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5 stars So I´ve finally got the new album from one of my favourite band Redemption. I´ve expected that "The Origins of Ruin" will be one of best prog releases in 2007 because last album "The Fulness..." I still rate as one of the best prog metal albums ever. I´m happy that guys from Redemption still contunues with a big progress in their music, they develop their uniqie progressive music to the perfection. Dynamic, monumantal, melodic progressive metal of the highest qiality... extremly technical and complicated music where every single member is top skilled player. Ray Alder as usually is excellent. I must say that the production is much better than on the last album and whole new album is much more proffesional. I happy that Redemption still move the boundries of their abilities more and more and for me they are absolutely one of the leading progressive metal bands ever. Perfect Masterpiece !
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Posted Saturday, February 24, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars "The Origins of Ruin" by Redemption

My rating: 5 stars - progressive metal masterpiece!

I just got this album yesterday and I can safely say that it is the best album I have ever heard. I know other people say they have favorite albums or something, but I take music VERY seriously and it really takes a lot for a band to impress me. With that said, this album is PERFECT. When you look at what makes an album (musicality and togetherness of each of the band members, production quality, mix quality, perfect sense of scope, pacing, narrative, engaging and emotionally powerful lyrics, a singer capable of 'wailing', etc.) this album really has it all. It combines the best mix of great music, great singer, and engaging lyrics I have ever heard.

When I listen to an album, I prefer to do it with a good pair of headphones and complete silence except for the music to get the full effect of the album and the intent of the band. I listened to this album last night and by the end of it, I was in tears. It's the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. It brilliantly combines elements of metal, i.e. sick guitar riffs and loads of double bass, with beauty by occasionally putting in these amazing guitar or piano melodies. Add on top of that the most amazing lyrics I've ever heard, and you've got an instant classic.

If you're reading this, then hopefully you already own or have at least listened to "The Fullness of Time", which was the best album of 2005. Redemption continues along their own progressive metal path with a combination of crunchy guitar riffs and double bass and beautiful guitar and piano melodies. Before you get "The Origins of Ruin", I HIGHLY recommend you pick up TFOT to get the full extent of Redemption and how much they've improved from TFOT to TOOR.

"The Origins of Ruin" focuses on many different subjects, from how a lack of communication can destroy relationships ('The Suffocating Silence'), to the humility and brokenness found when you realize you have nothing left ('The Origins of Ruin'), and finally, at the very end of the album, to a glimmer of hope and rebirth ('Fall on You').

Usually an album has at least one song that is sub-par compared to the others ('Scarred' was the song on Redemption's last album, "The Fullness of Time", that fell short), but every song on "The Origins of Ruin" has excellent composition and musicality and is unique in its own right to its spot on the album. I consider the album to be in two parts, with each of the mini-epics ('Memory' and 'Fall on You', both at around 9 1/2 minutes) closing their respective half.

The first part begins with the metal intro track of 'The Suffocating Silence', which explodes you right into the album (similar to Liquid Tension Experiment's 'Paradigm Shift' on their first album). After that, it leads into the equally metal 'Bleed Me Dry' and 'The Death of Faith and Reason' tracks. The first half ends with the continuation of arguably the best song of 2005, 'Sapphire', which was released on Redemption's TFOT, in the track 'Memory'. The lyrics describe how a man misses all of the unique aspects of the girl he was with and how much it hurts him to leave her. There's even a short guitar solo that has the main 'Sapphire' riff just to remind you, if you haven't figured it out already, that 'Memory' continues 'Sapphire's theme.

The second half begins with the hauntingly simple ballad 'The Origins of Ruin'. Quite possibly my favorite track, Ray Alder's singing is really highlighted on it with his voice in front of a simple repeated piano part. The next song, 'Man of Glass', once again punches you in the face after the calmness of 'The Origins of Ruin'. 'Blind My Eyes' continues the progressive metal trance that Redemption is so good at putting you in, beginning with a nice synth patch and then evolving into a piano ballad, then eventually a quasi-pop song, but still done in the traditional Redemption method. 'Used to Be' is another song that begins with metal guitars and drums, reminding you, in case you forgot, that Redemption is progressive *metal*. The final track, 'Fall on You', is still battling with 'The Origins of Ruin' for my favorite track, though both are amazing. 'Fall on You' begins with a nice guitar riff and Alder's voice soon soaring with Redemption's trademark amazing lyrics and then evolving into the more metal side. This song is probably the most progressive with amazing technicality and musicianship from every member of the band, creating one of the greatests endings to an album I have ever heard (it seriously had me in tears).

