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Italian band Entity first emerged from Sardinia in 1994, formed by musicians Gigi Longu (bass and guitar) and Mauro Mulas (keyboards) as a result of changing musical directions of their then current progressive band Teathro. This initial pairing resulted in a long suite of music titled `Fantasia' in 1995, and with the later addition of Nicola Desimone (drums), Tore Careddu (bass), Mara Tanchis and Giovanni Deriu (both vocals), a first demo tape of the same name was produced, enhanced with extra new compositions and strongly influenced by Seventies prog and jazz. A few years later in 1999, the group finished a promo - `Il Naufragio della Speranza', a blend of vintage prog with progressive-metal elements, followed by a further demo, `Doppia Entita', that continued to evolve the concept of their previous works. Despite Giovanni departing the band upon completion of this recording, additional musicians in the form of Giuseppe Marras (guitar) and Marco Panzino (drums) joining and some interest and positive reviews in music magazines such as Flash and Metal Hammer, it was to be a collaboration with another band Italian group that properly lay the groundwork for the Entity band.

A merger with Italian band KTL, meaning the addition of guitarist Marco Angioni (formerly of Motivi Per Lingare), as well as a new singer in Sergio Calafiura, led to opening for Jethro Tull in Cagliari in 2001, a new promo CD in 2005 and a further concert appearance at the In Progress festival. With a secure line-up boosted by the addition of guitarist Marcello Mulas, the band, now named Entity, won a competition for best original prog composition at the 2008 In Progress festival. Material for the upcoming debut album were performed in 2010, and February 2014 finally sees the first official album by the band.

The concept album `Il Falso Centro' is now released on Lizard Records. With it's ghostly and eerie front cover, the debut is one of the most confident and boisterous debut albums to appear from a modern RPI band. The onslaught of vintage keyboards and piano recalls other similarly dominated Italian bands such as L'uovo di Colombo and Corte del Miracoli, the heavier noisy aspects remind of the spontaneous outbursts of Panna Fredda and Rustichelli & Bordini, the soft/loud contrasts of Museo Rosenbach, while the classical drama is along the lines of Banco del Mutuo Soccorsso. In addition to typically passionate skilled vocals, a general Emerson, Lake and Palmer/Dream Theat...
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4.19 | 23 ratings
Il Falso Centro

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 Il Falso Centro by ENTITY album cover Studio Album, 2013
4.19 | 23 ratings

Il Falso Centro
Entity Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by Angelo
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator / Retired Admin

4 stars Entity is an Italian band, founded as far back as 1994. After several years of performing live and going through a few line up changes, the band finally released their debut album Il Falso Centro. The album tells the story of someone going through an identity crisis, based on poems by Yuri Deriu. An interesting idea, and worked out in a surprising way, given that the album is largely instrumental.

In being instrumental, the bass and keyboards of band founders Gigo Lungo and Mauro Mulas dictate the music to a large extend, as with other Italian bands like Le Orme and Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. The opening track Davanti alla Specchio is the best example of that, with the main part of the song being piano and bass only. The other instruments only join in to create a bridge to the following track Il Desiderio, which has a jazzy bass line and interesting dialog between the guitar and keyboards.

On Il Tempo, keyboards and strings are the main element, with a metallic guitar riff in the choruses. It is a melancholic track, with a nice piano part at the end. This is a perfect intro for Trip Dell'Ego, which is a full blown progressive rock song. Piano parts, guitar and bass dialogs, and a symphonic eruption of the keyboards lead to a sung poem of Yuri Deriu. This one needs a few listens to sink in, but it is very well composed.

The next two tracks, ANT, and L'Armatura, are the heaviest of the album. L'Armatura is a 12 minute epic with metal influences and emotional vocals. To cool off after that, the band included the six minute piano piece La Notta Oscura Dell'anima.

This album is almost a 21st century tribute to older Italian symphonic rock bands. Keyboards are in the lead, but never overpower the music - and although there are references to the 30 year old Italian prog in there, it never sounds out dated or old fashioned.

 Il Falso Centro by ENTITY album cover Studio Album, 2013
4.19 | 23 ratings

Il Falso Centro
Entity Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by andrea
Prog Reviewer

5 stars The roots of Entity date back to 1994 when Gigi Longu and Mauro Mulas, two skilled musicians based in Cagliari, formed the original nucleus of the band. After many years of hard work, personnel changes, some demos and a good live activity, in 2013 the band finally released an official full length album on the independent label Lizard Records with a consolidated line up featuring Mauro Mulas (keyboards), Gigi Longu (bass, guitar), Marco Panzino (drums), Marcello Mulas (guitars) and Sergio Calafiura (vocals). It's titled Il falso centro (The false centre) and is a conceptual work about an identity crisis based upon some introspective poems written by Yuri Deriu, an old friend of the band, that form a kind of screenplay that the musicians interpret with passion and enthusiasm. The music is rich in ideas, the influences range from classical music to jazz, from the Italian prog masters of the seventies to more recent sounds and the final result is excellent. If you like bands such as Le Orme or Il Banco del Mutuo Soccorso I'm sure you'll enjoy this album as well.

