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Founded in Munich, Germany in 1994

COLOUR HAZE, is a Krautrock band formed in Germany 1994, by Stefan Koglek (vocal, guitar), Tim Höfer (drums), Christian Wiesner (bass). In 1995 the release their debut "Chopping Machine" as a tree-piece, the album is in a style caught between a classic Heavy Rock (Black Sabbath), and the Grunge popular at the time (Pearl Jam). Between 1995 and 1999 the band went through a series on member changes, including singer Felix Neuenhoff replace Koglek on the vocal parts. From the recording of "Periscope" (1999), they were again reduces to a tree-piece Stefan Koglek (vocal, guitar), Manfred Merwald (drums), Philipp Rasthofer (bass). "Periscope" marks the start of the new COLOUR HAZE, with a solid and Heavy, Psychedelic Stoner Rock, clearly inspired by Jimi Hendrix but definitely also sending thoughts in the direction of the early Krautrock. Over the years the band have become a bit less heavy, exploring even more the slow buildup on very long tracks, with a warmer and softer sound, and a crafty groove.

Any album they have done from "Periscope" and onwards are worth a listen, but "Temple" 2006 mark a refinement both in their sound and the melodies they create. May be seen, as the start of the third chapter.

A highly recommended German band, still evolving modern Stoner Rock

Biography provided by Tamijo

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3.25 | 8 ratings
Chopping Machine
3.20 | 10 ratings
3.70 | 10 ratings
3.38 | 8 ratings
Ewige Blumenkraft
3.33 | 9 ratings
Los Sounds De Krauts
3.86 | 14 ratings
Colour Haze
4.06 | 16 ratings
3.76 | 12 ratings
3.38 | 17 ratings
She Said
3.15 | 11 ratings
To The Highest Gods We Know
4.41 | 13 ratings
In Her Garden
4.91 | 2 ratings
We Are

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 We Are by COLOUR HAZE album cover Studio Album, 2019
4.91 | 2 ratings

We Are
Colour Haze Krautrock

Review by petersen88

5 stars New Colour Haze with the addition of keys (they`ve expanded their line-up adding the keyboard and synth player recently) is a move in the right direction, since their latest "In Her Garden" was already heading in the more prog-rock oriented territory. Still refining the sound of stoner rock with extra elements, they`ve put up a great record once again, not forgeting about the some of the riffs that make it interesting in the first place, but it`s pretty far from the usual stoner territory, so it might be more for prog-lovers than the afficionados of the former. Anyway, great music is great music, prog or not, stoner or not. The singing is once again just... bareable and that`s it :)
 In Her Garden by COLOUR HAZE album cover Studio Album, 2017
4.41 | 13 ratings

In Her Garden
Colour Haze Krautrock

Review by Igor91

5 stars Colour Haze is a heavy psych rock band from Germany that has been a long-standing fixture of Europe's underground rock scene. They are often categorized as a "stoner Rock" band, and while they do display some of the bass-heavy guitar riffs associated with that genre, Colour Haze have much more to offer musically than your average "stoner rock" band. I have been a fan of this band for a good ten years or more, but I must admit that I was not that impressed with the band's 2014 album "To The Highest Gods We Know." After 20-plus years it seemed as though they had finally become a bit stale. Not that "To The Highest Gods We Know" was a bad album, it just seemed to lack something (exactly what I could not put my finger on). So, I said to myself, "Oh well, they had an excellent run, not may bands stay that fresh and relevant for as long as they did."

Fast forward to 2017 and I noticed that the band had released yet another new album. Due to my lackluster reaction to their previous effort I neglected to check out their new material right away. When I finally got around to checking it out, the music instantly grabbed my attention, yet it wasn't until after multiple listens that I became aware of how much I had underestimated Colour Haze. "In Her Garden" may be the best album of their long career, and it is certainly their most progressive.

The album opens with "Into Her Garden," which is really just a guitar intro to the next track, "Black Lilly." "Black Lilly" is a mid-paced rocker that features a cool, choppy riff from guitarist/vocalist Stefan Koglek. His vocals remain solid, but are more of an accompaniment to the music rather than a focus. What follows "Black Lilly" are several tracks, some instrumental, which are sewn together to form a wonderful tapestry of psychedelic rock. There are some familiar raga touches throughout provided by Koglek's guitar and guest musician Mario Oberpucher on sitar. Other guest musicians further enhance the music with Hammond Rhodes and modular, as well as horns, various strings and percussion. Koglek plays some of the most impressive soloing on an album in some time, while cohorts Phillip Rasthoper and Manfred Merwald lay down a fierce backdrop. Merwald's slightly jazzy drumming is as energetic as ever, and Rasthoper's bass keeps everything warm and toasty. There are some repeating themes that appear at various junctures in the album, which helps pull the whole album into one cohesive piece of music. The album closes with the two outstanding complementary tracks, "Skydancer" and "Skydance," the former featuring vocals and the latter being all instrumental. A superb, lively ending to a most enjoyable album that spans over 72 minutes.

"In Her Garden" is truly a thrilling ride. Let's face it, it's generally difficult to sit and listen to a double album and really enjoy it from start to finish. I feel "In Her Garden" is one of those albums that succeeds in being able to keep you satisfied all the way through. Which is an amazing feat for a band who has been at it for 25 years. The band has some albums that feature a few better songs on them than on "In Her Garden," but no album in their canon is this great throughout. And through it all, Colour Haze still sound like Colour Haze, just more refined. After much deliberation, I have concluded that this is a five star-worthy album of progressive psychedelic rock.

