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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum biography
This Frisco-based very unique band using some home-made instruments known from avantgarde music is existing since 1999 and became quite famous on the westcoast for their impressive dadaistic live shows.

The members are Nils Frykdahl (guitars,voice), Dan Rathbun (bass), Moe! Staiano (percussion), Carla Kihlstedt (violin, voice) and David Shamrock (drums, piano) who has been replaced on their second album by Frank Grau.

Although being almost unclassifiable their style could be roughly described as a Metal/RIO hybrid. The music can be very heavy at times but as well very atmospheric with plenty of different layers of all sorts of instruments also classical ones like violin and piano. Sometimes it reminds to SEPULTURA, sometimes to ISILDURS BANE or late KING CRIMSON. All musicians are very artistic on their instruments, the male voice is quite growling but still pleasant and Carlas voice is very reminiscent of BJVRK.

People who like both Metal and RIO/Avant-garde music will love it immediately. If you mind some Metal or high-pitched female vocs check it out first. Any adventurious listeners should give it a spin at least.

: : : Dieter Fischer, GERMANY : : :

Taken from The End Records:
The list of SGM-related projects reads like a who's who of SGM-related projects:

Carla: Tin Hat Trio, Two-Foot Yard, Book of Knots, InkBoat dance theater company
Nils: Faun Fables, InkBoat
Matthias: Book of Knots, Skeleton Key, Vic Thrill
Michael: Immersion Composition Society, Japonize Elephants
Dan: InkBoat, Producing SGM and countless others
Moe!: Moe!kestra (massive conducted ensembles), Vacuum Tree Head
Frank: Species Being
David: Thin Pillow, Thinking Plague

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Grand Opening & ClosingGrand Opening & Closing
The End Records 2006
Audio CD$5.08
$2.78 (used)
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumSleepytime Gorilla Museum
Mimicry 2004
Audio CD$10.08
$5.14 (used)
In Glorious TimesIn Glorious Times
The End Records 2007
Audio CD$4.50
$3.21 (used)
Live: Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumLive: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Sick Room 2003
Audio CD$60.98
$5.78 (used)
Grand Opening & Closing by SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM (2006)Grand Opening & Closing by SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM (2006)
The End Records
Audio CD$27.32
In Glorious Times by Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumIn Glorious Times by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Audio CD$47.45
Live by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (2003-09-22)Live by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (2003-09-22)
Sick Room (2003-09-22)
Audio CD$148.13
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum by MimicrySleepytime Gorilla Museum by Mimicry
Audio CD$38.42
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (2004-05-03)Sleepytime Gorilla Museum by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (2004-05-03)
Audio CD$43.92
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Grand Opening & Closing - Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (CD Used Very Good) USD $9.18 Buy It Now 26 days
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3.81 | 89 ratings
Grand Opening And Closing
4.13 | 208 ratings
Of Natural History
3.93 | 105 ratings
In Glorious Times

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2.75 | 9 ratings


3.09 | 6 ratings
The Face

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 In Glorious Times by SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM album cover Studio Album, 2007
3.93 | 105 ratings

In Glorious Times
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum RIO/Avant-Prog

Review by TCat
Prog Reviewer

5 stars Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is the offspring of "Idiot Flesh", a band that was delightfully crazy and totally out there. SGM rose from the ashes of Idiot Flesh and pretty much continued where that band left off, progressing and getting better and better. Yes, there is still that insanity that runs rampart through the songs, but the music has become increasingly smart and amazing. The sad thing is, that SGM only produced 3 studio albums, again each one excellent, but each one progressing the sound further. The band, for some reason just wasn't embraced as they should have been.