The opener "Davanti allo specchio" (In front of the mirror) is a charming instrumental piece that sets the atmosphere. It starts by an oblique waltz, you can imagine a kind of ghastly dance in front of a mirror where you can have a close look at your face and try to dig in your hidden thoughts. It's a perfect introduction to the following "Il desiderio" (Desire), a long, complex track where melancholia and desire run one after each other on a dangerous path leading nowhere. Are you really what you appear to be? Now you're nothing but an empty shape, drawn away by a vortex of passions, unable to break through the protective shell where you are trapped. Your desires are a continuous renewal of old wounds, they are burning you out but you can't help it, you are not able to stop, to come back from a labyrinth with no exit door... The music is powerful and evocative, the heartfelt vocal parts convey emotions and feelings... A great track!

"Il tempo" (Time) is a dark, melancholic piece about time passing by. The atmosphere is ethereal and perfectly fits the poetical force of the lyrics. Time is a great deceiver and too often it doesn't keep its promises, so you beg useless delays, lost in an endless waiting. You keep your memories in your heart, you keep your head down, you're always busy but you know that this is nothing but an alibi. It's like if you were flying into the glass of a window like a fly while the days inexorably fall from your hands like sand in an hourglass...

The music of the beautiful "Il trip dell'ego" (Ego trip) recalls Le Orme and their brilliant counterpoints while the short vocal part evokes the loss of the sense of identity and a lack of direction. Then comes the romantic "ANT", a piece dealing with ideal, eternal love and the alchemy of feelings. It begins by a beautiful piano pattern, then Procol Harum could come to mind while the music and lyrics paint deep emotional landscapes, dreams carried away by liquid sentences and getting drowned in a lake of words, poisoned by troubled thoughts and desire.

The disquieting "L'armatura" (The armour) opens with grazing electric guitar riffs and dark organ waves conjuring up a nightmarish atmosphere. Your sweet-hart, your idealized love is gone and you feel the need of a shield to protect you from a falling sky, you feel like a trunk after a shipwreck, you're floating on the waves of life thanks to natural laws and not because of your will. But your armour is melting, you can't run away from your faults, you can't deceive yourself anymore, now you look in the mirror and for the first time you begin to perceive your real face...

The delicate, cathartic "La notte oscura dell'anima" (The dark night of the soul) concludes the album and comes like the calm after the storm, on the notes of a nocturnal piano passage. Finally, in a dark winter night you feel empty and distant from everything. Now you wear no armour but you feel lighter without the weight of your ego: a part of you is dead but you can start a new life with a new awareness...

Well, on he whole I think that this is a really good album, full of musical nuances and poetical strength: a must-have for very Italianprog collection!

 Il Falso Centro by ENTITY album cover Studio Album, 2013
4.19 | 23 ratings

Il Falso Centro
Entity Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by Rivertree
Special Collaborator PSIKE Team & Band Submissions

4 stars Extraordinary prog rock songs from Sardinia, my beloved place in Italy! What more could one want? Since I lhave listened to the album for the first time, it was clear that I had to write about those interesting guys who are officially residing in Bolotana/Nuoro. Now, surprisingly, they are already active since 1994, but I've never heard of them, although I'm periodically situated not very far away in Santa Maria Navarrese. And that also means it took a long way until the debut finally saw the light of day. Some line-up changes occured since the beginning, seemingly not being pressurised in any way they reserved the time to refine their song material, which comprises several live gigs too.

'Il Falso Centro' - I'm not aware of the story behind - probably the album tile is something thought-provoking. Anyway, the music's flow mirrors a high proportion of atmosphere, dramaturgy, empathy. And this should mean a lot to a prog fan, right? While showing a sligthly classical as well as jazzy approach.Davanti allo specchio is a fine entry into the album. Towards the end they switch to a rocking behaviour, immediately leading over to the first extended album suite Il Desiderio. Marco Panzino's strong accentuated drumming attracts attention, in the same way Marcello Mulas' partially slicing metal alike guitar style.