Overall, "The Origins of Ruin" is easily one of the most amazing albums I have ever heard and has officially solidified Redemption's spot at the top of my favorite bands list. With their emotive and powerful lyrics, combined with Alder's amazing voice and the musicianship of each band member, this band soars above any other. Production-wise, this album is much better than "The Fullness of Time". The drums sound amazing (Chris Quirarte has really improved, too) and even the bass got turned up. This album is one of the best mixes I've ever heard and Tommy Newton really did a great job constructing it.

In conclusion, I can't recommend this band and this album any higher. They've been an inspiration to me and have set the bar for what powerful music really is. Unless Dream Theater and/or Riverside manage to make their best albums ever, I have a hard time seeing this album not in the #1 spot at the end of 2007.


Nicolas Van Dyk - keyboard/guitar/lyrics Bernie Versailles - guitar (Fate's Warning) Sean Andrews - bass (formerly of Henning Pauly's Chain project) Chris Quirarte - drums (Prymary) Ray Alder - vocals (Fate's Warning/Engine)


Redemption - The Fullness of Time Riverside - Out of Myself/Second Life Syndrome Dream Theater - comination of Train of Thought and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

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Posted Wednesday, March 14, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars Redemption's third work and most promising after "Fullness of Time". Can they achieve perfection this time?

This album has everything a prog metal fan needs. Riffs are powerful and speedy, solos too, a solid rhythm section and a voice that stands to the occasion. We could't expect less from mr Ray Alder. I can only repeat what I read in a review somewhere: he knows perfectly how to put his voice on songs with weird time signatures. But I must also add that with his great voice ,he performs perfectly the beautiful lyrics of this album.

Although I rarely take time to mention specific songs I must make an exception here: I think "Memory" is the best song of 2007 - so far! It has everything: A great keys intro that develops to a riff that cuts like a knife. The beautiful melody of the chorus and the shreddy solo that follows leads to the grand finale that leaves you with an optimistic taste for the sad story of the lyrics. This song is so solid and complete.

The album's melancholy expressed through the lyrics starts from the beginning and climaxes in "Origin of Ruin". IMHO there lies the bottom of it. From there starts the ascending through positive messages. A concept is implied from the front and back cover images, but it takes time to be discovered. You just have to explore it.

This album deserves to be treated as a masterpiece of prog metal. Redemption delivered their best effort so far.

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Posted Friday, May 18, 2007 | Review Permalink
4 stars Once again Redemption releases a top rate album that is likely to enchant everyones minds. With powerful riffs, and great, deep lyrics this album as an aurora that is dark and even somehwat mysterious in my opinion, aside from the opening song of course, suffocating silence is quite foward. However, everysong is quite enjoyable, and is a good proceede from the band as they move foward in their careers with Fates Warning's Ray Alder. I'm impressed and this album is a successful produciton. Songs are all enjoyable and good to listen to. If your looking for something good, then try these guys. Fans of Riverside, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Porcupine Tree (darker side), and other darker moving bands you'll find this influential band an excellent to your collection. I noticed it's a more raw metal production from their other release "the fullness of time", but still close to the enjoyment. I found it a great listen and don't hesistate to put a 4 star stamp on the album.

4 stars to such a great band with a great release.

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Posted Thursday, June 7, 2007 | Review Permalink
Mellotron Storm
3 stars I was very much looking forward to this one after the excellent "Fulness Of Time", but right from the first listen I knew something was missing. This record seems more polished and the individual play is held in check more, instead relying on a collective sound. Even the amazing drumming of Chris doesn't standout nearly as much as on "Fulness Of Time" or on his PRYMARY's recordings.

"The Suffocating Silence" starts off like a house on fire ! It seems to settle down a little, but then the riffs hit us hard. Vocals with background synths take over before we get a keyboard solo 3 1/2 minutes in. I like the guitar solo 5 minutes in. "Bleed Me Dry" has a tasteful intro for just over a minute when the heaviness arrives. Piano melodies 3 1/2 minutes in with a great guitar and drum melody to follow. Check out the guitar solo 6 1/2 minutes in. "The Death Of Faith And Reason" features heavy drums and guitar as well as a good tempo. A ripping guitar solo after 3 minutes. This is dark and complex. "Memory" is the longest track as well as my favourite. It seems like the instrumental work after 6 minutes is so intense yet Ray's vocals are so calm. Earlier, after 4 minutes the melody is catchy and the vocals are fantastic.

