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5 stars A review on Amazon of the previous album headlined 'Nearly There ...'

Well, we've arrived.

For those of you familiar with TPT, if I tell you this album just eclipses 'Variations ...', you will know how highly I rate it.

Heavier than previous offerings but still retaining all the trademark TPT sounds, 'Tightly Unwound' hit me from the off.

The album flows beautifully and like a good wine, gets better as time passes.

The final three tracks is IMVHO the best ending to an album, period. Probably the best half hour of music, ever.

Of these, Track 7, 'Different World', is the stand-out track on the album. Reminiscent of 'Remember Us' but (again IMVHO) better, it ebbs and flows deliciously with some wonderful use of strings. Incredibly moving at times.

Track 8, 'So Say All of You' was wonderful on the first podcast but is outstanding here.

The final track, 'Too Much to Lose' is a Pineapple Thief trademark classic. A 15-minute 'growler' that leaves you breathless by the end (live, it's even more stunning).

I cannot recommend this album too highly.

A masterpiece of modern, 'progressive' (but not prog), intelligent rock.

Simply wonderful.

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Posted Wednesday, June 4, 2008 | Review Permalink
1 stars As a band, there are worse groups than Radiohead you could choose to emulate, but where they fear to tread Pineapple Thief dive in with glee, extending their compositions and indulging themselves in over-seriousness. As a (bad) reviewer, this band honestly worries me so I wonder what their idols think of them - are they flattered or just infuriated that they have missed the point?

Tightly Unwound sits somewhere between The Bends and your favourite latter-day Porcupine Tree album, coming off as overblown, elaborated atmospheric rock; the vocalist, one Bruce Soord, is a clear admirer of Thom Yorke and imitates his fragile snarl of a voice in most conditions, and the bandmembers pick their spots accordingly, supporting their leader with functional, alt-rock styled backing, all strumming and strangely emphasised beats. It is hard to find their music sincere, having heard the prototype band, since all the songs of Tightly Unwound are over-professional and bloated compared. You will appreciate that Radiohead knew when to hear a song, when to add more than locked-down waves of guitar; when, above all, their music would sound playful and affecting rather than, well, solid.

This album is very solid. In fact, it's a predictable and textureless brick. It has no emotional properties that aren't simply borrowed and played from muscle memory alone; it is Disney alt-rock, it is Radiohead fan-fiction where the author couldn't get into Amnesiac. I tried to be nicer but this deserves nothing from me - I find it to be a literally disposable album. If you are more forgiving of this new prog style then this hour of boredom may suit you, but please support more original bands.

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Posted Thursday, June 19, 2008 | Review Permalink
Mellotron Storm
4 stars I confess to being a PINEAPPLE THIEF fan for years, and this seventh album from Bruce and the boys continues the excellence that began with their debut "Abducting The Unicorn". It's also great to see this band getting some respect (good ratings) on this site with their last three albums. In fact of the 12 people who rated this one up to this point (including me) 11 have given it either 4 or 5 stars.

Things get started with "My Debt To You" which is a rather tame opening track. Acoustic guitar and fragile vocals to open that are contrasted with the fuller sounding sections with strummed guitar and stronger vocals. Good song though. "Shoot First" is a more uptempo song as drums pound away. It calms down when vocals arrive a minute in. The contrast continues. A spacey synth section 3 minutes in. "Sinners" is all about the vocals, strummed guitar and drumming. Love the tasteful guitar 3 1/2 minutes in. "Tightly Wound" is a catchy, mid-paced tune. Heavy drums and synths lead the way early. Vocals a minute in. I like when he sings "Look what you've done, you've made me throw up on your floor". This one features much more aggressive vocals and guitars at times, that are contrasted well with the reserved vocals and mellower soundscapes. Some orchestral-like sounds to end it. Great tune. "The Sorry State" opens with strummed guitar and vocal melodies. Nice. Vocals take over as acoustic guitar continues. Drums and a fuller sound 1 1/2 minutes in. Love the guitar a minute later.

