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4 stars The Redemption debut album was one of the reasons that I looked forward to this release. The only thing that annoyed me on the first album were the vocals. And now on "The Fullness of Time" Ray Alder fills in! A great improvement! He sounds way better than on FWX ( which is not a bad album in any way ). The music is not overly complex or technical ( not like in Spiral Architect-technical ), but it sounds damn good! It has some good hooks and everything, from the guitars to the drums, sounds very clear and clean.

Highly recommend to fans of Progressive Metal!

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Posted Saturday, August 27, 2005 | Review Permalink
5 stars After a few weeks searching the local stores for this disc, I finally found it a week ago. Since then, nothing has graced my ears but this disc. I tend to be someone who needs to be drawn in to a recording very quickly. Call me impatient, but I need the quick fix. I know alot of very good music has passed me by because of this trait, but that's just the way I am. With that said, this one drew me in from the very first note. I tend to like all prog, but particularly prog-metal. A warning to those who are drawn to bands like IQ, Marillion, and even Ayreon; this is alot harder. This is true prog-metal. This is the type of disc that has to be played loud. Wailing guitars, soaring vocals, and atmospheric keyboards complete a very original sound. Ray Alder sounds reborn throughout. Much more so than on FWX. The mix is extremely clean and the disc flows extremely well. One note, I've never heard of the drummer before, but he is absolutely a graduate of the Mark Zonder school of drumming. Never in your face, but so adept that you'll find yourself replaying passages to ensure that what you just heard was in fact real. Can you say new Skins hero. I think so. I'm never one to do track by track analysis, but what you'll find is that each track offers something new to the listener while remaining in continuity with the rest of the disc. For those who have difficulty with harder prog 4 stars, Those who like it loud, easily 5 stars. The best of this genre in 2005 hands down.
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Posted Tuesday, August 30, 2005 | Review Permalink
4 stars Redemption's second album, The Fullness of Time is definitely way-off better than their debut. Why? The vocals which was done by the new vocalist Ray Alder (Fates Warning) really fits into the music. The drum style is better than the previous album. The guitar sounded more heavy and more complex (Nick and Bernie really displayed his being a guitar genius). And Take note, he also does the keyboards. But I guess they really have to get a better and full-time keyboardist. No comments on the bass part. If you're into progressive metal, you should/must have this album. I'ts really cool.
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Posted Wednesday, September 7, 2005 | Review Permalink
5 stars What can I say? This is an absolutely fantastic album. There is nothing I would change. The songwriting and guitar style are very similar to the first album, but the vocals blow that album away. This is Ray Alder's best work since early 90's Fates.

The 15+ minute track 'Sapphire' is the highlight of the album for me. Rarely in prog do you come across such emotion in lyrics. It so accurately describes unrequited love and the ending of a relationship that hearing it takes me back to the time in my life when I was feeling those same things.

This is my #1 prog metal album of 2005, surpassing even Dream Theater's superb Octavarium for songwriting, playing, vocals, and emotion.

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Posted Thursday, October 6, 2005 | Review Permalink
5 stars Really, this is a "must to have" of Prog Metal. I bought this album at Hellion Records (the record label that released this cd in Brazil). My expectation was about a good prog metal with Ray Alder on vocals. But was more (and more) that I expecting. This cd has a lot of cool prog metal music with influences of Dream Theater, Queensryche, Fates Warning (of course ;-)) and Helloween (In certain parts Ray Alder sounds like Michael Kiske).

This is a nice cd, a good recommendation... :)

