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Founded in Genova, Italy in 1970 - Disbanded in 1975 - Reformed in 2007

DELIRIUM is an important band in the history of Italian progressive rock music, having been active since 1970. They originally formed in Genoa during the late 1960s as I SAGITTARI and their line-up consisted of Ettore Vigo (keyboards), Peppino Di Santo (drums, vocals), Mimmo Di Martino (acoustic guitar) and Marcello Reale (bass). The later arrival of Ivano Fossati (vocals, keyboards, flute) completed the band, whose early musical style was a mix of the so-called Italian melodic tradition and UK progressive influences, in particular KING CRIMSON and COLOSSEUM.

Their first album, the rough-hewn ''Dolce Acqua'' (1971), was one of the earliest Italian progressive albums and is a conceptual suite with each of its eight movements being based on different human emotions. The album is mainly acoustic in nature and is dominated by Ivano Fossati, the prominence of whose flute has drawn comparisons with Ian Anderson. While ''Dolce Acqua'' undoubtedly has a strong folk atmosphere, Fossati's flute is really the only similarity with JETHRO TULL. It wasn't as successful as some of the other big Italian albums that were released in 1971, but the band enjoyed much better fortunes on the festival circuit. In 1972 they took part in the Sanremo song festival and had a massive hit single as a result of their televised performance. Fossati subsequently left to embark on a solo career and was replaced by English musician Martin Frederick Grice (vocals, flute, saxophone) who joined from THE BO BO'S BAND, a beat band that also included future members of AREA. DELIRIUM'S growing reputation was enhanced by further competition victories, television appearances and hit singles, but this commercial approach wasn't typical of the music on their albums.

After Fossati's departure and the arrival of Grice, DELIRIUM moved in a more progressive direction. Their second album ''Lo Scemo E Il Villaggio'' (1972) is notable for its blending of progressive and jazz music, and for Grice's liberal use of the saxophone. In spite of, or because of, this change of musical direction the album didn't enjoy the success it arguably deserved. Perhaps the public had expected another ''Dolce Acqua''. There was no such problem with their next release, ''Delirium III - Viaggio Negli Arcipelaghi del Tempo'' (1974). A work of great maturity that until recently was considered to be their masterpiece, it was also their mos...
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DELIRIUM top albums (CD, LP, MC, SACD, DVD-A, Digital Media Download)

3.73 | 107 ratings
Dolce Acqua
3.66 | 75 ratings
Lo Scemo E Il Villaggio
4.09 | 106 ratings
III (Viaggio Negli Arcipelaghi Del Tempo)
4.11 | 137 ratings
Il Nome Del Vento
3.85 | 44 ratings
L'Era Della Menzogna

DELIRIUM Live Albums (CD, LP, MC, SACD, DVD-A, Digital Media Download)

3.51 | 14 ratings
Vibrazioni Notturne - Live

DELIRIUM Videos (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS etc)

3.62 | 9 ratings
Il Viaggio Continua: La Storia 1970 - 2010

DELIRIUM Boxset & Compilations (CD, LP, MC, SACD, DVD-A, Digital Media Download)

3.00 | 1 ratings
2.09 | 3 ratings
Jesahel (Una Storia Lunga 20 Anni)
2.48 | 3 ratings
1.00 | 1 ratings
Jesahel/ Canto di Osanna
4.06 | 9 ratings
3.00 | 1 ratings
Le Pių Belle Canzoni Dei Delirium
4.00 | 1 ratings
I Sagittari (pre Delirium)

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 Jesahel (Una Storia Lunga 20 Anni)  by DELIRIUM album cover Boxset/Compilation, 1996
2.09 | 3 ratings

Jesahel (Una Storia Lunga 20 Anni)
Delirium Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by andrea
Prog Reviewer

2 stars "Jesahel - Un viaggio lungo 20 anni" should probably be considered an official studio album by Delirium but reading the book by Mauro La Luce that is dedicated to the history of the band (Il lungo viaggio, Zona Music Books, 2018) I noticed that he even omitted to name it. It's not because of inaccuracy, the omission was deliberated. It's a fact that many prog sites do not list it at all or consider this work just a compilation album... Of course, it's not an essential album for a progressive rock fan, but why deny its existence? Why the band disown it?

