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3RD EAR EXPERIENCE is a new genuine space rock band recording musical improvisations in a little studio situated out in the highlands of Joshua Tree/Mojave Desert, just where some of the members live. The outfit includes Dug Pinnick of KING'S X fame, Robbi Robb of the African acid rock band TRIBE AFTER TRIBE and synth player Amritakripa, also inherently involved in Indian devotional music.

Three days of free form jams led on to the self-released debut album 'Peacock Black' which is comprised of four extended tracks. At times being courageously experimental they abandoned formal arrangements and allowed the music to flow in a cosmic sonic dialogue between fellow musicians and stargazers. The result is summing up trance-like and groovy excursions, Kosmische Musik in the Berlin School vein as well as dramatic and otherwordly moments.

Shortly after that Megaforce Records released another band album named 'Boi', this time featuring eight tunes with a more common song structure. 2013 - 2014 saw the band attracting favorable press internationally and they were also honored to open for the Swedish stoner band, the Truckfighters, on their 2013 USA tour. Recorded with a modified line up again their next album 'Incredible Good Fortune' came out in autumn 2014, consisting of new extended explorations.

Furthermore the band will be included in the upcoming feature documentary film about the history and legacy of the desert stoner rock music scene called 'Desert Age'. 3RD EAR EXPERIENCE certainly will please every fan of unbounded psychedelic and space rock music.

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Stones of a FeatherStones of a Feather
CD Baby 2016
Audio CD$12.84
3rd Ear Experience3rd Ear Experience
MRI 2013
Audio CD$8.75
$13.34 (used)
3rd Ear Experience by 3rd Ear Experience (2013-06-11)3rd Ear Experience by 3rd Ear Experience (2013-06-11)
Audio CD$35.46
Incredible Good Fortune By 3rd Ear Experience (2014-08-29)Incredible Good Fortune By 3rd Ear Experience (2014-08-29)
CD Baby
Audio CD$71.17
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4.00 | 11 ratings
Peacock Black
3.96 | 14 ratings
4.03 | 14 ratings
Incredible Good Fortune
4.95 | 2 ratings
Stones Of A Feather
0.00 | 0 ratings
Stoned Gold

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 Stones Of A Feather by 3RD EAR EXPERIENCE album cover Studio Album, 2016
4.95 | 2 ratings

Stones Of A Feather
3rd Ear Experience Psychedelic/Space Rock

Review by Rivertree
Special Collaborator PSIKE Team & Band Submissions

5 stars This is the slightly modified 2016 3RD EAR EXPERIENCE, expectedly still deriving from Joshua Tree, situated somewhere deep in the Mojave Desert, California. The project is mainly driven by the couple Robbi Robb (guitar) and Amritakripa (synthesizer), as well as Jorge 'Bassman' Carrillo and Alan Swanson (keyboards). This in collaboration with a circle of like-minded fellas of course over the years, mostly living nearby. Experienced musicians they are, also deeply involved in the local cultural scene over there, in various ways. Always looking for new horizons, and this applies to their music in particular.

Wide open spaces, big skies and rugged landscapes - this marks an environment which will expand the musical possibilities quite naturally, especially unique to space rock. And now pay attention please, the opener Flight Of The Annunaki is accompanied at best by a video Casey Kiernan has produced, a professional photographer, who is running the Joshua Tree Photography Workshops. Really fantastic! It's a must! Some sort of dialectics - the album title, covering the music in its entirety on one side, but also self-contradictory somehow, manifests for the first time, as it all starts light as a feather with spheric synths, perfectly complementing the video sequences.

Kripa soon comes in with some other-worldly narration ... eh, is this played backwards probably? Or a new language similar to Kobaïan or Na'vi was born right here? No idea, sounds great and authentic anyway! But wait, this mysterious affair shortly evolves into a jazzy direction, due to the rhodes piano most likely, sort of losing orientation a bit though while having a breakdown hereafter ... and in the end leading into a furious heavy psych finale. Wow! Stones of a feather now! A tour de force. Hence you may have a little clue yet what will follow in addition ...