So, by the time you get to this album, if things were always progressing, then you would assume this must be their best right? Yes, I do believe it is. Everything SGM has produced has been challenging, yet brilliant, yet somehow they just kept outdoing themselves. However, the appreciation for the genius of this album seems to not be apparent among most listeners at first, and such was the case with me. Now, however, I sit down and listen to this work of advanced craziness and I have come to the conclusion that their swan song was their best. It's a shame that the band couldn't have been appreciated by those that should understand their music, the lovers of prog rock, specifically RIO and/or Avant-garde metal progressive. Now, calling this band metal progressive is going to throw prejudice on their music because too many proggers will be turned off thinking this is metal. But let me assure you, this is not metal that your burned out brothers listened to. This, like I said before, is genius, and the sound, even though it leans to the loud and noisy side of things, it is still so varied and dynamic unlike anything else in metal. In a previous review, I said that SGM is probably more like some of Mike Patton's crazier side projects, and that is really the closest you can come to comparing the overall sound. But, believe it or not, all craziness and chaos aside, this music is so much more mature in it's uses of musical theory, dissonance, dynamics and overall composition. Each song is so much better developed too.

The album starts out with a prog epic called "The Companions" which is excellent musical drama that lasts over 10 minutes. This is a well developed endeavor and starts things off quite impressively. The band utilizes an evil thread throughout their music, in the same way that many other avant garde prog bands do, but SGM uses extremes so much better than a lot of other bands. Next is the black metal satirical song "Headless Corpse Enactment" which utilizes lyrics from James Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake", however, the words still sound like they could have been written by a black metal band, and the growling vocals back that up. The difference here is that the instrumentals are very complex, yet they are still heavy and pounding. "Puppet Show" however, takes us off in a different direction and actually approaches the Idiot Flesh sound more than anything else on the album, but, again, much more mature.

"Formicary" is a wild ride of vocals from Dan and Carla with the oddest of harmonies. The accompanying instrumentals make this track sound like someone took early Kansas and Tool, but them in a bowl, took a potato masher and mashed it all together. Carla's violin is as heavy and crazy as the guitars and percussion, and fits so well in the music. Without her violin, this band wouldn't be the same. At times, it is the heart, even though it is not always as pronounced as one would expect, it adds dimension to what would otherwise be a lot of crashing guitars, complex rhythms and wild ass percussion, not that that is a bad thing, but the strings are what give the music and individual tracks the character that is needed. And don't worry, the violin is just as crazy as everything else. You will also notice that the almost funky sound of the guitars in this track is very reminiscent of King Crimson's "Thrak" and would represent the sound that would have been produced if Robert Fripp had decided to take that sound another step further, which Fripp did, but while his step was in the "improv" direction, SGM take it in the "even more chaotic" direction.

The album continues to excite and entertain, as in the amazing track "Angle of Repose" which starts off with Carla sounding like Bjork in a band without so many keyboards and then just goes off in it's own direction. Anyway, I think this will give you a good example of what to expect here. The tracks continue to be challenging, to say the least, and the sound on this album at first seems more inaccessible than they others (not that they are always that accessible anyway) and it does have a thicker sound, but it is all done so well.

Again, it's such a shame that the band had to pull the plug after 3 albums. There was so much talent and songwriting genius here, that too often the music went way over the listeners heads. Possibly too loud for a lot of prog lovers, but way, way too complex for most metal heads, you just have to give this music time, but if you are someone who appreciates complex music, then you will get it. At first listen, I would have given this only 4 stars, but now that I have heard it several times, and each time I grasp something else amazing about the music, and I find myself loving more each time I hear it, I have advanced this to masterpiece status. Some may think that is extreme, but for avant-metal-prog, this is some of the best. Easily 5 stars and this is how it should have been done.

 Grand Opening And Closing by SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM album cover Studio Album, 2001
3.81 | 89 ratings

Grand Opening And Closing
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum RIO/Avant-Prog

Review by TCat
Prog Reviewer

5 stars This is wonderful, loud and quirky music, somewhat similar to Mr. Bungle, but it tends to lean towards the avant-prog metal side of that sound. Yes it gets quite loud and heavy at times, hence the metal reference. But the thing to remember here, is this music is a lot more than typical metal. Yes you get some yelled or growled vocals at times, but you get quite a big dose of non metal music too. This is anything but typical metal, so don't go into it thinking it is. The music is quirky, often quite dissonant and it ventures off into very experimental territory from time to time.