"The Origins Of Ruin" has fragile vocals and piano. Drums come in before it ends. "Men Of Glass" is ok and the vocal melody 3 minutes in is a nice touch. "Blind My Eyes" is better, as it has some good energy and some great guitar.The song seems to speed up later on. "Used To Be" is fast and heavy for over a minute before it calms down when Ray starts to sing with synths in tow. The heaviness comes back. "Fall On You" opens with some beautiful guitar and vocals. It's full speed ahead after that. Tempo changes continue and there is a great section 7 1/2 minutes in. The song ends as it began.

This is a good record, it just doesn't suit my tastes like the "Fulness Of Time" does. 3.5 stars.

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Posted Monday, August 13, 2007 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
4 stars Redemption is a US-based prog band, and "The Origins of Ruin" is their third release.

Musically they reside somewhere between Symphony X and Dream Theater in style; with the grittier guitar sound of the former and the big epic soundscapes of the latter.

But the devil is in the details though; Redemption has a much larger variation in guitar style than Symphony X, and the big epic Dream Theater feel is not ever-present - but used when needed. The synths are used effectively to enhance the moods in mellow as well as grandiose moods. Vocals are quite original for the genre as being melodic and relaxed - no screaming sirens here - and the drum patterns are good and more detailed than usual in this genre.

Good songs as well, mostly. Worthwhile checking out for prog metal fans.

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Posted Tuesday, December 4, 2007 | Review Permalink
4 stars I bought this in a period I was really into prog metal. I heard this was a bit of a sensation so time to check it out. I still have to go for its predecessor Fulness of time but from what I have detected here and there it can hardly be a disappointment so I will check that one out too not too long from now.

First a review of this latest of Redemption and after a lot of listening I can say we are dealing with one of the leading bands in prog metal in my believe ! It's already obvious after the opening song The Suffocating Silence, one of the better of the album that we are dealing with a band that is really on fire ! What an energy they produce and when the album continues this doesn't get any less I can tell you. Bleed me dry is of the same calibre as is the next one. But with Memory, my favourite of the whole album, the band proves they also have compositional talents. What a great track this is ! With the next 2 songs the album gets on a bit of a lower level but fortunately this is just a temporary thing because with the last three they are back on track again ! Blind my eyes is the hidden jewel of the album for me because of the superb guitar solo at the end. Used to be and Fall on you are of the same level as the first and fourth track to me and make this album an absolute classic.

It's even close to a masterpiece to me but I will come to an average of 4,4 all in all so that means it just misses out on that but a prog metal diamond it certainly is !

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Posted Friday, January 18, 2008 | Review Permalink
4 stars Many rate their previous effort higher, perhaps becasue that's when the discovered these guys, this was my first introduuction and I can tell you this is their best (.....IMO). The fullness of Time has a couple of strong tracks but I've gotta say the others lose me

Ray Alder's quite lacklustre start to the album belies the great melodies that unfold and stick in your head after a few listens. The US hasn't produced such mature prog-metal for a while, ok Symphony X deserve aclaim but I can't get past the Pantera-isms and mythology. Redemption take 'normal' lyrics about 'feelings', loss, love, shopping, etc and set it into great songs with meaningful vocals and spectacular musical interludes solos and rythmns.

If you've been pining for Fates Warning to release something with a bit more 'meat' in it, then this is the album to listen to.

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Posted Tuesday, March 18, 2008 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
4 stars If you love energetic music, this one is definitely for you!

For those of you who love progressive metal or specifically Fates Warning, you might have expected this album will be somewhat similar because this involves Fates Warning's lead singer. That's actually what I expected before spinning this album. But when I spun at the first time, I found it different, musically, from what i have been hearing from Fates Warning albums. It's not that completely different because it's progressive metal, so you still can find some heavy riffs here and there. The first time I spun this album was under the situation when I drove at the highway, returning home from Bogor to Jakarta. What a great experience, really, in a sense that I was alone in a car and I wanted a company. It has always been the case that rock music is the best company for such situation. So, you can imagine how uplifting my feeling at that time. Especially when I found the opening track was truly an energetic and dynamic music. This is a good sign because I could fully enjoy the music while driving alone. The music cheered me up! Remember, to me music is emotion. Whenever I find a music which can dilute smoothly into my heart, i can consider it as a good or excellent one.