The album was originally released in 1996 on NAR Records and later re-released with a different cover and a different title (Delirium, 2004, NAR International 11404-2). The line up here features three historic members of the band: Rino Dimopoli (vocals, keyboards), Pino Di Santo (vocals, drums) and Marcello Reale (vocals, bass). During the recording sessions they were helped by Alberto Radius (guitars), Stefano Previsti (keyboards), Andrea Bianchi (sax), Claudio Alifranchini (flute) and Alfredo Golino (drums). Together they re-recorded, with the new arrangements by Alberto Radius and Stefano Previsti, five tracks from the early seventies: two from the debut album "Dolce acqua" ("Dolce acqua" and "Favola o storia del lago di Kriss") and three from singles of the same period ("Jesahel", "Haum" and "Canto di Osanna"). The other pieces are brand new songs, four signed by Dimopoli - Di Santo - Reale ("Jerico", "Signora della notte", "Musicalitā" and "Pių tempo per sognare") and one by Dimopoli - Cassella ("Sola"). The focus is all on the pop side of Delirium's repertoire and prog fans would be deeply disappointed by the result. The new versions of the old tracks miss the charm of Ivano Fossati's vocals and the energy of the originals while the new tracks are just melodic pop songs...

Probably the release of this album in 1996 was just an attempt to put the band together after many years of inactivity and a way to try to have a new go but the project was ephemeral and this line up did not last long. As I said before, despite the great competence of the musicians involved, this is not a great album and for sure is not a progressive rock one. Nonetheless, it exists and apparently there would be no reason to disown it. Well, probably the problem is that its existence originated the ground for future painful legal issues.

In fact, in 2001, on the initiative of Pino Di Santo, came to life another incarnation of the band, the one that signed a deal with Black Widow Records and released some excellent prog albums such as "Il nome del vento" or "L'era della menzogna". Meanwhile Rino Dimopoli and Marcello Reale persisted in carrying on the melodic flag of the repertoire with new musicians. The branch with Pino Di Santo and other historic members such as Ettore Vigo and Martin Grice in the line up added the words International Progressive Group to the name Delirium while Dimopoli's band was simply called Delirium Project, kept on performing live and in 2016 released an album in a pop rock vein entitled Con i nostri occhi on K1 Records...

For prog fans Delirium IPG are the "real ones", those who really matter but if you are interested in melodic pop and like bands such as I Nomadi...

 Il Nome Del Vento by DELIRIUM album cover Studio Album, 2009
4.11 | 137 ratings

Il Nome Del Vento
Delirium Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by TenYearsAfter

3 stars In 2006 Delirum pleasantly surprised the progrock world with a stunning reunion gig, one year later the band released a live album, in 2009 a new studio effort entitled Il Nome Del Viento and in 2015 a second studio album named L'Era Della Menzogna. This review is about their first new album since III - Viaggio Negli Arcipelaghi Del Tempo, from 1974!

Listening to this new album is listening to the best elements of their Seventies albums but on a higher level. To me the compositions sound more mature, more elaborate and more captivating, thanks to their experience over all the years. And there is a perfect balance between the instruments (from woodwind instruments to vintage keyboards and rock guitar), between the mellow and more dynamic parts and between folk, symphonic rock and jazz/jazz-rock. Especially in the tracks Dopo Il Vento (very dynamic and wonderful colouring with guitar, flute, sax and piano) and Cuore Sacro (great tension between parts with powerful organ and warm piano). Also interesting is the use of a string quartet in some songs and I am very pleased with the Italian vocals, I always prefer native vocals.

In a Dutch music magazine one reviewer wrote about 60+ musicians still making music as 'rollator' rock, well, Delirum makes excellent 'rollator prog'!

My rating: 3,5 star.

 Il Nome Del Vento by DELIRIUM album cover Studio Album, 2009
4.11 | 137 ratings

Il Nome Del Vento
Delirium Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by nikitasv777

5 stars This legendary Italian band delivered four outstanding studio-albums in the Seventies but I prefer their Il nome del vento 2009. Sound is amazing, jazz influences are obvious and tasty. The general mood of the music is varied and intriguing with beautiful sax, flute, keyboards and String quartet. There are also interesting guitar solos. All trecks my favourites from this very good album, exept ''Luci Lontane'', ''Profeta Senza Profezie", ''Ogni Storia''. Many times classic artists record new music, and seem to be trying to recapture past glories. Delirium return with a release Il nome del vento is a very solid piece of art. The music is delightfully pleasant. It is very beautiful. As whole one of the best Delirium's albums and one of the best italian progressive albums. So - 5 stars!!!
 L'Era Della Menzogna by DELIRIUM album cover Studio Album, 2015
3.85 | 44 ratings

L'Era Della Menzogna
Delirium Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by BrufordFreak
Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars Italian prog masters DELIRIUM are back with another collection of solid progressive rock/RPI songs. Diversity is again the name of the game with this band as one can find female operatic voices (on "L'Angelo el Fango") along side the gravelly voice of lead singer Alessandro Corvaglia, nice keyboard work through out and the nice touch of flute throughout. This is seasoned, well-constructed, nice to listen to prog, Delirium's music is actually quite difficult to place--though it does have that theatric presence common to so much of Italian progressive rock music--but their mix of old, retro and modern keyboards with unusual recording, engineering and mixing choices is quite distinctive and . . . unique.