"My Bleeding Hand" is an uptempo tune with a solid soundscape. The guitar sounds great 1 1/2 minutes in, and it starts to rip it up before 2 1/2 minutes. Great ending. One of my favs. "Different World" opens with beautifully played acoustic guitar with synths. A powerful soundscape follows. This over 10 minute track takes us through many tempos and moods. "And So Say All Of You" opens with acoustic guitar and synths. Reserved vocals come in. It sounds like mellotron then violin before we get a fuller sound with drums 1 1/2 minutes in. It settles back down beautifully. Amazing tune. Very PORCUPINE TREE-like. "Too Much To Lose" is the over 15 minute closer. And what a closer it is. One of their best tracks ever. Piano, drums and synths in a dreamy intro. Vocals are sung calmly and slowly. Guitar after 3 minutes cries out. The tempo starts to pick up a minute later as the song becomes more powerful. Heavy electric guitar. Fantastic sound 6 minutes in ! Before 7 minutes the song stops and becomes quite haunting, drums come in around 7 1/2 minutes followed by spoken words as the haunting sounds continue. Great section. Heavy electric guitar 9 minutes in. It calms down to a whisper before it starts to slowly build. The tempo picks up with some nice guitar. Vocals return 14 minutes in.

I admit that these guys can do no wrong in my eyes, at least not yet. Haha. A solid 4 stars.

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Posted Thursday, July 10, 2008 | Review Permalink
4 stars I have been a fan of The Pineapple Thief since I saw them in 2005 at the Marillion weekend where I thought they were the best band there after Marillion themselves! On record I have not been so sure. 10 stories down was a solid album but the songs were too accoustic for my taste. Little Man was an improvement and quite a bit heavier in places. I missed What we have sown but saw this on I-tunes and bought the download. I have had it on my ipod and my mobile phone playing almost constantly for the last month so I now feel I am ready to review it objectively.

My Debt To You starts the album slowly and builds quite beatifully.

Shoot First is a much heavier composition and races along at a fiar lick. I am informed by the band that it will be released as a single on 28th July 2008!

Sinners is more like previous TPT tracks but with more emphasis on the electric guitar and one of my favorites from the album. I would have thought it was a better choice for a single.

Tightly Wound starts with a simple accoustic guitar and Bruce Soords delicate vocals. It slowly bulds into a song with a little menace to it. Multi track vocals and some strings help the build but it is when the guitar kicks in that this song really shows it's teeth. Guitar solo's are not Bruce's strong point but the solos on this album suit the songs perfectly.

The Sorry State is an introspective song which keeps promising a power chord but which keeps it in check until it seems to tail off at the end and then some orchestral melodies play the song out. Different to the rest of the album!

My Bleeding Hand takes some of the lyric ques from Tightly Unwound but the song is a much bleaker affair with quite a lot of bite to it. Compared to the rest of the album's shorter songs this is a tour-de- force. The drums shine on this track and it starts strong and just keeps building. The final guitar crecendo rips through and then stops suddenly. Great stuff!

Different World is the first of TPT's epic songs on this album. Just under 11 minutes it is a showcase on how to build melody and like Gazpacho's Night album it shows how to be almost hypnotic in song structure.

And So Say All Of You is another one of Bruce's bile spitters. Not as strong as My Bleeding Hand but a solid effort.

Album closer Too Much To Lose is a 15 minute epic which should please most prog fans but I found it's structure very similat to Different World.

Musically and lyrically Bruce is inspired by Radiohead and Porcupine Tree. Whether you think TPT are better depends on your own opinion. My view is that I prefer them to Radiohead and although Previous albums have been inferior to Porcupine Tree, I actually like Tightly Unwound much more that anything Steve Wilson's band have produced.

So, A band that are continually improving, are great live, and overall this is highly reccommended.

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Posted Friday, July 18, 2008 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
4 stars Let's face it: this might not be the band that you heavily consider as "prog", especially if you define prog as something like Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Van der Graaf Generator, ELP, King Crimson. But if you open up your mind, this Somerset-based band, The Pineapple Thief, offers you their music which you might consider as modern progressive music. For sure, their music just cannot be considered as regular pop music and you can skim all tracks in this their 7-th album "Tightly Unwound". Personally, I was not inclined to have another spin after I listened to this album at the first time. And this album was my first experience with the band. What was my first reaction? It's a blend of RADIOHEAD plus BLACKFIELD (Steven Wilson's project), PORCUPINE TREE (not the metal part), MARILLION (h era) and a bit of PINK FLOYD.