So to say, I consider "The Suffocating Silence" (6:37) is definitely an excellent track. It's not just that the soul and grooves meet my expectation and situation-wise fit my taste. Even, if I am listening to it in different situation, I still would say that this opening track is an excellent one. Look at how the band has successfully combined high energy, melody, riffs and rhythm section blend beautifully in relatively fast-speed music. The keyboard solo by Nick van Dyk really surprises me in a sense that I had not expected the song would come into this way. Yes, there is a Dream Theater part at approx minute 5:00, and it's still a very nice thing to have in this album. Anyway, we get used to this kind of music, right? Surprisingly, I don't get bored having (again?) this kind of combined riffs and music harmonies in relatively fast pace fashion, until the song ends. It's superb!

"Bleed Me Dry" (6:55) kicks off in ambient mode with tight bass guitar line which brings the music enters nicely (drums and guitar) where it's obvious that Bernie Versailes plays its role on early guitar solo just before the music enters into soft guitar riffs that accompany vocal. It's another excellent track that I enjoy as well. Ray Adler's vocal reminds me strongly to Fates Warning but the music that accompanies is quite different. "The Death of Faith & Reason" (4:51) brings the music into heavy riffs in fast tempo with bass guitar serves as main rhythm section. The third track maintains the momentum of high energy delivered right from the opening track.

As the title implies, you might find the next track "Memory" (9:30) provides something soft. Yeah, you are absolutely right! The band is smart to stick around with our emotion. Just right after the first three full blast, high powered and high energy music, they thought it's about time to take a bit of break. The opening part of this fourth track gives you some sort of relaxation with relatively long ambient music for approximately 2.5 minutes until it moves in crescendo with some more energetic rhythm as well as vocal line. In fact, this is a very nice track with relatively smooth style changes over time. There are some breaks with piano and it continues with excellent fast speed music, stunning guitar solo, rhythm as well as grooves.

"The Origins of Ruin" (2:47) is another nice break with soft piano work that accompanies low register notes of Ray. It's a very good track, indeed. "Man of Glass" (5:05) brings the music back to progressive metal scene with good combination of vocal and musical instruments. The next track "Blinded" (5:55) starts mellow and moves into more energetic performance in medium tempo. The ending part of this track is truly inspiring, where keyboard, dynamic drums, guitar and bass work together nicely in neat composition. I admire that the ending part is really great.

"Used to Be" (6:08) is a fast speed music with nice combination of guitar riffs, keyboard and dynamic drumming. "Fall on You" (9:24) is, I think, the best track the band offers to us. It has all the ingredients of symphonic prog with metal vein. The music flows beautifully from start to end with in some cases the rhythm section that comprises riffs are beautifully combined with piano fills and stunning guitar solo backed with multi-layered keyboard sounds. Even though I do not find any weak track in this album, it sounds to me that this last track is very well-positioned by the band to conclude the album. It has become my preference having a nice combination of heavy music riffs with symphonic keyboard work, and this track gives me this satisfactorily. The keyboard solo at approx 6:30 is really inspiring and I fully enjoy this part.

With such comments on track-by-track level, what do you expect me to say about this album, overall? I have no reason to say that this is a damn excellent album that satisfy my expectations. It has great energy, nice melody, tight composition, relatively fast tempo music and .. last but not least .. the overall album demonstrates cohesiveness of its structure and composition. Highly recommended! Keep on proggin' ..!

Peace on earth and mercy mild - GW

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Posted Monday, March 31, 2008 | Review Permalink
5 stars Redemption have evolved with the addition of the very big vocalist called Ray Alder. Their third album and second with Ray keeps the very high level that was established in 'the fullness of time'. 'The origins of ruin' is a bit more aggressive than its predecessor but the same technical and melodic. There are numerous glorious moments. The guitar-intricate 'the suffocating silence' with the catchy refrain and top-notch music,the aggressive and lyrically-correct 'the death of faith and reason' which will make your head bang for 5 minutes, the reminiscent of Fates Warning 'bleed me dry', the one of the nicest dark ballads that I have ever heard 'the origins of ruin',the initially atmospheric which turns to a more state-of-play musical delirium 'blind my eyes' , the heavy and speedy 'used to be' and the too progressive 'fall on you' with the continual shifts in mood. The other songs that I did not mention are very good actually. One of the most complete efforts in progressive that I have heard in the 5-year experience in this kind of music. Highly recommended to any progressive listener. It is a crime not to rate it with 5 stars.
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Posted Friday, July 31, 2009 | Review Permalink
4 stars This album is the follow-up to the excellent "The Fullness Of Time". It took me a little bit more time to get familiar with. This CD is off to a great start with teh 1st track. I really like the increase in tension/intensity toward the end of the "In the suffocating silence". Next, "The Death Of Faith & Reason" is one of my favourite. "Memory" has some elements that immediately remind you of "Sapphire". Good song, just not as amazing as the original.