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Posted Tuesday, November 22, 2005 | Review Permalink
5 stars I agree with all of the reviews above ! This is definitively the album of the year. I was very surprised when I heard this CD first. Sonmgwriting and musicians skills represents very strong unique complex. Plus Ray Alder´s vocal and style of singing is absolutely brilliant. The Fullness of Time represents how the modern progmetal looks like to be ! I agree also that this is even better than DT Octavarium and I think that this belongs to the top of progmetal ever.
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Posted Friday, December 23, 2005 | Review Permalink
5 stars I review this album as a big fan of vocalist Ray Alder (Fates Warning). I have to say that it is absolutely superb. Track one 'Threads' is outstanding - an excellent opener which features phenomenal drumming and (of course) sensational vocals. It does sound like a heavier version of Fates Warning due in no small part to the guitars of Nick van Dyk and Bernie Versailles, which give a more 'metal' feel. 'Parker's Eyes' is another strong track with excellent playing and features some 9/11 emergency services footage. It is followed by 'Scarred', yet again a powerful song which would be excellent live (play it loud). Next up is 'Sapphire' at just under 16 minutes. Ray Alder has never sounded better. The whole band carry this song effortlessly and the keyboards are excellent. It is an awesome track and worthy of the status : classic. The last four tracks make up 'The Fullness of Time Suite' (i) Rage (ii) Despair (iii) Release and (iv) Transcendence. 'Rage' begins with an old man's rant about death, disease, injustice, inhumanity, torture, anger, hate, pain and cruelty etc etc. It then launches into the music and in places reminds me of Iron Maiden, which is a good thing (honest!!). 'Despair' opens in piano mode and quickly accelerates into prog metal mode similar to Symphony X. 'Release' features some excellent keyboards and is pretty catchy and memorable (as are most tracks on here). Finally we have 'Transcendence'. this opens with desolate barren wind FX and piano - you can tell we are going to get some closure. Ray Alder was unknown to me until fairly recently, and that astounds me. He really is particularly good, he conveys emotion and feeling and has a presence. This album is essential - a prog metal tour de force.
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Posted Friday, December 30, 2005 | Review Permalink
5 stars Here it comes, a real great prog metal band without sounding too much like D.T., on the other hands it sounds like Fates warning, but with great nuances. Alder still has one of the greatest voice of prog metal, the guitars, lead by Van Dyke are powerfull and contains a lot of catchy melodies and all the chorus, have powerful chords and very strong lyrics. Did they re-invent the style? i say absolutely not, but they are reviewing it with fantastic songs which are all creating strong feelings to the listener, even if some parts could be a bit commercial (think parrallel of fates warning).

The fullness of time (divided in 4 parts) is 21 minutes long and it feels like a 8-9 minutes, I have listened to this song over 40 times and i just want more...all the effects, the fast tempos, the perfect place of piano and classical guitar touches here and there, a technical drumer, add to the great Alder and you have a perfect album!!!!

Without any hesitation, MY BIGGEST SURPRISE OF 2005, and 3rd on my top three of 2005 ( 1st: the mars volta- frances the mute, 2nd, porcupine tree, Deadwings).

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Posted Monday, February 13, 2006 | Review Permalink
3 stars 3.4/5.0

A very interesting album! Certainly as good as Dream Theater's Scenes from Metropolis. But still, even if the whole album is good (except maybe for "Sapphire", which I personnaly think is too long and is somehow repetitive), at some point it's always the same thing, the same kind of distortion, the same voice, the same guitar riffs. That said, there is emotion on this album and it is very enjoyable to listen to. I clearly like listening to this album, but after 2 or 3 times I get bored (which is not the case with other prog-metal groups like Opeth, as an exemple).

Ok I am not primarily a prog-metal fan, and some fans may not like my review, but let's remember that 3 stars means that this album is « Good, but non-essential » and this is what I think about it. Clearly if you are deep into metal, you could give it easily 4 stars, but as for myself I think that just as much as this album is good there is some lack of imagination and some repetitive stuff there (not to talk about the "neo- prog" sound which I just can't stand).

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Posted Tuesday, February 14, 2006 | Review Permalink
4 stars I´ve heard many prog metal albums last year, many of them were good, few of them just few of them were excellent but only one can be the best and I´ve decided for Redemption´s "The Fullness Of Time". Yes this is the definitively the best prog metal album in 2005. "The Fullness..." is the absolutely successful complex of supreme artistic songwriting great atmosphere and the excellent top prog vocals. The music on this album is pure, pure prog metal at its best, everysingle guitar riff drumm party, everysingle word from the Ray´s throat is the highlevel US prog metal... I don´t uderstand why anybody say that the bands like Opeth are progressive metal and this jewel in the prog metal jewel box Redemption is on the edge of interest of the scene! This is the true artistic prog metal with excellent musicianship perfect songwriting and high quality vocals !!! P.S. I hope that my review will remain more than few minutes on this site. It´usually that your rewiev disappear in very short moment... perhaps the higher power...
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Posted Friday, March 24, 2006 | Review Permalink
Mellotron Storm
4 stars 4.5 stars.This is Nick Van Dyke's project, he's the guitarist, keyboard player and writes all the songs. He recruited two FATES WARNING alumni, Ray Adler and Bernie Versailes, as well as two PRYMARY members James Sherwood and Chris Quirarte. This may be the best I have heard Ray sing, while Nick and Bernie form a formidable twin lead guitar attack. I think Nick was wise in getting the rhythm section from PRYMARY, who obviously know each others moves very well.