The core of the band comes from the dissolved band "Idiot Flesh", and the music is quite similar to that music, but heavier and larger doses of metal. The 3rd main member of the band is the female lead singer Carla Kihlstedt who is also responsible for the awesome and crazy violins that are added in. Her vocals usually are high pitched and help to balance out the male vocals which tend to be low and heavy. But, don't expect to find much reprieve from the quirkiness of the music, because she usually adds a dissonant harmony to the music.

The band has a crazy sense of humor, but it is a dark humor which is matched by the overall feeling of the album. Some of the humor is obvious, and some of it is buried in the music itself and not so obvious, hence the similarities that people often make to Zappa. They also tend to use a lot of Zappa's more complicated song structuring at times. If you are not familiar with FZ's more complex music, then you will fail to see that comparison. Other than that, the music sounds very little like the Zappa that most people are used to. I find it easier to say the music is more like Mike Patton's more extreme music, but the individual compositions are actually more fleshed out than Mr. Bungle or other Mike Patton projects, the songs tending to be longer and more developed, allowing for more experimentation within certain songs.

Unlike most metal bands, SGM is very dynamic, which is why it was hard for them to be pinpointed by a certain audience. The music is more complicated, complex and varying for the taste of many metal lovers. It is easier for those familiar with avant-garde styles to grasp. Just be aware that it is music that reaches both extremes, heavy and soft, but always dark.

Some listeners will recognize the use of poetry in a few of the songs, where lines from poems are used as the lyrics. This is evident in the totally awesome track "Sleep is Wrong" and also in the epic "Sleepytime (Spirit is Bone)". The music is very dramatic also, and this matches the hijinx that is in their live concerts, which many times involve hand puppets, costumes and elaborate sets.

Not everyone is going to understand this music, I understand that. But, for someone like myself, that loves challenging, quirky, original, dynamic and heavy music that pushes all boundaries, this is some of the best loud avant-prog music out there. It is too bad that the band only put out 3 studio albums, but you can extend that discography if you add in the earlier music of the band "Idiot Flesh", though I find SGM to be more complex. I love this band and hope that someday more people will come to appreciate their music and they will someday regroup. But, as for now, I consider myself one of the few that understands this music, and with so many Mr. Bungle and Mike Patton fans out there, I wonder why many of them never heard of this band. There have been a few people I know of that love Mr. Bungle that I have recommended this album and this band to, and they have ended up loving it also. So there you go...if you love that quirky music, then this is for you. I can't help but give this album 5 stars because of it's originality and it's ability to push the boundaries of heavy metal into avant-garde territory.

 Of Natural History by SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM album cover Studio Album, 2004
4.13 | 208 ratings

Of Natural History
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum RIO/Avant-Prog

Review by Memo_anathemo

4 stars To hear RIO music you need to have the time, the mood, an open mind and be ready to listen to the craziest things you may find. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum creates Of Natural History and like an extravagant dish, which some people may adore and others simply reject, the album is very complicate to digest. However, not being a fan of RIO, I must admit that the music is really crazy and complex, the vocals are, as to the guys who sing, really hard and aggressive and weird, as to the girl, mellow but strange. All the musicians seem to have a really high knowledge of what they play, they are accurate as well, and the disonances predominate, typical of RIO. If you are willing to hear something like this, OK, go ahead and take the leap, if not, don't even try!
 Grand Opening And Closing by SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM album cover Studio Album, 2001
3.81 | 89 ratings

Grand Opening And Closing
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum RIO/Avant-Prog

Review by Neu!mann
Prog Reviewer

4 stars To an old-school Progger like myself the mayhem of SGM resembles a Death Metal update of GENTLE GIANT, complete with tricky time signatures and eclectic instrumentation (some of it homemade, or so I'm told). The difference is mostly in the (much) louder volume, some occasional dodecaphony, and a lead singer who in his calmer moments sounds like Gothmog the Orc general ordering his troops into Gondor.

I'll admit I respond more to the quieter passages (yes, there are some here: parts of "Ambugaton"; most of "Ablutions"), but that's just my age and Symphonic Rock upbringing. The Zen-like album-closer "Sunflower" offers a surprising model of sonic restraint, and the ten-plus minute title track presents an eerie lullaby for brain-scarred insomniacs, at least until Nils Frykdahl starts into his William Peter Blatty act (imagine Linda Blair in full pea-soup mode, wielding a microphone instead of a crucifix).