... anyway, even the old woman is dancing afterwards. Didgeridoo here and bass attacks there, fantastic organ work again, continual ebb and flow in behaviour ... until the Return Of The Peacock is occuring, who already stayed nearby since the year 2013 at least. Charming! Yes, this is very trippy and relaxed, decorated with flute, piano and sensitive guitar at best, quite similar to some songs produced by the band Quarkspace. And yep, it seems Darth Vader had a guest(?) appearance on Chungo, but a short one, as they are banishing him soon with some powerful dynamic. The dramaturgy stays 'til the end though, now it seems quite plausible why they have chosen just this song title.

Besides the opener Balladeer's Tale is another masterpiece ... and now I'm seemingly running out of attributes ... as Robbi and the other band mates are not running out of inspiration obviously. The song is wrapped up by some Black Sabbath feel, nevertheless drifting into a trippy hallucinogenic direction in between, this featuring some beautifully complementing guitar, synth and violin sequences. Showing some saxophone attendence Everlasting Sea only will appear on the double LP version, which is announced for the next year finally. And then - offered by a differing tour line up - Space Tripping has been recorded live in 2015 at Frankfurt, Germany, a high quality space rock jam for sure.

This time however I will prefer the studio excerpts. They are deriving from spontaneous ideas that came up during live improvisations on their 2015 tour and from free form jamming at the FurstWurld Gallery of Music and Performing Arts, where the band records. While guesting 18 local musicians in total 'Stones Of A Feather' is a product of a fruitful collaboration again. Needs time to explore. Richard Stuverud makes an excellent job on drums, not to forget. The proggy rhodes respectively organ appeals the more I'm listening ... well, that's enough methinks, now it's your turn.

 Boi by 3RD EAR EXPERIENCE album cover Studio Album, 2013
3.96 | 14 ratings

3rd Ear Experience Psychedelic/Space Rock

Review by H. Siedler

4 stars An outstanding experience!

If you are looking for a true space/psychedelic sound, where you can close your eyes and enjoy a quite amusing trip, you should seriously give this band a try! Without further ado, let's go to the analysis:

1) Arrangements Contrasting smooth and calm atmospheres with heavier passages, with lots of heavy metal guitars and psychedelic effects and synthesizers, we can notice here a very original sound, exploring modern textures with 70's flavor here and there. But in this work, the modern prevails over the old. Good taste arrangements and fine production. 5/5 stars.

2) Instruments The keys uses since modern ambient synths to hammond old-fashioned style, sustaining the base to the guitar-driving songs. The drums are strong and restless, not following a straight line. The bass is quite creative and audible. 5/5 stars. 3) Vocals The vocals are good, but not the best thing about this band actually. There is a female voice sometimes working as backing vocals and sometimes used in spoken words passages. The main singer has a deep-thick voice, which works very well in the context. Lots of special effects are used in order to create a psychedelic ambience. Unfortunately, there are parts in which the vocals and the background sound got confused, and at least I couldn't understand what the lyrics were saying or define the instruments. 4/5 stars.

It's incredible how underrated a band can be. I've never heard about them since a few days ago, and found them out by chance on youtube. This band is amazing; they are consistent and inspired in this work as a whole. A true space/psychedelic effort. It's worth joining to this trip. I give it 4 stars!

 Incredible Good Fortune by 3RD EAR EXPERIENCE album cover Studio Album, 2014
4.03 | 14 ratings

Incredible Good Fortune
3rd Ear Experience Psychedelic/Space Rock

Review by Rivertree
Special Collaborator PSIKE Team & Band Submissions

4 stars When I'm in touch with Robbi here and there, hey, it's always a pleasure to notice what a positive and open-minded attitude he's going to express. 'Incredible Good Fortune' must be the key term for that - being at peace with the world and yourself, so to say - at least temporarily without any reservations. And this obviously includes having much fun when playing at Shakti Festival with Amritakripa's band for example, or recording jam sessions together with his friends down there right in the Mojave Desert. Hereby 3RD EAR EXPERIENCE is more of a project than a band. What means the line up is always in progress, more or less.

As a consequence the musical output essentially depends from the situation, the atmosphere, the mood .. and of course which musicians are available (or not) currently, simple as that. That's the reason why bassist Dug Pinnick is missing on this production and latin american rooted Jorge Bassman (who else, eh???) joined the task force. Well, they did it again, the third album from that extraordinary crew in the meanwhile. I like the colourful art work. But first of all this is a clever mixture of pre-arrangement and improvisation, I would say, you can listen to over and over again without being bored. The full range between hell and heaven - tightly packed with a running time of nearly 80 minutes.