Favorite songs: 1. "L'inganno del potere" (6:26); the emotional Gregorian-chant presence in 8. "Basta" (5:17); 5. "La deriva" (3:54); the beautiful "L'angelo della fango" (3:45) and the Latin-tinged "La voce dell'anima" (3:31).

Not as strong as 2009's Il nome del vento, but a decent, enjoyable collection of well-constructed songs.

 L'Era Della Menzogna by DELIRIUM album cover Studio Album, 2015
3.85 | 44 ratings

L'Era Della Menzogna
Delirium Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by Matti
Prog Reviewer

4 stars The Genova-based DELIRIUM was a relatively unknown RPI group with some jazz leanings in the 70's, and it was reformed in 2007. Black Widow have now released the follower to their 2009 album Il Nome del Vento. Sadly I am not familiar with any of those other albums. If the album cover is responsible for the initial impression, I must say it's not very positive in this case of an amateurish and messy colour drawing.

'L'inganno del Potere' opens the album in an effective and highly dynamic manner. In less than seven minutes it offers both intensity (especially from the vocalist whose voice is slightly more aggressive than I'd prefer) and classically flavoured delicacy with some elegant flute passages.

Very often the Italian bands today attempt to sound like it was still the 70's, but here we have some refreshingly modern and knife-sharp elements in the crisp production, especially from the synths, e.g. in 'Il Nodo'. Also the marvelous rhythm section deserves a thank you for the edgy and lively sound. The saxophone (& flute) reveals the strong influence of Van Der Graaf Generator that was very common in 70's RPI, and perhaps the expressive vocals too. But otherwise the sharp & modern sound featuring a lot of guitar and a very powerful bass, and for change lacking the organ, is not that much VDGG-like. Or anything else than Delirium itself, for that matter.

For the most puristic, vintage-flavouring proggers this music may feel too 'new' and over-produced, but it certainly has an enjoyable energy and sonic richness to rival the prog's halcyon days. The compositions have enough variety too. The proggy highlight is undoubtedly the 11―-minute final epic 'Il Castello del Mago Merlino'. Wow!! Strongly recommended to all prog listeners, not only to RPI specialists.

 Il Nome Del Vento by DELIRIUM album cover Studio Album, 2009
4.11 | 137 ratings

Il Nome Del Vento
Delirium Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by apps79
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

3 stars Despite releasing their most mature effort just before the middle of the 70's, the media were not anymore interested in Delirium and after some mainstream singles, now featuring Rino Dimopoli on vocals, the group disbanded in 1975.During the 90's there was an attempt by the original members to revive the band's legend, but the most determined effort comes in early 2007 with Ettore Vigo, Peppino Di Santo and Martin Grice now being joined by guitarist Roberto Solinas and bassist Fabio Chighini, this fresh formation released the live album ''Vibrazioni notturne'' the same year.With the endless support of Black Widow they started working on new material, leading to the release of ''Il nome del vento'' in 2009.Several guests appear on the album, mostly on strings, with Presence's Sophya Baccini contributing vocals and piano in a few of them, while Museo Rosenbach's legendary singer Stefano Galifi sings on ''Profeta senza profezie''.

''Il nome del vento'' sounds exactly how you would expect of Delirium to sound some thirty years after their demise.Their music and production has been updated to feel comfortable among modern releases, but they kept their sophisticated profile from the vintage period, throwing Classical, Folk and Jazz elements into the mixer and eventually perform a highly artistic Progressive Rock with big time orchestral keyboards and omnipresent use of sax and flute.The big bet for the band was to manage to keep tight links between the jazzier and folkier overtones and the modern, symphonic elements, as offered by the energetic electric guitars and the presence of synthesizers.No doubt, they did an excellent job, and additionally they showed some tendency towards melodic lines and accesible passages, supporting the more complicated and rich textures.Although the album is not extremely consistent from start to end, it sounds like a well-worked effort with electroacoustic changes, ambiental and lyrical moments, highly progressive instrumentals with flute-, sax- and keyboard-based exercises and lots of Classical influences.I find the first half to be more than beautiful, excellent melodies, symphonic arrangements and complex tunes, while the second still sounds attractive, but lacks the efficient ideas of the first one.