"Radiohead embody everything that's great about prog."

That's not my statement, but it's a statement by the band during their interview with Classic Rock magazine (August 2008). The new edition of the magazine features also a free bonus CD titled "Prog Spawn" where one track "Tightly Wound" of The Pineapple Thief latest album is featured. I think, if you are prog head, you should have this magazine's August edition with you as there are many prog stuffs plus the nice prog bonus CD.

From their statement, it's clear that they use Radiohead as main influence even though they listened to 70s music Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. The opening track "My Debt to You" (5:19) did not stimulate my emotion at all at first spin. But it grew on me as I was interested with the soundscape the song produce. It reminded me to Porcupine Tree. "Shoot First" (4:12) enters with energy and dynamics especially to the excellent combination of acoustic guitar and drum as main rhythm section augmented beautifully with electric guitar effects and soundscapes. "Sinners" (4:52) reminds me to Pink Floyd with its kind of Floydian guitar. But when percussion enters and the vocal starts to sing, it reminds me to Porcupine Tree's kind of music. The singing style of The Pineapple Thief is quite alike with Steven Wilson. That's why I love this album.

"The Sorry State" (4:11) is a beautifully composed song with great melody and lyrics, tight composition - especially on the way vocal and guitar provide the ambient. It's really a great song. "Tightly Wound" (6:35) which has been put in Classic Rock bonus CD "Prog Spawn" is another great track as it has diverse styles. I like the way drum sound is set rough at the beginning of the track and also the dragging vocal line. The other track that's worth observing is "Different World" (10:44) where it has multi-structure composition with nice insertion of drum solo in the middle of the track. And I recommend you to observe the last and the longest track "Too Much To Loose" (15:12). What do you think?

Overall, I consider this album as an excellent addition to any prog music collection that every home (of prog head) must have it. The composition is tight, combined with great soundscapes, and sound effects that create great ambient for the album in its entirety. Highly recommended. Keep on proggin' ..!

Peace on earth and mercy mild - GW (i-Rock! Music Community)

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Posted Saturday, August 2, 2008 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
3 stars Tightly Unwound is a very modern sounding Prog album in the tradition of Porcupine Tree and even more so, Radiohead. In fact vocalist Bruce Soord would surely love to be Thom Yorke, so much does he sound like him. While it's far from the most exciting thing I've heard this year, it's a pretty good album though comes across as a little contrived.

My Debt to You opens the album and it's a smart move. This acoustic guitar driven melodic song paves the way nicely for the powerful opening of Shoot First before it sinks firmly into something that could have appeared on a Radiohead album around the time of The Bends. Still I quite enjoyed it and it has a particularly strong and memorable chorus.

After the intro Sinners drops down to more acoustic guitar with a slight flamenco feel to it, more like Porcupine Tree in execution with a powerful wall of sound style chorus with some pleasing atmospheric guitar towards the end. One of the better tracks for me.

Not quite the title track, Tightly Wound, we've lost the Un of Unwound is under laid with a solid 7/8 drum pattern with ambient sounding instrumentation much of the time until those acoustic guitars appear again and Soord's best Thom Yorke impression so far and a string driven (on keyboards) finale.

The Sorry State is another track with much use being made of acoustic guitar, sympathetic well constructed drumming from Keith Harrison which leads into another favourite of mine, My Bleeding Hand. I enjoyed the drive of this track, like Tightly Wound played in sevens much of the time. The clanging snare sound works well on the verse of this powerful track as does the guitar solo.

As is the case with all Progheads I enjoy to hear a band stretch out on the longer tracks. We get 2 of them here near the end of the album separated by the less than memorable And So Say All Of You. Sadly they prove to be a little disappointing and do nothing that couldn't have been accomplished in half the time. Different World is the better of the two having a decent melody and some good drumming from Harrison but there's not enough of interest to keep the attention for almost 11 minutes. The same criticism can be made of album closer Too Much To Lose which at 15 minutes is even longer. For the first four minutes it drags along rather tediously before an instrumental section picks up the pace a bit and just when you think it's all over the drums bring it back into a more ambient style with a spoken word vocal. Again a nice drum groove from Harrison - yes I like his style and it turns out to be the best part of the track. Sadly the final section goes nowhere of interest and I'd have been quite happy if they'd stopped at the 11 minute mark.

