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Lykathea Aflame was a Czech technical death metal band formed in Prague in 1999. Previously known as Appalling Spawn, they released the demo record Bestial, Mystical, & Spiritual (The First Spawn) in 1996, and one full-length CD, Freedom, Hope, & Fury (The Second Spawn) in 1998. The band became known as Lykathea Aflame once Tomás Corn from Garbage Disposal joined.

In 2000, they released a full-length CD called Elvenefris.

The band has now changed their name to Lykathé, and has gotten a new logo and a new lineup.

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Elvenefris (2000)

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4.42 | 57 ratings

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 Elvenefris by LYKATHEA AFLAME album cover Studio Album, 2000
4.42 | 57 ratings

Lykathea Aflame Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by TheWatcho

5 stars ELVENEFRIS - 5/5 stars

Did you think that Opeth were the ultimate mixture between 'extreme Metal' and 'progressive layers/interludes'? Well, now listen to 'Lykathea'. The perfect blend of harrowing brutality and passages full of spiritual harmony.

'Lykathea Aflame' is a Czech band that has gone through a lot of line-up changes. Prior to being 'Lykathea Aflame', they were known as 'Appalling Spawn'. They played a 'Technical/Progressive' breed of Brutal Death metal. When 'Appalling Spawn' broke up, the remaining members (with drummer Tomás Corn recruited) formed the 'Lykathea Aflame' that spawned the wonderful beast that is 'Elvenefris'.

I came across this band for ages, I really do not remember the exact time, but since this album came into my hands, it never came out. This album has become one of my favorites, coming to rival the 'magnus opus' of my favorite bands, and by now, they are the only band that has been able to generate such an impact on me with only 1 record... not for nothing, 'Lykathea Aflame' have become a respected act and a have gained a modest fan base throughout the world. Simply, a cult band.

From the soothing sound of synthesizers that envelop the intense riffs, to the mystical sound of the Mediterranean that sets the standard in each break, 'Lykathea' shows that in each of the 11 songs, they are able to maintain an unshakable identity, but not only that, the beautiful poetry which illustrates every song only manages to give more life to 'Elvenefris'.

Each instrument in this album engage the listener to put careful attention in their lines, being Tomás and his spectaculars drum fills, the more pleasant to discover through the layers that permeate the sound of 'Elvenefris'. Just listen to the album opener 'Land Where Sympathy Is Air', and pay close attention to the drum... yeah, 'Cryptopsy's' Monster: Flo Mounier pales in comparison to Tomás amazing spontaneity, versatility, speed, technique and subtlety. The axework in this album it's terrific, brutal, yet still beautiful, and uplifting (Take as an example the opening riff from 'To Become Shelter And Salvation'). Guitar lines in 'Elvenefris' aren't overly-technical, as a matter of fact, there aren't guitar solos, so you won't hear self- indulgent sweeps or overthetop technical riffing. Vocal-wise, everything fits perfectly, from the brutal growls to the clean singing, but even if you listen to Death Metal, the growls/pig-squeals are a thing that you must get used first, so, is almost an acquired taste.

Each track in this album is a must, although I have my personal favourites: 'Land Where Sympathy Is Air', 'To Give', 'On The Way Home', 'Sadness And Strength'.

'Elvenefris' is an album that must be listened to carefully in order to be fully apreciated. Too experimental for a 'Brutal Death Metal' purist, and too brutal for a 'Progressive Metal' elitist, but for those with enough open mind, will recognize that the mix of these factors give an authentic sound to the style 'Lykathea' applies in their music. A classic that always sound fresh, and with just a decade of history, 'Elvenefris' constantly shows us that is possible to keep pushing the stereotypes of the most extreme and progressive side of metal.

...An album that takes you into a quest into the deep unknown, but... guided by light.

 Elvenefris by LYKATHEA AFLAME album cover Studio Album, 2000
4.42 | 57 ratings

Lykathea Aflame Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by Conor Fynes
Prog Reviewer

4 stars 'Elvenefris' - Lykathea Aflame (8/10)

Although Lykathea Aflame only released one album before caving in and changing band names, it is rare to see an expanded list of the 'greatest death metal albums of all time', and not see their work present. Despite virtually universal acclaim across the board, Lykathea Aflame have never achieved that more widespread recognition, although that may be for good reason. Although death metal fans (and metalheads in general) tend to lean towards some side of the spectrum- be it melodic death or brutal grind- 'Elvenefris' sees this talented group touch upon the lightest and heaviest elements of the style, often propping up next to each other. The end result is an incredibly chaotic and challenging record, but also one filled with beauty, precision, and listening satisfaction.

For those already familiar with death metal, Lykathea Aflame's heavier elements lean towards the niche of 'brutal death metal'; a pummelling brand of death metal that is best represented by its low guttural vocals, and- as one may have guessed by the name- a hyberbolic sense of brutality. Although the incredibly low vocals of Radim Matějka plant Lykathea Aflame firmly within that particular school of death metal, there is much more to 'Elvenefris' than brutal riffs and blasts. What has made this album stand the test of time is the fact that Lykathea Aflame introduce strong melodic hooks, and even mellow moments of atmosphere amidst the crushing heaviness. These atmospheric melodies are often based in Middle-Eastern music. Although they are from the Czech Republic, 'Elvenefris' carries an Egyptian theme in the music. To illustrate; 'Land Where Sympathy Is Air' opens the album with a jarring melody that sounds plucked out of oriental music. The combination of these widely contrasting sounds is challenging to hear at first, but as a listener becomes more used to the distinctive death metal sound that Lykathea Aflame plays, the risk pays off.

