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Nad Sylvan biography
Hugh Erik Stewart (aka Christopher Stewart, Nad Sylvan) - Born June 4th 1959 (West Covina, California, USA)

Swedish artist born in the US, Nad Sylvan has been his artist moniker since 1997.

Sylvan was initially a part of a succession of bands from the late 1970's and onward, and was close to achieving real mainstream success with the band One By One in the second half of the 1980's. Following this involvement he abandoned his band activities for many years, but resurfaced with the project UNIFAUN in 2008, and then went on to accidentally form The Agents of Mercy with The Flower Kings main man Roine Stolt shortly after. From 2012 he has also worked with Steve Hackett and his Genesis Revisited projects.

As a solo artist, Nad Sylvan's first production was initially released in 1995, then called "The Home Recordings" and released under the name Chris Stewart. In 1997 he recorded the concept album "The Life of a Housewife", which was eventually released through the then popular website in 1999, alongside a renamed version of his 1995 solo debut now renamed to "Blue Waters" and issued as a Nad Sylvan album. His next album "Sylvanite" took the same path, initially recorded in 2001 and then released through in 2003.

With the rise in stature and popularity Nad Sylvan saw in the following years, his fourth and so far most recent solo album is a quite different affair. This album, "Courting the Widow" was released by prestigious progressive rock label Inside Out in 2015, and features contributions from a contemporary hall of fame of musicians from the world of progressive rock.

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The Regal Bastard (Ltd. CD Digipak)The Regal Bastard (Ltd. CD Digipak)
Inside Out Germany 2019
$17.45 (used)
Courting The WidowCourting The Widow
Inside Out Germany 2019
$12.63 (used)
The Bride Said NoThe Bride Said No
Century Media 2017

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2.67 | 3 ratings
Blue Waters [Aka: The Home Recordings]
2.25 | 8 ratings
The Life Of A Housewife
2.56 | 9 ratings
3.88 | 75 ratings
Courting The Widow
3.86 | 156 ratings
The Bride Said No
3.64 | 42 ratings
The Regal Bastard

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 The Regal Bastard by SYLVAN, NAD album cover Studio Album, 2019
3.64 | 42 ratings

The Regal Bastard
Nad Sylvan Crossover Prog

Review by Deadwing

5 stars Very impressive work from NAD SYLVAN. THE REGAL BASTARD is a more mature album than its predecessor, keeping all the memorable melodies and complex compositions with some great instrumental solos.

- I Am the Sea is a beautiful opener, with a catchy chorus and atmospheric verses. It closes with a really beautiful guitar solo.

- Oahu is a fun short early Genesis-like song, again with very good catchy chorus.

- Whoa is a more tradition NAD song, starting with synth line and building up a groove from there.

- The 12 minutes of The Regal Bastard makes it the epic song that it deserves to be, the piano and drums playing is really impressive.

- Things slowdown with Leave Me On These Waters with a final gently guitar solo, creating a really beautiful and relaxing song.

- Honey I'm Home is a final instrumental that closes the album perfectly.


 The Regal Bastard by SYLVAN, NAD album cover Studio Album, 2019
3.64 | 42 ratings

The Regal Bastard
Nad Sylvan Crossover Prog

Review by TCat
Collaborator Eclectic Team

3 stars Nad Sylvan is the moniker for this Swedish crossover prog artist named Hugh Erik Stewart, who has been releasing albums since 1995. His albums have been released at odd intervals, but his 6th album, "The Regal Bastard", was released in July of 2019. He has worked with several different bands since the late 70's, but never really achieved mainstream success. However, in 2012, he started working with Steve Hackett on his Genesis Revisited projects.

Nad Sylvan's solo albums consist of himself working with various other artists as needed in each album. In "The Regal Bastard", he works with not only Steve Hackett, but also Tony Levin and Guthrie Govan (from "The Aristocrats", whose 2019 album I reviewed just yesterday, coincidentally). Nad provides vocals, guitars, keyboards and piano, but also included in the band line up for this album is Hackett and Govan on guitars, Levin on bass and also Anders Wollbeck on keyboards, Jonas Reingold on bass and Nick D'Virgilio on drums and percussion. This album consists of 7 tracks with two additional tracks on the CD. This album is also the final part of what is called The Vampirate Trilogy.

"I Am the Sea" starts the album off as a track that is somewhat soft and wandering at first, but on each verse, the music builds and becomes more emotional leading up to a great guitar solo at the end. I have a bit of a problem with the vocals however, as they seem to be a bit forced at times, and not very strong in the softer parts of the song, but they improve on the heavier portions of the song. He does his best to give a performance that would land somewhere between Gabriel and Collins, but his pitch tends to wander a bit too much. "Oahu" continues with the sea faring theme with a breezy track. Again, I find the vocals a bit annoying, but the music itself isn't bad. "Whoa (Always Been Without You)" improves a bit on the vocals, but the music itself is less interesting as it is a simple steady beat throughout. Again the music itself is decent, and there is a nice guitar solo in the middle, but it's dragged out a bit at the end. For a 7+ minute song, it doesn't really go anywhere.