This is what I would call a proper comeback for a 70's band.You shouldn't expect from these guys to betray themselves with a different style, but they were clever enough to bring the 70's right next to the contemporary, more recent stylings.Very nice and Italian-flavored music with interesting instrumental and vocal work.Strongly recommended...3.5 stars.

 Dolce Acqua by DELIRIUM album cover Studio Album, 1971
3.73 | 107 ratings

Dolce Acqua
Delirium Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by Aussie-Byrd-Brother
Special Collaborator Rock Progressivo Italiano Team

4 stars Delirium's debut album `Dolce Acqua' from 1971 is a hazy and warm acoustic mix of vocal pieces and instrumentals, a snapshot of a band finding their feet by stretching the boundaries of pop, folk, jazz, classical and psychedelic music. There's a sense of comfort and togetherness from the band through their pleasing group harmonies and the frequently upbeat, joyous compositions. Mostly dominated by acoustic guitar, piano and flute, with tastefully restrained orchestral flourishes, with even occasional raga-rock droning percussion wrapped up in a late 60's/early 70's Pink Floyd drowsiness, it's truly a perfect soundtrack for warm summers, best enjoyed in the company of good friends and relaxed atmospheres. Lead vocalist Ivano Fossati would only hang around for this one album, but his style is not too different to his replacement Martin Grice, so fans coming to the band from their later defining work `Delirium III' should still feel right at home.

Apparently `Dolce Acqua' is a concept album about human emotions, but you don't need to follow the Italian lyrics too closely to enjoy the pieces. Besides, it's frequently instrumental, the music perfectly conveying the titles, and many of the vocals are wordless harmonies anyway. `Preludio' is a haunting and thoughtful acoustic opener, Ivano sharing the vocals with another member of the band (hard to tell who, they're all credited on vocals!), and it's especially lovely when their two voices seamlessly blend together in the sublime chorus. There's some lovely shimmering vibraphone and restrained bass too. The boisterous `Egoismo' fires up for a more raucous and stomping acoustic rocker, raspy lead vocals leading the way before improvised huffing flute and a foot-tapping jazzy run. For some reason, the melody reminds me briefly of the opening title track off the Renaissance album `Prologue'! The piano driven `Movimento II' has a late Beatles-like orchestral grandiosity, especially listen out for the strangely uneasy ending, while `To Satchmo...' is a laid-back and breezy flute-fuelled lounge-jazz instrumental that floats along on supremely good and positive vibes.

`Sequenza 1 And 2' is another pleasing extended piano and distorted flute instrumental with some added humming Hammond organ. The slow-drifting yet spiky acid folk of `Johnnie Sayre' has droning repeated vocals, electronic distortion and wild stereo-panning drumming/percussion that leaves the listener dizzy and overwhelmed. Despite strident acoustic strumming and other-worldly treated lead vocals, `Favola O Storia...' is a little repetitive, with far too many vocals crammed into a shorter pop piece, so thankfully there's some ghostly orchestration that almost resembles a scratchy Mellotron during the brief instrumental passage in the middle. After a nicely plodding acoustic strum ala Pink Floyd's `Green Is The Colour', the closing title track finds a purposeful beat and blesses the listener with a heartfelt, confident Rick Wright-styled piano build and gentle orchestration throughout. It ensures the album ends in a suitably grand and momentous manner.

Admittedly, a few of the pieces are a little repetitive and played out a little long, but there's not a single poor moment to be found here. Italian progressive albums would only start getting even more experimental and daring from here, but there's no denying the band was offering magical, wonderful music right from the start. Despite only four studio albums, a handful of singles/non-album tracks and live recordings to show for their forty-plus year career, the band has almost always delivered superb musical offerings, and this exquisite debut is no exception. It's fairly easy to get hold of again now on both LP and CD reissues, but try to track down the inexpensive two disc Warner Brothers CD boxset I bought, `Delirium - 1971-1974', that includes every bit of their Seventies recorded output. You'll get three amazing works and a bunch of tasty extras that add up to an extra 40 minutes of music. Absolutely essential.

`Dolce Acqua' is a very special, delicate gift, the most precious and breezy Delirium album, yet never skimps on terrific musical sophistication. It will captivate every listener, and forty years on, has proven to be truly timeless.

Four stars, and my personal favourite from the band.

(I wish I had this one on vinyl, just look at that front cover with the flute being plugged directly into the brain! Just how I feel when I listen to so many of those flute-dominated RPI titles!)

