parts of this album are unbearable to me. Parts of the title track and the "Suburban Day Suite", but there's some nice moments, but if they got rid of some of those cheesy parts, this could have been one of the great German prog bands. "Mars Detection" might not be to everyone's liking, it might sound like a bunch of synth doodling, but I love that strange synth pattern Seiler comes up with, and while he uses the typical Moog and Solina string synths here, he also uses a PPG module (I always associated PPG with Tangerine Dream, as they were starting to use PPG gear around this time). What I love of this piece is the spaciness, of the kind ELP or Triumvirat would have never thought of. It seems that Geff Harrison of Kin Ping Meh and 2066 & Then sings on some of the music, and since he was British, English would not be a problem for him. Tritonus had troubles with the English language, as did Frank Bornemann of Eloy, a perfect example going for "Sunday Waltz" off their debut where the song goes: "Sunday morning / at 8:30 / when the teewee is on" ("teewee" meaning "TV"), which ended up unintentionally hilarious. So at least that was less of a problem on Between the Universes thanks to Geff Harrison.

To me, not a high priority band, if you can get it on the cheap, then do so, but paying full price for an original LP might be a bit much (they don't come cheap). Three stars.

 Tritonus by TRITONUS album cover Studio Album, 1975
3.16 | 28 ratings

Tritonus Symphonic Prog

Review by apps79
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

3 stars TRITONUS came from Mannheim and were actually the brainchild of German keyboardist Peter Seiler.While the band was still around since 1972,Seiler already released a solo avant/prog album entitled ''Keyboards and friends'' in 1974,before dedicating himself exclusively to the band,where he was joined by Rolf Dieter Brand on bass/guitars/vocals and Charlie Jost on drums.Finally the powerful trio released their self-titled debut in 1975.

Following the steps of E.L.P. and TRIMVIRAT,TRITONUS produced fairly complex keyboard-driven symphonic prog in this album.Especially the 10-min. opener seems like a tribute to E.L.P.,containing tons of classicaly-inspired organ orgasms,supported by a tight rhythm section.But unlike KEITH EMERSON,Seiler uses some fantastic mellotron at the end of the track,adding a more atmospheric taste.''Sunday waltz'' could have been easily in the tracklist of E.L.P.'s debut with mellow jazzy guitars and smooth GREG LAKE-like vocals all the way.''Lady madonna'' is a piano-based trully hilarious instrumental,while the 9-min. ''Far in the sky'' is much better with grandiose church organ opening the way for the upcoming spacey moog solos of Seiler.This is absolutely awesome Teutonic symphonic rock,before Seiler's Hammond organ takes over at the middle until the end,where a crazy drum solo of Jost introduces the listener to the final Churchorgan-based minute.On ''Gliding'' the mellotron sound returns,offering a slow and dreamy composition with atmospheric vocals,somewhat like a mix of early-KING CRIMSON with THE MOODY BLUES,before its funky organ-driven ending lines.The album closes exactly with his opening mood.An EMERSON-ian ''Lady Turk'' is another Seiler-centered composition,where plenty of Hammond organ breaks,obscure synths and even some oriental tunes make it the most experimental track in the line.

The re-issue of the album comes with a 1978 single called ''The Trojan Horse Race'' with a sound far from the band's mid-70's days.While maintaining their progressive nature,TRITONUS choose a song-based style for this track where Seiler's keys are somehow covered by the mass of vocals.The track offers surprisingly some fine clavinet work throughout,worth mentioning.

TRITONUS won't ever win a prize for their originality and unique sound.However on this first release we are tallking about a very tight band with well-crafted compositions and anyone after classic keyboard-based 70's prog close to the likes of E.L.P.,RICK WAKEMAN and TRIUMVIRAT should purchase it.

 Between The Universes by TRITONUS album cover Studio Album, 1976
3.38 | 39 ratings

Between The Universes
Tritonus Symphonic Prog

Review by ClemofNazareth
Special Collaborator Prog Folk Researcher

3 stars Tritonus is another one of those bands that is interesting mostly because of their obscurity, but not really for putting out any groundbreaking music. The band didn't really have a specific, featured vocalist, but their vocal passages do leave an impression, although not always a good one. Former Kin Ping Meh member Geff Harrison is not a member but does some of the singing, while most of the rest of the band consists of Peter Seiler, who would abandon Tritonus shortly after this album in favor of similar music in duo form with Michael Bundt under the band name Sirius. The drummer is Bernhard Schuh, who is otherwise unknown to me and serviceable at best; and bassist/guitarist Ronald Brand, whose bass is nearly absent but who manages several decent passages of brooding, mostly strumming guitar work.

There's quite a bit of electronic wizardry here (or doodling, depending on your perspective), particularly on the spacey (and appropriately titled) "Mars Detection" and the three-part "the Day". This was released at the height of the synthesizer-heavy part of the seventies, especially it seems with German bands, and these guys were no exception. The keyboards are quite varied and prominent throughout, although some of it is plainly obviously in its source, especially several note-for-note lifts from Pink Floyd and ELP. Some of the vocals also sound a bit like early Moody Blues, or maybe the Nice.

So no prizes for originality, or for lyrical skills either, since most of the vocals are of the slightly psychedelic and theatrical style that so many bands tried to adopt shortly after their respective songwriters hit puberty and heard Sgt. Pepper's for the first time. Plenty of slightly hollow two and three part harmonies lumbering on about peace and love, or space aliens, or something. Not really sure and the liner notes aren't much help either.

And speaking of vocals, the opening title track has some really strange ones, with Harrison delivering a moody tenor, while someone else (Seiler, I guess) steps all over him with a slightly off-key vocal track of his own that sounds a bit like a couple of stoners trying to do harmonies but of different songs. It's actually a bit amusing.

Nothing much else to say about this album, except maybe that I read it was re-released on CD with bonus tracks. I'm glad so many older albums are finding their way onto CD these days, but am also constantly amazed that some of these labels are bothering since its unlikely they even broke even with this one.

So not particularly recommended, and really just for collectors of obscure symphonic rock (although this album isn't nearly as symphonic as their first). So another 2.5 stars, but in this case I'll round up in deference to the good keyboard work and the lengthy but unoriginal compositions. So three stars, but just barely.


 Tritonus by TRITONUS album cover Studio Album, 1975
3.16 | 28 ratings

Tritonus Symphonic Prog

Review by Tonny Larz

2 stars Peter Seiler,central figure in Tritonus,a highly accomplished keyboard player found his bass player ( Roland brand:Electric bass,acoustic guitar and vocals) in a Mannheim jazzclub,and they both agreed taking on drummer Charlie Just. Later this job was given to drummer:Bernhard Schuh. Thus....Tritonus... a power trio in the ELP/Truimvirat league. They managed to do 2 albums....This their first, are kind of a cross between Gandalf and Triumvirat. Let me say this out front.....the vocals are NOT good....but the music are excellent!! So this serves at a...ahem...low kinda Truimvirat clone!! Their next (and last) are quite another story!! So this is an OK album..nothing more. There are some nice ELP -alike breaks and themes....but.... Keyboard trio freak...go for their next one:"Between the universes" it is far better!!

Oh..and by the way....the guy who called himself "John" in another "Review" of this very album! John...the purpose of a prog site as this...with reviews, is that people..such as you and me..can measure/read/interpret any given record by the words and meanings of the reviewers. It is a free world and YOU dont have to give your opinion. If you indeed choose to do so...please understand that this site is supposed to be a guideline...nothing more!! In other words chapter do not make a book!! Have a nice summer!!

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