"Meet Your Maker" is a bright and upbeat track, but again, it doesn't develop into anything interesting. The guest female vocalist helps a bit allowing reprieve from time to time from the usual questionable vocals. "The Regal Bastard" is the 12 minute epic track. Starting with vocals and mostly piano, the music develops as it moves into the second verse, adding an orchestral element. The track definitely has a more progressive feel to it and does seem to be the highlight of the album, even the vocals seem to fit quite well to the entire picture. After the halfway point, some nice harmonies and great bass sound comes in and the music starts to really develop well, with a great synth solo. The vocals return at 7 minutes and the symphonic sound takes over again. Another instrumental break comes along and the music is a nice flowing feeling that moves along at a moderately fast pace before moving into a stop-start section that builds nicely. The last few minutes consist of the third verse and some meandering.

"Leave Me On These Waters" is a fairly standard ballad style track that stays that way, but has an extended guitar solo in the last half which is nice. "Honey I'm Home" is a short, jubilant, mostly instrumental epilogue. The two bonus tracks come next with "Dva Time", which is mostly straightforward soft rock and "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" which is more symphonic sounding and ballad-like.

The album is decent enough, and has some excellent musical passages, but the vocals and some of the melodies are not that great. The definite stand out track is the title track which is also the longest of the bunch, but the other tracks each have their own issues, and the music is not very venturesome, and mostly quite standard and non progressive. It's something I would listen to on occasion, but far from the best new music that I have heard this year.

 The Bride Said No by SYLVAN, NAD album cover Studio Album, 2017
3.86 | 156 ratings

The Bride Said No
Nad Sylvan Crossover Prog

Review by tszirmay
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars Nad Sylvan is of course the latest incarnation of the archangel Gabriel, providing a myriad of prog bands the ability to step up to the microphone and sing. To be fair though, his original voice is way more nasal and high-pitched than either Peter or Phil, so please, lets us forego the usual copycat platitudes, as it's simply not true. 'The Bride Said No' is his 5th solo album and quite possibly his best yet, garnering worldwide praise for his efforts. A cooperative effort between Nad and a slew of good friends to help, as some of the prog royalty deigned to show up on the menu. Steve Hackett, Roine Stolt and Guthrie Govan are among the top guitarists in rock period. Some interesting pairings on the rhythmic side with Tony Levin and Doane Perry on one set of tracks and Jonas Reingold bonding with Nick D'Virgilio on another series of pieces . These tandems do not get any better!

After a brief sonic intro, the whistling 'The Quartermaster' lays down the mood quite effectively, a modern prog ditty with thrash rhythms and a hard ass demeanor. Jonas carves the low end, Nick bashes persuasively and Nad sings his heart out, aided by some siren vocals from the ladies. Shimmer, shake and shambles, this is a rowdy adventure that owes a great deal to classic prog stories, flushed by some strident synth colorations.

A mammoth track like 'When the Music Dies' will win anyone over with the sheer magnificence of the melancholic melody, the glorious chorus and the intricate buildup to both. Nad's vocal delivery is not only deeply heartfelt but it's also overpoweringly impressive. Levin and Perry really do the modern rhythm tandem rather well, pulsating forward with glee. I love the similitude to the Bond theme of 'You Only Live Twice', a perfect melody and a genial arching chorus. This my friends, is the real deal. Killer!

More upbeat and very 'Genesisian' is 'The White Crown' with Reingold and D'Virgilio leading the process, involving some spooky synth passages, a high-pitched duet develops between Nad (who can hit the high notes) and backing female vocalist Sheona Urquhart, a very convincing piece of complexity.

On the sultry ballad 'What Have you Done', Nad tells quite the sweet story, trading vocals with Jade Ell and luxuriating in the breeze, sliced open by a long passionate Hackett solo followed by a patented Govan scorcher that smolders like phosphorus. This is another timeless piece of brilliance that cannot and should not escape awareness.

Another nugget is the bold and convincing 'Crime of Passion', with Roine Stolt conducting the proceedings with his slippery guitar rants, Jonas and Nick propelling resolutely and monstrous symphonic keys icing the cake. The orchestrations add a dramatic dimension to the arrangement that elevates it from its rather humble origins. Hackett makes another cameo as only he can, immediately identifiable and mesmerizing.

Tony Levin proves again why he remains the master of the 'basso profundo' (a live quote from the Gabe), manhandling the electric bass as well as the Chapman stick with genial bravado on the romantic and cinematographic 'A French Kiss in an Italian Caf'. Allied with splendid backing vocals from Urquhart and Ell, sliced by some more Hackett , Nad overflows with bittersweet ''l'gance' and 'amore', deliberately emoting on the highest plane. Urquhart blasts a very Roxy Music-ish sax solo to finish off.