"Threads" opens with thundering drums and a melodic riff, then piano and vocals enter the chaos. Powerful tune ! "Parker's Eyes" opens with gentle vocals and quiet guitars that doesn't last long as the song becomes very aggressive.There are some standout guitar melodies and lyrics, as well as some samples added. "Scarred" is brutally heavy, with pounding, relentless drums and the ever-present guitars that rip this song apart ! This is the heaviest song on the record.

"Sapphire" opens with acoustic guitars that build and build.This is an awesome song with fantastic vocals.The last four songs are four parts of "The Fullness of Time" section. Part one is "Rage", and you soon realize the speaker of the lyrics here has anger issues.The interplay of the instrumental music here is amazing. "Despair" is a highlight too, with great drums and vocals. "Release" has some nice piano melodies. "Transcendence" features wind blowing in the background with piano playing that leads to an uplifting conclusion to an excellent album.

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Posted Saturday, November 25, 2006 | Review Permalink
5 stars For me this is the best progressive metal album for last few years. I´ve been looked for this kind of prog. metal for a long time, traditional sometimes agressive sometimes very melodic and technical progr. music at its best. First album "Redemption" was good and I felt that the second one must be a timebomb!!! I´m happy that I was right because "The Fullness..." represents the hihgest level of progressivnes in my opinion. Music is complicated and the structures makes unique compositions. The highest level of musicianship is of course certainty here. One of the strongest element on this album is Ray Adler. His talent and big professionality moved REDEMPTION on the top of the prog. metal genre among the bands like D. Theater, F. Warning or Threshold. Most important for me is that every single tone on this album is very interesting and the whole music is a true-hearted. I look only for the top quality in the music where every single musician and every single riff must be perfect on the top of the human abilities and this band fulfiles this completely !!! Redemption means for me the definition for progressive metal genre and I really look forward for their new jewel in early 2007.
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Posted Friday, December 15, 2006 | Review Permalink
5 stars Just recently got this happen and even though i've heard twice all the way through i gotta say that this is one of the finest albums i've heard out of 2005. I remember when i found a review for Room V by Shadow Gallery that stated this album one of the best of 05 along with Room V and the first thing that came into mind....Who the heck is Redemption? well that was just the beginning for me as i not only found out that Ray Adler was the lead singer of this band but the rhythm section of Prymary was in this band whom i've heard before because well Prymary's rhythm section is amazing. But i remember telling my friends about this and all they've said were good things and i trust their judgement so i had to get this piece of work especially after i heard Threads off of this website. And man it would be a long time till now FINALLY i have this album and MAN i'm so glad i do cause Redemption is an awesome metal band. no doubt about these five amazing musicians have been able to combine great elements of prog metal and some power metal together adding along the lines with some great melodic harmonies and some very beautiful symphony arrangements here and there. I mean there's no need for me to talk about the songs as all the songs are masterpieces i mean just take the melodic side of Fates Warning (Paralells/Inside Out era) add more crunch and heaviness from Prymary, cook up some power metal here and there and man you got some great music in 8 tracks (more like 5 since the last 4 do make up the 21 minute epic title track). But the band does an amazing job as first off Nick Van Dyk and Bernie Versailes really surprised me. These guys have a great guitar combo that reminds me so much of the amazing guitar combo from such greats like Iron Maiden for example. not to mention Nick really surprised me on keyboards as he just doesn't uses them for background but for soloing as well and man he's amazing. The Rhythm section well no need to discuss that since both Chris Quirante and James Sherwood are both amazing and very VERY tight but then again what can you expect coming from an amazing band like Prymary. And Ray Adler my gosh what hasn't been said about this guy he's sick and truely a legend for prog metal singers. To me one of his finest performances yet as you can really feel the emotion from this guy. So yea for fans of prog metal and basically people that wanna hear something new then ya gotta get this album cause it will blow your mind.
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Posted Monday, January 1, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars Ray Alder has always been a vocalist that I could never get into. I tried to listen to his stuff with Fates Warning and found music enjoyable but his vocals were just to high and airy. Redemption, as to say, compeletly threw me for a loop. When I heard this album for the first time I would have to say it was incredible metal! Progressive Metal at that! Saphire is one of those songs I listen to more than I should. One day, however, I was exploring these guys' band information and discovered that Fates Warning's singer was the singer here. I couldn't believe it, because I loved the vocals on Redemption. I went and listened to both the bands again and was instantly susprised by the simularity. I said: Jeez, they kinda sound like the same singer or something. Just to be ironic. From then on Ray Alder has been a vocalist I can relate too, and Fates Warning is somewhat more enjoyable, must I say more.