It's a difficult album to recommend, especially on a website where fully half of the top ten rated albums are currently by GENESIS and PINK FLOYD. The more refined side of my Proghead self is having a little difficulty awarding it more than three respectable stars, but my Avant Rock doppelgänger wants to unleash the opening onslaught of "Sleep is Bad" at a volume loud enough to disturb the neighbors the next time they fire up the snowblower at four in the morning. Bad? You'll find out sleep is damn near impossible, with noise like this...

Regardless of taste, we should all be grateful bands like SGM exist, if only to challenge a generation of listeners growing up in a world of stale cookie-cutter entertainment. So here it is, kids: your own stick of musical TNT, to help blow a hole in those cultural doldrums.

[ A quick postscript. My secondhand copy of the album has an overloaded, distorted sound which may or may not reflect the output of a pristine CD, but it's certainly appropriate. This is truly Rock in Opposition, sometimes to your actual sanity. ]

 Grand Opening And Closing by SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM album cover Studio Album, 2001
3.81 | 89 ratings

Grand Opening And Closing
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum RIO/Avant-Prog

Review by Bonnek
Special Collaborator Prog Metal Team

4 stars SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM is one of those bands that I hadn't really expected on Prog Archives. Not that they shouldn't be here, but they owe a lot to bands like FOETUS, COP SHOOT COP and other punk/noise/industrial terrorists from the end 80's/early 90's and Prog isn't exactly the first thing that comes to my mind in that context. And of course I shouldn't forget to mention a certain MR. BUNGLE.

Especially the first track sounds like a tribute to FOETUS's noise-jazz-avant approach, it's nothing new under the sun but executed really well. Next on is "Ambugation", starting with a gentle jazzy piece before launching into a heavy continuation with odd-time punk-prog riffs that remind me of NOMEANSNO. With the atonal 'Ablutions' the band show their avant chops. The eerie female vocals and dissonant accompaniment compete with similar KAYO DOT moments. Wonderful piece. After the relative calm comes the storm. '1997' is another Foetus-meets-Metallica-meets-Red Hot Chili Peppers slab of noise-rock. SGM may not be very original here but they do this type of swinging over-the-top brutality really well.

On to the first of the two 10 minute epics. 'Powerless' is where SGM fully come into their own and allow us for a peek into their own deranged mindset; sometimes noisy, sometime industrial, this is also a very proggy track with a superbly entrancing and groovy mid-section. After the bass-heavy dissonance of "The Stain", "Sleepytime" offers a more subtle threat, one lurking underneath a seemingly innocent lullaby that gradually turns into a nightmare. The peaceful and beautiful avant piece "Sunflower" is a great choice for an album closer.

SGM may not be the most original act around but they hit all the right buttons for me with their mix of avant and heavy noise-rock, achieving a catchy rocking vibe that I often miss in real full-fledged Avant Guarde rock. Approach with care though, both the avant and the noise-rock angle will be not be easy to get into if you're used to more traditional melodic material. A near masterpiece for me.

 Of Natural History by SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM album cover Studio Album, 2004
4.13 | 208 ratings

Of Natural History
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum RIO/Avant-Prog

Review by AtomicCrimsonRush
Special Collaborator Symphonic Team

4 stars Sleepytime Gorilla Museum's "Of Natural History" is a genuine oddity of avant garde prog with a blend of lunatic melodies mixed with metal distortion and some downright bizarre singing. The music is quite difficult to describe and exists in a league of its own. The band is made up of Nils Frykdahl on guitars, flute, Matthias Bossi on drums, glockenspiel, xylophone, Dan Rathbun on bass, log, roach, trombone, lute, Moe! Staiano on metal, wood, bowed spatula, glockenspiel, spring, paper, Carla Kihlstedt on violins, percussion guitar, autoharp, organ, and Frank Grau on drums, and melodica. It is certainly compelling music, bleak and eerie at times but never dull. The music interchanges so suddenly and aggressively forceful that it is rather unsettling, but it is an amazing achievement in sonic violence. The moments of beauty always have a beastly sound lurking around the door, and one never knows what to expect. The twisting musical shapes are jarring and at times amusing, in their ceaseless time signature changes. The concept of the album involves being dissatisfied with technology and attempts to escape modernity to embrace the old days of horse and cart. Technology is viewed as a monster, controlled by an adversary that must be defeated. The environmental message of returning to nature is veiled behind very obscure twisted lyrics, but it exists as a framework for the high strangeness. The breaking down of musical barriers is part of the exploration of breaking from societal control.