Overall then a decent if less than spectacular album but a shame a bit more couldn't have been made of the 2 longer tracks and a little less Radiohead wouldn't go amiss.

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Posted Wednesday, September 10, 2008 | Review Permalink
3 stars I just wonder, how often will these guys release albums ;)

Only 9 months since 'What We Have Sown' - and here they go again, with an hour of new stuff, sounding so much like the older one. When it comes to bands like PINEAPPLE THIEF, a matter of taste comes fully in power: I like 'Little Man' (2006) most, though I can clearly hear it's barely different from any other album musically, putting aside record/producing issues. The new one is the same old formula 'RADIOHEAD + PORCUPINE TREE = PINEAPPLE THIEF', with more RADIOHEAD this time (while 'What We Have Sown' was definitely more PTish, more epic and proggy). Songs are good, though hardly as catchy and masterful as Wilson/Yorke use to write, but enjoyable anyway. Fans of both mentioned should add an extra half-star to my rating, others shouldn't bother much. Good, but this time definitely non-essential

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Posted Tuesday, September 23, 2008 | Review Permalink
3 stars Pineapple Thieves have struck again. While "What We Have Sawn" (late 2007) is just taking its first steps, a new album entitled "Tightly Unwound" is released on May 19, 2008. In the meantime, the Bruce Soord gang changed its label by moving to K-Scope, which also promotes Steven Wilson and his side-projects (No-Man, Porcupine Tree).

2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 ... 4 years for 4 albums. Critics were hard to Little Man (2006), mostly considered as a conventional pop album. "What We Have Sawn", was an extraordinarily psychedelic album. In such a short period, where will we place "Tightly Unwound"? We could fear too much PT will kill PT. On a short term, the band could fall into the simplicity and perform a tasteless and insipid pop music.

From the first chords, the first layers of keyboard, the first words, you easily recognize the "Pineapple Thief trademark. Acoustic guitars make the tone of a pop album like Little Man, while the electric recalls the psychedelic atmosphere of What We Have Sawn. The Brits try to come across the balance between the psychedelic sound reserved for a certain category of people, and the pop sound open to a wider palette.

"My Debt To You" opens the album in an epic way. We are dealing with a melancholic, poetic song, embroidered with emotional lyrics. It is already the favorite song of the album. It is straightforward and efficient. In the same approach, "Tightly Wound" is seducing with its melodic break where only the voice and guitar carry on the piece, ending interestingly with all instruments. Musically speaking, they are getting close to Radiohead or Porcupine Tree pop songs.

You do not like pop? Well then, listen to "Too Much To Lose", which represents a quarter of the album. More progressive, sustained, complex and repetitive, this piece suggests a more strived and constructed facet in PT music. The piece is darker and simply different from what we have heard before. Perhaps it is a remainder of the WWHS period?

It is necessary to point a damper on this album. Let's take (quite randomly ...) "Different World", a 10- minute piece. One could legitimately expect that the group gets carried away and rushes into pace changes, but... nothing. Not even a surprise. This is where the fears of the early meet. At the frantic pace at which they compose, musicians seem short of ideas and unnecessarily extend the song.

What is the Conclusion? Should they take a little rest and let their ideas grow up one or two more years? I sincerely believe. This album reached the limit without going beyond. It is successful, engaging and sensitive. Our 5 English look with style for a compromise between pop and psychedelic music dear to their hearts...

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Posted Friday, October 10, 2008 | Review Permalink
3 stars This has been a number one in a chart of a Dutch progsite for many many weeks in the running year so then you start believing you're missing out on something great if you wouldn't buy it. I had one album by Pineapple Thief so far (10 stories down) and I thought it was pretty disappointing. Why I bought it ? Because I knew the band from the PA stream track Remember Us which is a nice epic and also from a Cyclops sampler song and that happened to be Variations on a Dream, a famous song by this band and also a very good song. But in the end I think I gave a sort of last chance with this album and decided if I didn't like it then this would be my last attempt.

Funny enough the first song, My Debt to you resembles Remember Us quite much at certain moments, of course this one is shorter and therefore more compact than the dragging on style of Remember Us. So this is almost a shorter version of that lengthy song. Good but not outstanding (3,25*).

