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IDIOT SAINT CRAZY (ISC) is an experimental/avant progressive metal project officially represented by guitarist Valentin CARETTE (YOLK, SCATHODICK SURFERS), from Dunkerque, France, formed in 2000. The project prefers to keep a 'no-identity' profile - during live appearances, they never play the same show twice: guitar or banjitar only, synthetizer guitar and laptop or one man band playing simultaneously drums and guitar. Different characters (Sacred Skeleton, Crazy Hellvis etc) are coming on stage to propose different stories.

ISC released its first album ''Fluo Dead Boy'' in 2006 on the French label Le Cluricaun. Since then, ISC has toured France and Europe dressed like a Skeleton (!). Videos on youtube show these different approaches. ISC's second album is entitled '12.12.12' with a respective release date in CD but also digitally. Valentin CARETTE recently played ISC's music on national French radio and did a small tour in France. ISC has also collaborated with videasts Christophe ATABEKIAN (in Dunkirk Counterpointless) and Marianne HELL (in 12.12.12).

ISC mix sounds from electric guitars, synthesizer, samples, banjitar and combine rock and metal, electronica and psychedelic music, while the band cites influences from SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM, MR. BUNGLE, SECRET CHIEFS 3, MESHUGGAH but also GONG, MAGMA etc. - a mix that comes out in their music and should appeal to fans of heavy experimental/avant music.

Biography by aapatsos with additional information kindly provided by the band

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Fluo Dead BoyFluo Dead Boy
Cluri-Caun 2007
$16.51 (used)

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4.09 | 4 ratings
Fluo Dead Boy
3.26 | 4 ratings
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 Fluo Dead Boy by IDIOT SAINT CRAZY album cover Studio Album, 2006
4.09 | 4 ratings

Fluo Dead Boy
Idiot Saint Crazy Experimental/Post Metal

Review by siLLy puPPy
Collaborator PSIKE, JR/F/Canterbury & Eclectic Teams

4 stars When an artist is tagged as being recommended for fans of Mr Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, Estradasphere, Buckethead or Primus then you got my attention. And such is the case for IDIOT SAINT CRAZY which is the solo project of Valentin Carrette who is the front man for the French avant-prog meets zeuhl project called Yolk. FLUO DEAD BOY is his debut album under the IDIOT SAINT CRAZY moniker and like the influences aforementioned, contains a bizarre and creative new mix of diverse elements that offer a totally new insight into a corner of the musical universe you never knew existed. Ah, i love the avant-garde! A term that tells you nothing about what the music is, but rather tells you what it is not and that would be an established pattern of compositional construct.

What can i say about this one? Well, weird! But not so weird you can take it in. Valentin Carette is a guitar virtuoso of sort. Not the flashy technical Steve Vai sort but rather a more elusive beast much more like a constructor of new musical paradigms and atmospheres in the way Fred Frith did in Henry Cow and his avant-prog influences carry through on this solo project as well. While i wouldn't call IDIOT SAINT CRAZY metal per se, it contains many metal aspects much like bands like Secret Chiefs 3 do such as heavy guitar riffing, frenetic energetic tempos and extreme distortion. While some tracks are purely atmospheric, some like "The Street" use the heaviest elements of metal and wrap them around some sort of gypsy or Klezmer folk riff with cartoonish sound effects and some sort of primal tribal chanting.

FLUO DEAD BOY, a title that is as nebulous and strange as the music it contains is a very consistent album that takes the pulsating flow of Krautrock laced with electronic atmospheric sound effects and then inserts a rather cartoonish Klezmer folk riffing as the main musical scaffolding however instead of using traditional folk patterns of delivery, the music is sort of teased out into an extended post-metal sort of creeping crescendo. It sounds even weirder when Carette includes instruments like the banjo, theremin, xylophone and many others i can't easily identify. This album obviously utilizes the many possibilities of a synthesizer as it was completely recorded in a bedroom with an SM57 digital multi-effect system on a laptop in 2006. Add to that a little Link Ray rockabilly, surf rock and screechy classical violin.

FLUO DEAD BOY is quite the brilliant slice of creative output. While there is a consistent flow throughout the entire release, the tracks vary substantially. Laced with seductive post-rock elements that lull one into Krautrock soundscapes that evolve into tribal polyrhythms, horn fueled proggy counterpoints and bouts with extreme contradictory elements signing a truce for the sake of a good instrumental, this album is quite mature in how it's laid out, constructed and executed. While mostly instrumental, there are a few moments where vocals are used sort of as a percussive chanted effect. The electronic parts when used are very strange and decidedly brilliant and some are purely ethereal. While i would also cite the IDIOT SAINT CRAZY sound's closest musical relative as Secret Chiefs 3 or Mr Bungle, this is by no means a clone and could never be mistaken for any other act. If you want some cool experimental rock with metal elements on board, this is highly recommended.