It begins with a snoring dog, and then some deep bass tone singing 'A Hymn to the Morning Star' that is bleak and very original in style. But there are no other songs on the album like this. The sound and style changes completely from song to song. 'The Donkey-Headed Adversary of Humanity Opens the Discussion' is basically yelled phrases and very distorted guitars that get louder and louder. 'Pthisis' has a striking vocal of Carla that is very much in the style of Bjork, and some weird music appropriately serves as a landscape.

'FC The Freedom Club' is a raucous mini epic with a lot of power and aggressiveness. The music is frenetic, riffing Meshuggah guitars and a nasty syrupy blend of violent violins and dramatic drum blastbeats. The music is very intense and it builds into a fast tempo and some odd musical arrangements. This is what avant metal is all about. It even features some high register vocals that are kind of pretty on a background of glockenspiel and ethereal music. It ends with insect sounds in an imaginary forest creating a rather eerie atmosphere.

This blends nicely into 'Gunday's Child' with an acoustic intro and some strange melodies. It feels like a tuneful Residents song, even when the vocals come in, loudly mixed to the front end and whispered seductively. It builds into a manic bass heavy tempo with avant string sounds and some passionate singing. This song has some weird time sigs and is perhaps darker in style than previous tracks.

More cicada effects are heard for the appropriately titled 'The 17 Year Cicada', which is really a musical piece of Oriental percussion and some booming bass drums. The cicadas are intensely scattered along with high pitch pipes and frenetic flute playing. The roaches sound like they are being squished and strangles leading to the odd meter of 'The Creature'. This track is very dark with some heart pounding lyrics spoken out in a deep bass voice. It is a musical poetry about a perpetually hungry creature. The squishy sounds and bizarre music is very much like The Residents' style. This is perhaps the weirdest track on the album, with disturbing lyrics and breathing, insect noises, as well as dramatic creepy clangs and bangs. The bass is kind of like Primus, all over the place and out of sync with the weird guitar melodies.

The strong Southern American accent of spoken dialogue next reminds me of Godspeed You! Black Emperor on 'What Shall We Do Without Us'. It has a hillbilly violin sound, like Comus, a female vocal at times and then builds to loud crashing bass and guitar before returning to the violin hoedown sound and female vocals. This is as weird as they get, and ends with more crickets chirping. It all feels as though we are outside a shed listening in on a bunch of hillbilly lunatics.

The spoken dialogue returns to usher in the lengthy 'Babydoctor'. At 14 minutes this is the longest song and it begins slowly with strumming guitar and a creepy atmospheric drone. A heartbeat bass comes in with rhythmic tones, building in volume. It eventually gets extreme with growling vocals and a blend of fast percussion, guitars, strings and a plethora of heavy banging on homemade tools. The percussion is terrific, off kilter and jazzy. After an aggressive freakout, it drops into a slow tempo and some whispered voices. A tolling bell rings out and some eerie violins, creating an ominous atmosphere. Dialogue returns that makes little sense but adds to the uneasy feeling that something sinister is going to happen.

'Cockroach' follows with deeper vocals and some unusual effects, including squeaks, ethereal female vocal intonations and xylophones. 'The Hidden Track' follows that is not even hidden, which is part of the irony, and there are more cicada insect noises that build and those odd dialoguing men return. I like the bullfrog noises here and the overall night insect sounds. I wish I knew what the men are on about but it sounds deceptively like frivolous chatter. The insects continue for a while and then the snoring dog returns heard at the beginning of the album. It goes silent until bird whistles chime in, as if we have survived the night and are now in the dawn of day. The weird male voices sound as if they are mimicking nature's sounds.