With a dramatic as well as charming way of expression Mauro Mulas claims his due with varied keyboard input. Comprising organ, piano, synths and orchestral string patterns he obviously cares for the symphonic orientation. And finally, if you're inclined to assume that this is an instrumental album ... singer Sergio Calafiura comes in with native Italian vocals to complete a rounded ensemble. Well, currently there's a lot going on, speaking of the Rock Progressivo Italiano genre. While offering fine melodies and an entertaining flow ENTITY turns out to be a real shooting star, this album certainly belongs to the Crème de la Crème.

 Il Falso Centro by ENTITY album cover Studio Album, 2013
4.19 | 23 ratings

Il Falso Centro
Entity Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by Aussie-Byrd-Brother
Special Collaborator Rock Progressivo Italiano Team

4 stars 2013 was a tremendous year for progressive rock, but it turned out to be a banner year in particular for the R.P.I genre. Debut albums from acts such as Unreal City, Ingranaggi della Valle, Aurora Lunare and more recently the Mad Fellaz set a very high standard, and now in February 2014 we can add the first Entity album to the list of incredible discs. `Il Falso Centro' is simply one of the most self-assured, confident and downright bombastic Italian debuts of recent years, and the band perform with truly envious power and skill gained from the almost twenty years of honing their craft leading up to this work.

The album can be compared to many of the defining 70's Italian prog artists, as well as some worldwide and more modern influences as well. It's dominated by Mauro Mulas' battery of vintage keyboards and piano that recall Italian bands such as L'uovo di Colombo and Corte del Miracoli, heavier noisy aspects remind of Panna Fredda and Rustichelli & Bordini, the balance of soft/loud passages calls to mind Museo Rosenbach, while the classical drama is along the lines of Banco del Mutuo Soccorsso. The band also adds a healthy dose of Emerson, Lake and Palmer-like bombast, the technicality of Dream Theater (without actually being as heavy). Another fascinating aspect of the album to draw attention to is how particular focus is placed on Marco Panzino's very up-front and powerful percussion/drumming too.

Entity's confidence is on display right from the beginning of the album, the band daring enough to open the disc with a somber piano instrumental, `Davanti Allo Speccio'. Grandly classical and carefully jazzy, it culminates in a crashing crescendo that brings a thrilling air of the drama to come. The almost 17 minute album showpiece `Il Desiderio' opens and closes with an extended instrumental run. Hypnotic drum patterns wrap around the listener, Marcello Mulas' guitars bring a toughness, Gigi Longu's murmuring thick bass snakes it's way around the background, and warped loopy electronics and spiraling Moog runs border on Rick Wakeman/Keith Emerson-like grandeur. Vocals enter at the half way point, singer Sergio Califiura has that tastefully doomed and romantic theatrical croon expected of the Italian bands, his voice wilting around the stirring melody. He adopts a more mournful tone for `Il Tempo', my personal favourite on the disc. A darker brooding piece with uneasy electronic ambience, late night delicate piano before some snarling electric guitars bring a menacing intensity with a sumptuous, almost cinematic orchestral build to the final minutes.

The experimental `Il Trip Dell'Ego' mixes disorientating electronic loops, forceful drum builds, sharp electric guitar playing and maddening staccato piano stabs to hypnotic effect. "Ant" creeps in a suspenseful manner but rises triumphantly, the weeping piano moves with great romantic sadness, and the heavier guitar and Hammond washes remind of Pink Floyd during their late 70's period. Sergio's chest-beating vocal roars to the heavens with great power, and there's an addictive and grandiose Wakeman-styled whirling Moog finale as well. `L'Armatura' is a chugging near-metal stomp along the lines of the more recent Porcupine Tree albums, no surprise that the band would occasionally head in this direction on the disc due to their progressive-metal leanings in the years prior to this. So there's dirty grooving riffs, plus some frantic stabbing E.L.P flavoured imperial synth soloing and a slower reprise of the chorus melody from the second track, this time Sergio adopting a more gothic drawl. `La Notte...' ends the album in a more reflective and thoughtful classical manner, a partial reprise of `Il Tempo' based around plenty of piano and vocals filled with longing.

There is no doubt about it, this is grandly symphonic progressive music at it's very finest, and the band expertly weave reprising themes and melodies seamlessly so that the entire album feels like a continuously evolving suite, full of plenty of light and shade, yet always very emotional and passionate. They should be very proud that their long road has produced a work so rewarding and satisfying, and Entity continue the recent trend of dynamic new and modern acts proudly contributing to the tradition of over forty years of amazing Italian progressive music. Without question, `Il Falso Centro' is one of the first essential purchases for progressive listeners in 2014.

Four stars.

Thanks to aussie-byrd-brother for the artist addition.

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