Shoot first is a fairly loud one for Pineapple Thief standard. I know this band as a bit of a mellow-styled one and I'm not to keen on those in general. The quality is there nonetheless and that's why I keep giving them a try. This song is an example of the better side of PT (3,5*).

Sinners is more or less the same style as previous but in this one they remind me a bit of Radiohead, a band I respect but don't love or even like so not really a compliment from me here. Nice song but no more despite a fine instrumental part (3*).

Next is a funny sort of title track because instead of Tightly Unwound it's called Tightly Wound and since there's not a song on this album of the same name as the album, it's a sort of pseudo title track. And again it's sounding like Radiohead, especially the drumming. Still, it's a pretty energetic one, more impressive than the previous three and probably the highlight to me (3,75*). Interesting song.

The Sorry State and My bleeding Hand are two short ones, not interesting and actually quite boring to me, both hardly reaching the 3 star score in my opinion. The second of the two has some energy I have to admit but not in an impressive way.

My hopes were initially set on the two epical tracks on this album of which the over 10 minute Different World is the first. But while my hopes were high it became a disappointment, also after several listens. My experience with longer tracks are usually very good but on this album they don't even surpass the shorter songs, both compositionally as where impact is concerned. No more than 3,25* I'm afraid. The song sounds a lot like Coldplay mainly because of the vocals at some points.

And so say all of you proves the statement above because this song is no less than previous but as so many of the others nothing to give me the shivers down the spine. (3,25*)

Too much to lose was meant to be the highlight for my expectations but again not mindblowing at all and a conclusion has to be for me that despite Remember Us (from one of their earlier albums) which was obviously an exception, epics are no speciallity of these guys. 3,5* at best. Hints to Porcupine Tree in a way.

So I'm afraid the average so far (3,33) reflects very well what this is worth in my opinion. And a conclusion will have to be that I will leave the rest of their discography alone. This doesn't mean this is a poor band by any means, it's just not for me. Objectively this could even be a 4 star album for many people but check them out in the store if you don't know them I would like to suggest. Comparing them with other bands I think they are somewhere in the triangle Radiohead, Coldplay and Porcupine Tree (Stupid Dream/Lightbulb Sun era). So if you don't know Pineapple Thief yet and you like these three this could well be a band and album for you.

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Posted Saturday, December 27, 2008 | Review Permalink
5 stars This has to be the best album of 2008 (IMVHO). It builds on the ebbing and flowing of 1997's epic track What Have We Sown and delivers punchy, harder (on the whole) classics. The last 3 songs provide the best 30 minutes of music I have heard in a very long time. This album delivers on the promises long hinted at with a complete mix of music, from gently acoustic beauty to 15 minute growers. The CD has not left my car in the last 9 months and it still amazes me that this band are not huge.
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Posted Monday, February 9, 2009 | Review Permalink
3 stars Last album to date for the "Pineapple Thief".

No other than usual: same melancholically stuff. Same average rock music. Little wonder is achieved in here: just a collection of "déjà vu" songs are recorded.

This album is no better than any of its predecessor. None of them being weak, but at the same time, to try and find some great feeling is quite alien as far as I'm concerned. Average music: that's it.

Some songs do feature some prog feel like the good "Shoot First"; but these sort of songs are quite scarce on this album.

This band has never scored pretty high on my scale, and this album won't be any different. To listen to the same old stuff, year after year is just boredom. Nothing new, nothing creative. Just the same old stuff; unfortunately.

Don't get me wrong: these guys do know how to play, how to perform. But IMHHO, they just don't know how to write VERY good songs. I have never been under the impression of above average composers. Very few songs could really move me to be honest. And "Tightly Wound" has no real thrill at all.

The band is achieving some more excitement and catchier feel with a track like "My Bleeding Hand". At least some different beat, close to heart feel, genuine rock. THE highlight of course; but this album doesn't hold a bunch of those to say the least. A great song indeed IMHHO. But the only one here.

Even if the short epic "Different World" is not weak of any kind. But it can't compete either with the great ones we all love and know. It features some fine vocal passages, but I can't really consider this song as a great prog moment. Nothing like this, I'm afraid.