Besides the glowing guitar input all over, this is featuring a powerful as well as tribal rhythm section, well placed synthesizer add-ons, Alan Swanson's virtuoso organ, spaced out saxophone by John Whoolilurie aso aso ... Tools opens this fortunate trip with melancholic guitar, a song rich in variety while enclosing floating as well as heavy rocking parts, even put with headbanging qualities. On Parsley Amritakripa offers some intriguing Indian chanting, though on the following White Bee changing to a transcendental or maybe even alienated expression when speaking in cosmic terms. Fantastic guitar presence here towards the end of the song!

Space Rock at its best, powerful and expressive more than ever, garnished with some ethno feel and several traces of Robbi's former band TRIBE AFTER TRIBE. With 'Incredible Good Fortune' they have succeeded in landing a new coup. Go and see for yourself - experience coupled with inspiration is an invincible amalgam. First contact? If not already happened, now at the latest it's time to get in touch with this crew - or freely adapted from Steven Spielberg - time for the Fortunate Encounters of the 3rd Ear Experience - 4.5 stars.

 Peacock Black by 3RD EAR EXPERIENCE album cover Studio Album, 2013
4.00 | 11 ratings

Peacock Black
3rd Ear Experience Psychedelic/Space Rock

Review by Rivertree
Special Collaborator PSIKE Team & Band Submissions

4 stars The Art Of Listening With The Third Ear

So this is another nice surprise which I came across recently ... due to the tribal rhythms and psychedelic influences I already had the band TRIBE AFTER TRIBE in mind in recent times - the song 'Ice Below' attracted my attention especially - and now the band's mastermind and guitarist Robbi Robb comes up with a new space rock project, plus two interesting albums at once on top of it. The 3RD EAR EXPERIENCE line-up is featuring various incarnations, more than ten members are involved in total. Additionally wellknown to me are bass player Dug Pinnick of KING'S X fame and Amritakripa, deeply involved in Indian music, also caring for the synthesizer goodies.

Somewhere deep in the Californian Mojave Desert they came together for a few days (respectively nights) to jam, a region being popular for the Joshua Trees ... and stargazing especially. Well, circumstances which are inspiring per se when it comes to a space rock crew, of course! For the sister album 'Boi' - which was released on the Megaforce Records label by the way - they have cut some jams up into eight regular songs. This self-released album though is comprised of four really extended excursions, where they let it flow with intent, with enough room for experiments.

The band starts the engines in a relatively common way - The Surface Of Last Scattering comes with groove and a jazzy touch, nice restrained organ (Alan Swanson) and saxophone (Aaron Merc) input inclusively. Drummer Eric Mouness serves a tremendous drive and overall this comes close to the Oresund Space Collective in parts, I would say. The following title track is trance pure on the other hand - the band's experimental side chops out. Amritakripa (Kripa in short) provides female voices which appear like coming from a foreign world, this reminds me of the German Chickencage Experience, I mean the vocal sisters MichaeLa Flame and Howling Mad Fishli especially.

Including some dramatic rebellion in between they are basically cultivating a wonderful meandering and partially hallucinogenic style here, with Robbi in top form. For one or two times it seems like the crew is drawing a cut, but another new attempt brings them forward once again - very inspired moments ... Pocket Full Of Stars works in a similar way, this time some digeridoo attendence has to be considered, also nice electric piano. However, the jam temporarily falls back into a lovely, fluffy direction, before they enter the absolutely intriguing finale, wow!

The ultimate long track High Lands initiates with an extended electronical session. This sounds like inspired by the Berlin School. You may not expect any change furthermore ... but right in the middle the band comes in with the already noted planitude of power - that means the song gradually increases to a massive statement in the end. 'Black Peacock' was recorded and mixed by second guitarist Eric Ryan - overall a fantastic spontaneous musical interaction of like-minded musicians, which does not leave anything to be desired. Kudos, Robbi, Dug and all the others ... for me, even after a bunch of listening sessions, this still is a magical attraction - 4.5 stars so far.

Thanks to rivertree for the artist addition. and to E&O Team for the last updates

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