The title track is the epic 12 minute+ cliff-hanger that infuses drama and vocal gymnastics from three busy lead vocalists (Nad, Jade and Tania Doko), thus performing a mini-opera of sorts with a story of unfulfilled love and the yearning for freedom. While highly progressive and theatrical, there is a soulful feel that is immediately apparent, not just in the vocal mannerisms but also in the sensual musical instrumentation, that span the slick and sultry to the bombastic and delirious. The instrumental proficiency on display here is ridiculous, by any standard, Jonas in particular proving his reputation as a maestro of the bass guitar. The dynamic storytelling is compelling and convincing, forcing Hackett to blast a tortuous solo off into the stratosphere. Great imagery, fabulous words and a dramatic delivery wins me over immediately, as the white crown makes a reappearance in the lyrics. Slick dude, you are Nad. You go, guy! The mid-section is distinguished by a wailing aria from Tania that will shake your universe, soulfully emotive and overpoweringly impressive. The bride then says no, which leads to a 2 minute silence and a hidden 5 minute bonus track called 'Black Sheep'.

A very entertaining release from an artist that I admired from afar but did not really comprehend. I do now. He is not just another pretty face or a musical box. He is Nad Sylvan.

4 dead rings

 The Bride Said No by SYLVAN, NAD album cover Studio Album, 2017
3.86 | 156 ratings

The Bride Said No
Nad Sylvan Crossover Prog

Review by Muumi

5 stars I found Nad Sylvan first time when I saw Steve Hackett Genesis revisited Royal Albert Hall -blu-ray. His confident performance of old Genesis songs made great impression on me. When I heard about latest solo album and saw the list of all those great musicians that were involved with it, I thought it might be a "must own" record. Still, after listening it couple of rounds I am surprissed how strong album The Bride Said No actually is. And I don't only mean skilfulled players and singer, but the whole art of work from the first notes to the last. Any half baked elements are not included. Nad is great song writer and his co-operation with other musicians seems to be seamless. There is lots of progressive elements in his music and I can recommend it anyone progressive music fan or actually anyone who want to listen skilfully played and well arranged music. I find this one of the best albums I've heard for a long time. Highest recommendations!
 The Bride Said No by SYLVAN, NAD album cover Studio Album, 2017
3.86 | 156 ratings

The Bride Said No
Nad Sylvan Crossover Prog

Review by Jakerlund

5 stars I first discovered Nad on the Agents of Mercy albums which I very much enjoyed. While Nad's previous solo album "Courting the Widow" was a very good album I was quite surprised on how good the "The Bride Said No" was. 1. The musicians on the new album is absolutely top notch. Just enjoying Guthrie Govan, Roine Stolt, Jonas Reingold, Tony Levin, Steve Hacket .... playing together on this album is such a rare pleasure to enjoy. 2. The songs are more solid and feels like an show on the theatre, or a great movie where you don't know how things are going to end. It's exiting, unexpected and just great. 3. It doesn't follow any rules, it's a little 70's a little 00's and all the between. It's a story, it's a journey. It's absolutely an album I will listen frequently to for many years. 4. The sound is absolutely great, listening to all those guitars, drums, bass, mellotrons, sing harmonies. The entire album feels more together and solid. 5. Nad Sylvan is an amazing singer full of dynamic. He's also a great painter in his song writing. 6. The only things I would turn down is a few of the synthesizers which is sometimes a little to much 80's and a bit to bright.

I wish more albums would be more like this.


 The Bride Said No by SYLVAN, NAD album cover Studio Album, 2017
3.86 | 156 ratings

The Bride Said No
Nad Sylvan Crossover Prog

Review by rdtprog
Special Collaborator Heavy / RPI / Symphonic Prog Team

4 stars Nad Sylvan has reunited again an impressive list of musicians for this new release. After the short intro, "The Quartermaster" bring some cool keyboards parts in a happy kind of mood. "When The Music Dies" is a song of a different mood with some gorgeous vocals and chants, it's rather melancholic. The rest of the album goes from that semi-ballad and melancholic passages to some more upbeat parts with more place left to the guitar, in "White Crown" and "What we have you done" for example. In the song "Crime of Passion," the melody is spot on with catchy groove and sumptuous orchestration in the Steve Hackett style. "A French Kiss In an Italian Cafe" is a smooth romantic song, probably the weakest track of the album. "The Bride Said No" is the most unpredictable track starting in a soul and funky style before a break in the middle where things get heavier with the keys, bass, and some busy guitar playing. After the previous album, the songs here seems to be working a bit more for me. I think that the Genesis influence is less obvious with some diversity throughout the album and a nice balance between the modern style and past influence.
Thanks to windhawk for the artist addition. and to Quinino for the last updates

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