On the contrary " And So Say All Of You" is a damned good song which is raising the level of this album quite substantially. If you would expect the closing and languishing epic (sixteen minutes) as a thrilling moment, I have to tell you that you shouldn't be disappointed. No sublime work as the prog giant could deliver of course, but some genuine interesting rock development. There are very fine rock music moments indeed.

Three stars.

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Posted Sunday, September 6, 2009 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
4 stars I like this album a lot. More crossover than full-out prog, and, of course, often blatantly reminiscent of Porcupine Tree, the consistency and high level of listenable, likable songs collected here vault PTh, finally, out into their own. They can, IMHO, finally come out of the shadow of PT and be accepted as having contributed some very good, creative (if not innovative), and very engaging music. Yeah! I love so many songs: all of the first six are on my playlist of faves but the finale, "Too Much to Lose" is, again, IMHO, their first major contribution to the catalog of the all-time prog classics. Great Song! Great voice! Great harmonies! Great song collaborations. Truly an excellent addition to any prog-lover's album collection.
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Posted Thursday, June 3, 2010 | Review Permalink
4 stars This was my first album from these guys, and I was suprised how much I enjoyed it.

I do have some criticisms with them, mainly their influences, which almost make these guys sound like a Porucpine Tree/Radiohead/Anathema cover band at times, but the material is quite strong.

This album was very enjoyable and their are great songs, so I couldn't really attack them for such noticable flaws, because their was only slight stabs of influence where it diluted the bands own original sound.

1. My Debt To You - Beautiful chorus. The vocal harmonies are very Red Hot Chili Peppers. Very Anathema meets Radiohead. 10/10

2. Shoot First - A wee bit too much like Porcupine Tree. Kick ass riffs and a pretty cool chorus. 9/10

3. Sinners - The vocals sound exactly like Steven Wilson. Great chorus. 9/10

4. Tightly Wound - Quite dark and some great rhythmic qualities. Great mellotron work. The end is quite beautiful. 8/10

5. The Sorry State - Very Radiohead. Great chorus and some interesting vocal harmonies. 9/10

6. My Bleeding Hand - Very Porcupine Tree. Interesting guitar solo and chorus. 8/10

7. Different World - Great mellotron intro. Has a post metal vibe to it. This song just flows so well. Love the vocal melodies throughout. The instrumental section does sound alot like Sigur Rós. 10/10

8. And So Say All Of You - The violin work is beautiful. Pretty interesting arrangment. 8/10

9. Too Much To Lose - Wow 15 minutes long. Pretty interesting arrangement. The instrumental section is quite eerie and again shows post metal characteristics. The spoken word passage is way too Porcupine Tree. Pretty cool song though. 9/10

CONCLUSION: This was a really great album, even though the influences are almost like carbon copies. Haha.

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Posted Saturday, July 10, 2010 | Review Permalink
5 stars Maybe the sound of The Pineapple Thief has arrived to a point of repeating themselves in certain musical notes, or style of singing or compositions; however, I can't deny that, no matter what song from what album I'm listening to, they are all very well written and produced, and beautifully arranged as to suit everyone's ears. With Tightly Unwound, Pineapple Thief continues with their traditions of using acoustic guitars, good samplers, and nice music arrangements that include keyboard orchestration and the style of singing plus the lyrics, have a particular landmark that has become a seal for the band. My favorite tracks are definitely the melancholic "Different World", the hypnotic and psychedelic epic "Too Much To Lose", the melodic "My Debt To You" and the powerful "Shoot First", but all the album is completely recommended and enjoyable.
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Posted Tuesday, September 17, 2013 | Review Permalink
3 stars This is what I call the last traditional Pineapple Thief that has traces of Radiohead. The melody and flow over complex shifts in composition and many laid back soft tracks. The first track confirms that. Then we have "Shoot first" that displays how the band will change the focus in the future to become more pompeous in the progressive-rock vein. This is a very strong track. Coldplay influence kicks in in the next song although the song is much more complex than any radio-friendly Coldplay tracks. The title track has heavy drums, a muted voice a layer of mellotron behind. Traditionally, there are some delicate lenghty tracks - even two on this album. Different World is softer, more introspective with great and tender Soord's voice. On the other hand, progheads will prefer the last "Too much to lose" due to instrumental sections. A good album but in the league with the previous two ones.
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Posted Wednesday, September 26, 2018 | Review Permalink

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