 To The Highest Gods We Know by COLOUR HAZE album cover Studio Album, 2014
3.15 | 11 ratings

To The Highest Gods We Know
Colour Haze Krautrock

Review by Igor91

3 stars Colour Haze is stoner/psychedelic rock band from Germany that have become legends in the underground rock scene in Europe. I am a bit puzzled by them being categorized as "krautrock" here in PA. Yes, they are from Germany and they do have slight krautrock influences, but their sound is more of a blend of 60's and 70s' psychedelic and hard rock. Guitarist and vocalist Stefan Koglek's playing style is a mix of Jimi Hendrix and Tony Iomi with a dash of jazz and Indian/Middle eastern influence. Manfred Merwald is an excellent drummer, bringing a jazzy, slightly busy (but not too busy) backbeat to the music. Finally, Philipp Rasthofer's low-end bass gives added warmth to their sound. Koglek's vocals need some getting used to, but, overall, are pretty good for a German singing in English. The band's songs vary from short and structured, to 20-plus minute opuses.

"To The Highest Gods We Know" is their 11th studio effort (the 1998 album "Seven" is missing on PA's list as of 2/28/2015) and finds the band pretty much where they left off on their previous album, "She Said." There are some added strings and horns here and there, but most of the songs cover the same territory. That's not to say the album isn't good ? it is. The album begins with "Circles," which starts off with quiet jamming, slowly building to a pure stoner/psychedelic blast of heaven. "Paradise" is the short, rocker on the disc. "Uberall" is another solid tune in the same vein as "Circles" with the slow build to a crescendo of heavy, low-end guitar, with the addition of strings. The fourth tune, "Call" is roughly six minutes of a lone, repeated guitar riff with soft vocal lines, before launching into another powerful eruption of high-energy, stoner riffage to close out the final 2 minutes of the song. The standout track is "To The Highest Gods We Know," which is an instrumental, Indian/Middle Eastern infused dose of psychedelia. The tune starts out with beautiful acoustic guitar work from Koglek, then intermittent strings and percussion add to the sonic tapestry skillfully woven together by the band. As the song closes, you are left relaxed and satisfied. But then, after a few minutes of silence, there is a reprise of "Call" (not included on track listing) lasting just over a minute.

While not their best effort, "To The Highest Gods We Know" is, all in all, a solid album by these stoner/psychedelic rock masters. I would probably recommend the album "All" as a starting point for newcomers to the band. However, "To The Highest Gods We Know" would make a great addition to the music collection of anyone who likes their rock laced with psychedelia, occasional heavy riffing, and lots of great guitar work.

Revised 4/26/2018

Since revisiting Colour Haze's back catalogue after not hearing it for awhile, I have to knock off 1 star on my review for "To the Highest Gods We Know." While I still consider it a solid release, it does not hold up as well to much of their previous works. It also does not hold up as well to their most recent release "In Her Garden," which is much better.

 She Said by COLOUR HAZE album cover Studio Album, 2012
3.38 | 17 ratings

She Said
Colour Haze Krautrock

Review by Anon-E-Mouse

3 stars Responding to a query on the Forum pages, let me share a bit of my input here. Previously, I've heard some of the band's earlier works and that left me quite impressed. That I haven't followed it up is partly due to the fact that one can only pay attention to that many works at a time.

I totally agree with a reference to this band as having a "retro" feel. Indeed, they sound like a mix of Black Sabbath and Grand Funk Railroad - minus the riffs. Good guitar work along with thunderous bass often in a jammy fashion. Pretty good if you are into such grunty deliveries.

This album "She Said" follows a similar approach as before, but perhaps too much so. A feeling of "deja vu" creeps in, as if I've heard these lines before. Indeed this work sounds like a repetition of previous efforts and that leaves it rather redundant. Not bad at all, only there is hardly anything new here. A couple of mediocre vocal tracks bring down my rating to a 3.

I do like this band in general, their sound is well worth exploring, but on the face of it, compared with earlier releases this album is not really essential.

 All by COLOUR HAZE album cover Studio Album, 2008
3.76 | 12 ratings

Colour Haze Krautrock

Review by BORA

4 stars Fourth spin in two days!

Delightful work by this hardly known German band. It's not common experience for me, but this is an album that hits the spot immediately. To the point that I could leave it on endless repeat.

Different genres are effortlessly transcended here. A bit of Psychedelic, Stoner-Rock, Grunge, Jamming in a package that pleases immensely. Leaves me feeling as if I just dropped in on friends who happen to be great musicians having some fun. Or in other words, one of the best garage bands I can recall and I don't mean it as a put down.

The distortion pedal, some feedback is applied in a sensible way, creating great sound without any hint of Metal, or Heavy-Rock. The bass is also using much distortion to the effect of a thunderous, yet non-aggressive bottom line. The keys add some colour, but not used as lead instruments. Some noodling here and there wouldn't be missed, but not really disturbing either.

The whole delivery is very carefree and relaxed, no sign of struggling here, only pure fun. And it works really well. Long pieces with some structure that still permit a lot of stretching out provide a nice balance.

Comparisons here would be rather futile, but let me say this. I am left with the impression as if Randy California, Frank Marino along with Mel Schacker (Grand Funk) had dropped in on Gong on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The end result is honest, heartfelt, pure fun!

It may never be considered a carefully arranged Prog masterpiece, but for the enjoyment I derived from this recording, a solid 4 is appropriate.

Thanks to Philippe Blache for the artist addition. and to Quinino for the last updates

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