The guttural vocals are a bit hard to handle at first, even for someone who is fairly versed in the death metal genre. However, they are mixed very well into the rest of the sound, never overpowering the instruments. Radim's very low growl makes it virtually impossible to hear what he's saying for the most part, and the vocals virtually become a blanket of heaviness that compliments the feeling that the metal elements bring. For an album of this aggressiveness, 'Elvenefris' does run a tad long, going several minutes over the hour mark. When one considers that the last track is an unnecessary piece of synth-laden ambiance, it's clear that some of the music here could have been shaved off, without losing any of the meaning. Lykathea Aflame's album does not strike me as the flawless masterwork that some claim it is, but I can certainly appreciate why they would think that about the music here. In a style that is most plagued by generic bands, 'Elvenefris' stands out, and still sounds as fresh today as it did a decade ago.

 Elvenefris by LYKATHEA AFLAME album cover Studio Album, 2000
4.42 | 57 ratings

Lykathea Aflame Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by JJLehto
Prog Reviewer

5 stars Let me first say this album blows my mind! Lykathea Aflame, (now just Lykathea) was introduced to me by my brother because of how obscure they were. We could not find them even in our always reliable local music store. However, we grew to love "Elvenefris" This album is the epitome of Progressive Metal. In an instant it shifts from soft, slow melodies with clean guitar work to brutal death metal. Every song on this album will take you to both extremes, several times.

The guitar work on this album is best described as organized chaos. It never does the same thing for more than 20 seconds at a time. Throughout any song you will hear death metal-esque tremolo picking, crushing riffs, (and they are always different!), eastern influences, and very technical licks.

The drumming on "Elvenefris" is truly astounding. While there are plenty of thrash beats, double bass, and mind numbingly fast blast beats, there are also very technical beats. There is constant use of double bass, with complex ride/snare patterns over it. The drumming is very fill heavy, and just like the guitar work it is always changing. On the flip of a switch Tomas Corn alternates from precision snare and bass drumming to blast beats, then to a jazzy interlude, and back to pounding blast beats. That is what amazes me most, his technicality on the album as well as his stop and go skills.

Every song is different, and each is an indescribable experience of technicality. Despite the extreme metal feel to the album, there is the 11:13 long "Walking in the Garden of Ma'at" which is entirely consistent of bird chirping and "nature" sounds.

If there is one downside to this album, it has to be the vocals. I am a seasoned veteran of metal, and death metal, but even I have some difficulty with the vocals on this album. I am not sure how to describe them..."pig squeal" vocals, seem the best way to go, (to me the vocals often just sound like "bree"). It should be noted the vocals often fit the music very well, but they can be tough to swallow. Luckilly, the vocals are not used heavily, or else I might have to give this album a lower rating. However, spoken word is also used frequently and if you are a fan, you will get past the vocals.

I give this album 5 stars. Not for the typical prog fan, or even most casual prog-metal fans. However, if you are a hardline prog-metal, (or death metal) fan this album is a must!

 Elvenefris by LYKATHEA AFLAME album cover Studio Album, 2000
4.42 | 57 ratings

Lykathea Aflame Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by TN

5 stars What can I say to fully explain the sheer awesomeness of this album? Elvenefris is a masterpiece and is one of my favorite albums of all time. The album amazes me even after years of owning it and listening to it regularly. This album manages to perfectly transition from brutal to melodic, all in all creating pure beauty.

There are an incredible amount of shiver-inducing moments. The riffs are brilliant and catchy. They range from melodic and clean, melodic and heavy, to brutal and heavy. Besides that, there are atmospheric moments. There are moments that are sad, happy, angry, and epic.

The drums are the some of the best I've heard in metal and I've heard a lot. They are technical, fast, and have very interesting rhythms. I could listen to this album only paying attention to drums and enjoy it greatly. The vocalist does a great job with both clean vocals(includes singing and talking) and brutal growls. The lyrics are about peace and the quest for redemption, which is surprising for a band this heavy.

Pretty much every track is a highlight, but my favorite is A Step Closer. The last track, Walking in the Garden of Ma'at, changes the pace and ends the album with peaceful, beautiful synths and chirping birds. Every time I listen to it, my mind gets cleared of all negative thoughts. It's truly cleansing.

As far as originality goes, no album is like this one. This is a must-hear album. Don't let the brutality stop you from obtaining this gem. This is one of the most beautiful metal albums.

 Elvenefris by LYKATHEA AFLAME album cover Studio Album, 2000
4.42 | 57 ratings

Lykathea Aflame Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by Abbath

5 stars I could write enough to fill out an entire page of your browser, but I am lazy and I'm sure you have better things to do. Fans and the tolerant of Death Metal elements cannot go another moment without hearing this unique, amazingly well executed album. It's a very organic feeling album which revolves around the subject of nature, renewal and all that other enviro-hippie crap. All kidding aside, this organic sound lends itself very well to a genre which sees more than its fair share of clinical, soulless affairs. Technically speaking, the guitars and arrangements are solid, if not spectacular; but where there is noticeable technical proficiency is with the drums. Speed for speed he's faster than the "enfent terrible" of metal drumming, Flo Mounier and his creativity behind the kit puts the aforementioned Cryptopsy drummer to shame. I'm not even overexaggerating...I wish I were.

If you like your beautiful breakdowns with your headbanging, look no further than this essential, underrated gem and give it its fair chance. You won't regret it. One of the best metal albums ever.

Thanks to MikeEnRegalia for the artist addition.

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