 12.12.12 by IDIOT SAINT CRAZY album cover Studio Album, 2012
3.26 | 4 ratings

Idiot Saint Crazy Experimental/Post Metal

Review by aapatsos
Special Collaborator Prog Metal and Heavy Prog Teams

3 stars What do you expect from a project with the title "Idiot Saint Crazy"? Something weird, bizarre or eclectic? Well, that's what you get. The one-man band project of Valentin Carette released in December 2012 its second album, symbolically entitled 12.12.12. I cannot know what the symbolism is about but the chaos that follows in the 90+ minutes (!) of this release I will try to explain below. For those that prefer summaries, 12.12.12 can be described as an avant-progressive rock/metal album, mixing influences from psychedelia, electronica, soundtrack music, cinematic landscapes, to post-rock philosophies and eclectic prog. If this does not say much, please keep reading...

"Weltanschauung" opens the album with a mysterious melodic tune that draws influence from oriental passages, but quickly moves to interchange with some heavy abrupt guitars and after a few minutes the two mix together with cinematic keyboard atmospheres to drive the track to a peak towards the end with excellent drumming. The tempos also interchange between super-fast and relaxed, while a twin avant-garde guitar-keyboard theme keeps the interest at high levels.

The heavy guitars continue in the short mid-tempo "I WTF" which blends plenty of progressive electronica with psychedelic guitar solos and abstract voices.

Mr. Bungle-like riffs are introduced in "The Fragrance of Love" and the album derails completely to avant-garde, screamo-punk conditions. High-pitched keyboards accompany a funny-sounding drum machine before a heavy-waltz rhythm (!) is introduced. The second half of the track begins in a comparatively mellower way with distorted guitars before re-introducing the main theme in a high-speed maniac ending.

The title track opens in a chord progression reminding me of "Call of Ktulu" but with a more epic/cinematic background but falls to a rather uninteresting middle part before returning with a strong up-tempo closing.

"Adule et Sent" travels to completely different landscapes with the delay effect on the guitars doing the trick, reminding heavily of King Crimson. While speeding up progressively, more solos and melodic guitar themes are introduced, and the character changes to a more spacey theme that concludes with some simple (yet beautiful) piano work.

Return to Captain Beefheart-like moods with "He'll Wait" which seems to be an accordion theme taken off a French movie. Although not necessarily proggy, this is a great nostalgic tune in the middle of the album.

"Mechant Gars" begins in Meshuggah-like patterns with rhythm and lead guitars on a fast pace and develops with odd-time signatures to an extreme prog metal delight, incorporating a drop-down tempo approach in the second half. As before, the last part speeds up to an extravagant closing.

"Oblivion" is the first very long track (>10mins) of the album. For 4-5 minutes, the low-tempo guitars and keyboards flow beautifully in the vein of Anglagard, with an out-of-tone percussion going on somewhere in the very background (!). More and more instruments are introduced and half-way the track turns to an impressively heavy mid-tempo experimental metal track. Unfortunately 8 minutes in, the music ceases and a few industrial sounds take it to the last few seconds where an acoustic guitar/piano theme concludes.

"The True Story of a Naughty Guy" is a 5-min story of a fast tapping track, with baroque, classical and avant-garde music making their appearance in the style. Progressively, operatic synths are added but the end result is questionable.

"Frisson Frippon", as implied by the name, is an ode to King Crimson, with the expected oddly-tuned guitars in several layers. Similar to the previous track, this is an almost exclusively guitar-based theme, but with much more interesting variations and developments.

"In the Car" flows somewhere between the psychedelia of early Porcupine Tree and Ozric Tentacles. Although based on a constant spacey theme, the track remains interesting with the injection of small variations in tempos here and there.

The guitar/keyboard layered-sound pattern returns as does the 80's King Crimson influence. For 7 minutes, "Dunkirk Counterpointless", similar to some of its predecessors, travels on a single, yet interesting nostalgic melodic theme.

"The Sea of Paradise" is the last and longest track of 12.12.12. Ethereal female vocals alter with deep, epic ones, over an orchestral background and a nice clean guitar tune. By far the best melody on the album, the harmony of the vocals strongly reminds of Uriah Heep's (!) great times (e.g. The Park) but in a more post-rock evolution. Unfortunately, not much happens from midway where the theme constantly "fades away".

All in all, a very good compilation of many, diverse ideas from Valentin (to whom I owe thanks for sending me the album to review) but with varying outcomes. Even though, strictly speaking, the album lacks cohesion, there are numerous tracks that I enjoyed while the variation helps to get through the 1.5 hours of this listening experience. With a shorter length and avoidance of a few "dead" points in the music, the result could have been even better. Nevertheless, I would recommend this to those seeking out for a mix of styles and moods, and especially to those of an avant-metal liking (first half of the album) or psychedelic/space rock liking (second half).

Best moments: Weltanschauung, He'll Wait, Mechant Gars, In the Car, The Sea of Paradise

Thanks to aapatsos for the artist addition.

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