I can only conclude that this is an album of an incredible original sound, disharmonious and experimental unlike any music I have heard. It deserves its reputation as a triumph of avant garde prog, as it is constantly striving to break down the barriers of music. It is brutally unsettling, but nevertheless a very compelling experience.

 Live by SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM album cover Live, 2003
2.75 | 9 ratings

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum RIO/Avant-Prog

Review by Earendil

4 stars If you listen to this album not as a recording of a music concert but as a dadaist performance, then maybe you will be able to appreciate it. That's really what I kept coming back to; the most accurate description of the album's attitude is dadaist . Out of the 16 tracks (taken from various SGM concerts), there are only a handful of actual songs that have appeared on studio albums. The rest is a mixture of improv, anecdotes, pseudo-intellectual tidbits, and insanity. If it were only for the music, this album might earn 2 stars because of the amount of "real" SGM songs and the recording quality which is not excellent. However, I think that people should listen to this, even if they hate it (and it certainly would not be difficult to have that reaction) because here is something unique. I really have never heard or seen another performance like this anywhere else. You might love or hate what you learn, but most likely it will be a combination of the two.The key is an open mind.

Rating: 7/10

 In Glorious Times by SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM album cover Studio Album, 2007
3.93 | 105 ratings

In Glorious Times
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum RIO/Avant-Prog

Review by Warthur
Prog Reviewer

4 stars Sleepytime Gorilla Museum's In Glorious Times finds the band in a slightly less theatrical mode than their preceding album, with the music seeming more real and immediate; if Of Natural History was a Vaudeville conception of avant-metal, this is more of a gritty and realistic movie soundtrack. Musically speaking, the band seem to be out to fuse the disturbing territories of Mr Bungle with the creepy chamber rock of Rock In Opposition legends Univers Zero, though the bizarre vocal approach is a 100% Sleepytime Gorilla original. Either way, the album is another successful experiment in balancing musical complexity and experimentation with way-out-there creepiness.
 Of Natural History by SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM album cover Studio Album, 2004
4.13 | 208 ratings

Of Natural History
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum RIO/Avant-Prog

Review by Warthur
Prog Reviewer

4 stars Sleepytime Gorilla Museum's twisted brand of avant-garde metaphysical vaudeville metal is intriguingly presented on Of Natural History, which the band have described as a concept album about a debate between the philosophy of the Futurist and the ideas of the Unabomber. How the repeated chant of "Babydoctooooooooor" or the high church celebration of Satan in A Hymn to the Morning Star fits into all that, I have no idea, but either way the band create a compelling musical territory which maintains an adept balance between keeping things experimental and ensuring the music is still satisfying to listen to, even if it does drag a little towards the end.
 Of Natural History by SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM album cover Studio Album, 2004
4.13 | 208 ratings

Of Natural History
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum RIO/Avant-Prog

Review by DisgruntledPorcupine

4 stars Greetings ladies and gents! Step right up to the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum! Looking for lush, gorgeous melodies? Looking for blissful, peaceful, melodic music? Looking for a nice, easy to like sort of prog? Well we're going to have to advise you to visit a different museum!

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum isn't about melodies. They're very much about using noise and dynamics to their advantage. Now this may seem like a horrible thing to some, but you really have to listen to the band to understand where they go with their music. First of all, many of their instruments they invented themselves. These aren't beautiful melodic instruments. Most of these instruments are specifically designed to make noise, and lots of it. Now enough about the band themselves, let's get to the album.

The album overall, while being a very acquired taste, is a satisfying and very interesting listen. The quiet parts are by no means beautiful (except in perhaps the opener), but they contribute to setting us up for the noise to come. It might seem like a repetitive strategy, but it pays off. The album also flows effectively, and has a sort of primitive feel to it often, which works with the bands style greatly.

There are some weaker songs, however. The opener, while pretty, is kind of cheesy. The Creature features disgusting but effective lyrics, but overall isn't that great. Babydoctor has some really great moments, but as a whole drags on.

Aside from the weaker tracks, this album is great. Most definitely not for everyone, but if you are really open to crazy avant-garde metal, this album should be satisfying. 4 stars.

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