 Il Nome Del Vento by DELIRIUM album cover Studio Album, 2009
4.11 | 137 ratings

Il Nome Del Vento
Delirium Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by sinslice

4 stars Several good Italian bands of the 70's had a revival since the mid-90s to the present. Honestly, most did not cover my expectations. Except a few.

Il Nome del Vento is one of those few. I consider it an appropriate continuation of Delirium III, using the melody that concludes that good album. Obviously, it is an acceptable perspective below the more than 30 years.

Tight, melodic, jazzy, complex yet simple, colorful, with Italian spirit in words and music. Drawing wonderful musical and lyrical landscapes, inherent in the nature of that country.

Great prominence of keyboards and wind instruments, combined masterfully with cello, violins. Bass, drums and guitars providing fundamental lines too. It flows naturally and never forced.


 Dolce Acqua by DELIRIUM album cover Studio Album, 1971
3.73 | 107 ratings

Dolce Acqua
Delirium Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by Tarcisio Moura
Prog Reviewer

3 stars It was 1972. My mother was watching the San Remo festival. Then I saw those hippie guys singing a song called Jesahel. Even if I was still only 12 years old (my serirous musical interest didnīt really start until I was 14) I was quite impressed by what I heard and saw (they didnīt win, but their brilliant performance made quite a stir). Some 40 years later I was in a friendīs house when I found this CD with an impressive cover. I decided to borrow it, without even listening a single note and the fact that I had never heard of the band. Well, with a cover like that I could guess it might be good. At least it would bring memories of the pop art of the period, which was quite common.

I was quite surprised that this is the band that made Jesahel (included here as a bonus track). Having found the name of the group and title of the song it was easy to look for their San Remo stunning performance on the YouTube (Gosh, donīt we all LOVE YouTube?). But back to the album: Dolce Acqua was their debut LP. After several spins I should say this CD is very, very good. Not perfect, not a masterpiece, but really good and quite promising. There are two real flaws: first, their songwriting was not fully developed at the time. All songs are nice and melodic, but a few tunes could benefit from a little more work. Nothing is bad, though. Overall the acoustic and pastoral songs are quite inspired and convincing. Second, and the main problem here, although Dolce Acqua is quite veried, the fourth track is a straight jazz number that has nothing to do with the rest of the album. Even if not a bad song per se, it completely ruins the flow and balance of the record. If you hear this CD and thinks that there is something wrong, try to listen to tit skipping that track. Itīll make much more sense. I discovered that myself after several sessions. A real shame.

Otherwise, I loved Dolce Acqua. Ivano Fossati has a great voice and his flute playing is amazing. The band is tight and accomplished. The production is ok for the time, and the remastering made it sound even better. There are some real strong material here like Ipocresia - Veritá, the title track and the opener Paura. And, of course their biggest hit, Jesahel, but it was not on the original LP. A very nice surprise.

Final rating: difficult album to rate. I guess 3,5 stars is quite fitting: a few excellent songs among other that are just good ones. Promising album from a promising band. Iīm looking forward to hear its follow up.

 Dolce Acqua by DELIRIUM album cover Studio Album, 1971
3.73 | 107 ratings

Dolce Acqua
Delirium Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by stefro
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2 stars Another entry into the category of albums overshadowed by their own artwork - there are plenty of those - this 1971 effort from the Italian outfit Delirium is one of those frustrating albums that features plenty of pretty moments yet just doesn't ever really get going. Italian albums, especially middling one's like 'Dolce Aqua', are always going to have it difficult simply by dint of being from Italy. Up against some formidable local opposition, the Italian prog scene of the 1970's was amongst the most diverse, featuring some of the genre's true greats in the shape of such luminaries as Le Orme, PFM, Maxophone and Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso and their subsequent albums which have proved amongst their most popular created, if not commercially speaking then certainly critically. Taken in context 'Dolce Aqua' seems pretty average; taken out of context, it's actually a pretty decent album, featuring a flute-laced sound, classical textures and some attractive harmonies. However, the pace is slow, bordering on the soporific, certain tracks seem to wander aimlessly, as if the musicians are unsure of what to do next, and the album on the whole seemingly owes a great deal of debt to both Jethro Tull and Van Der Graaf Generator, only lacking the fiery invention of the latter and the inventive genre- blending of the former. Opener 'Preludio' does exude a certain playfulness, and the group sport a refined jazz touch on the piano-led 'To Satchmo', yet there's nothing here that hasn't been done before, and done slightly better. All told then this is a pretty decent affair, yet when compared to the competition the word ordinary quickly springs to mind. Great front cover though. STEFAN TURNER, STOKE NEWINGTON, 2012
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