"The Origin Of Ruins" is the best track on this album. It is a short piece of less than 3 minutes but features mostly keyboards and the great voice of Ray Alder. Sometimes I which it was longer, but I think it would loose its magic. Another emotional track in the vocal department is "Blind My Eyes" . I like the way the backing vocals support Ray Alder on this song. This song starts slow, somewhat echoing "The Origin of Ruins" before going into an heavier part tempo with another change of mood around 4 minutes before picking up and closing again.

The ending piece, "Falls On You" has some special meaning for me as I saw Redemption in concert in 2007 and they close their set with this one. When I heard that song I was convince I had to get this album. I am really fond of this track and its intensity in the solos.

The other tracks are just well executed song Redemption style. No fillers here but nothing truly outstanding about them either. Definitively, a well worthy addition to any prog-metal collection. 4 stars.

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Posted Tuesday, November 17, 2009 | Review Permalink
4 stars I only got this album in the post yesterday, God I love ordering stuff offline.

Being fairly impressed by their new album (Snowfall On Judgement Day), I decided to get another album, you know to even things out.

This is another great album and an amazing achievment from the band. If I was to pick a favourite, I would pick the new one, because it stands out just a little more.

This album is alot more prog & little bit less metal than Snowfall as well, which made the album alot more interesting.

1. The Suffocating Silence - What an amazing intro. This song builds up to be a very kick ass song. The instrumental section is very Dream Theater. Very cool chorus. The ending is also very Dream Theater.

2. Bleed My Dry - This song is quite kick ass. The bass solo is quite cool & funky. Amazing vocals from Ray.

3. The Death Of Faith & Reason - Wow, what a kick in the face. Mammothly heavy. Very Nevermore. The chorus is very sinister. The lyrics basically say that all athiests and fundamentalist views are over dramatic. A more Universal sense (I agreed completely with this song, being a Universal Esoteric).

4. Memory - The intro is very Pain Of Salvation meets Symphony X. I love the chorus. It is quite beautifull. I love the chorus. This is the most interesting song on the album, and Rays vocals are amazing.

5. The Origins Of Ruin - The intro is very Final Fantasy. Amazing song. Very simple but effective. I love the almost electronica backbeat of the song and how it fades out.

6. Man Of Glass - I love the key change in the verses. Ray shows off some amazing vocals in the chorus. The first guitar solo is realy beautifully played. The key change in the chorus is very kick ass.

7. Blind My Eyes - I like the ambient almost soundtrack like intro. Again very like Final Fantasy. Phenomonal chorus. One of Rays best ever vocal performances. The guitar solos are very Iron Maiden.

8. Used To Be - The intro is very technical. Another great chorus. The instrumental section is very melodius with some great guitar work.

9. Fall On You - The introis very Queensyrche. Very cheesy chorus, but very effective. Really kick ass instrumental section. The ending is quite beautiful.

CONCLUSION: Another amazing progressive metal album, basically.

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Posted Saturday, May 8, 2010 | Review Permalink
4 stars Redemption is already a name in prog metal field for almost a decade, releasing so far 4 albums. If previous one Fullness of time was an excellent prog metal release with outstanding songwritting and musicianship, this third album from their catalogue named Origins of ruin is no less a great work. From the first piece The Suffocating Silence, maybe the best from here, Redemption shows no mercy in this field, great and catchy tune with musicianship of the highest calibre. The pieces goes from one to another very well and smooth, with energic moments all over the place, crafty arrangements and polished production. The music as I said is energic, similar in places with Symphony X but less symphonic and Fates Warning with excellent duels between guitar and keybords, fantastic voice this Adler, just check out the title track, neary 2.5 min smooth and very well sung. So, a very worthy album in prog metal zone, little less convinceing then Fullness of time but keeping the high standars of prog metal on every piece. Great musicians and album 3.5 rounded to 4, cover art is great too.
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Posted Monday, August 1, 2011 | Review Permalink

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