The Fullness of Time: A great album, great music, with excellent style. I love this stuff, Redemption is by far (at least this album) one of the most satisfying progressive Metal bands to listen to. I love them as much as Dream Theater, Ayreon, and Kamelot (to list a few of my favorites). Ray Alder is spectacular and lets is vocal abilities shine! Plus, they have the sixteen minute song Saphire. A must listen to all progressive rock or metal listeners. I don't care who you are, wheather you listen to metal or not, or if you even listen to progressive or not. This is a must hear song. Glorious. The songs before Saphire, is just a mere warm up for this one. They are awsome and express power and emotion in the best ways. They have a unique sound that makes it easy to pick them out of the crowd as a band worth loving. Then the songs following Saphire are great wind downs to finish of the album, they are awsome. "The Fullness of Time" is what the last songs are called. Starting with the powerful and angry song called Rage and calming down with progressive excellence to Transendence, one of my favorite songs under Saphire from this album.

Every song is delightful and incredbile. Instrument work is complex, musically correct, and beautiful. These guys knew what they were doing when they made these songs, and did a beyond expected job. If you like to hear the musical value of metal, then take these guys. Awsome is what you'd call it!

In conclusion, I'd recommend this album to anyone who loves rock, metal, and other genres. It's got the power and inspiration and the glory to go far. Their next album will be highly anticipated and surely a sucess with the step in progress they've made. 5/5 stars for a true Progressive rock/metal masterpiece. I love a lot of music, Rush and Dream Theater I almost worship, Redemption is one of those bands I listen to frequently and never get sick of.

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Posted Sunday, January 14, 2007 | Review Permalink
4 stars As a prog metal fan i add to my collection this band and this album one month ago, never to late. From the firs note i realized this is a good one. Sometimes to me this album is an extinction of Fates Warning FWX, but in a heavyer way. As a whole is almost a prog metal masterpiece, each instrumentist plays at full capacity and the resoult is a magnific and quite complex (but not so complex to get bored), but if you take each piece sometime is kind of the same voice and the same guitar riffs. Redemption is a band to look into the future because is one of the best around in prog metal. The Fullness of Time Suite is mind blowing and the best here, my rate is 4 stars because they know how please a listner with this kind of music. If you enjoy band like Fates Warning, Symphony X, Magnitude 9, this is the answer. 4 stars
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Posted Sunday, March 11, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars Redemption's 2nd work was my introduction to their music. They surely gave me what I 've expected from them.

This has a lot to do with DT or Fates Warning, more raw and metal and still quite technical. IMO it is progressive metal just as it is meant to be played.It has heavy and dirty riffs, speedy melodic solos without overdoing, enormous sound, beautiful voice. Complex compositions with various rhythms and emotional changes. All things flow masterfully. The rhythm section does a great job but tends to be at the background. Nevertheless a clear production with a robust sound.

First 3 songs have a familiar structure from DT works. I think they should draw away a bit from that and take their music further. Somewhere in the middle of the record their musicianship has created great expectations making you hope for perfection and uniqueness. This is not a bunch of newcomers on the scene, searching for themselves.

And then compensation comes as a surprise. "Sapphire" proves that we can expect more from this band. It is a "15 minutes" track solid as a rock. Many prog forms floating without spoiling the result. A great emotional speciment of their music and by far the masterpiece of the album. This continues with the homonymous track. All things mentioned above are here with a concept flavour. Interesting lyrics too. Well, longer compositions fit better to their sound.

Great album with the band's abilities and genius performed all around and especially on "Sapphire" and "Fullness of Time". I 'll keep 5 stars for their future works: 4.5 stars.

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Posted Monday, April 2, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars If I had to choose a favorite genre, it would probably be prog-metal. I've seen some very good reviews of this album, so I thought I'd check it out as my introduction to REDEMPTION. The first track, 'Threads', had me pegged REDEMPTION as obvious DREAM THEATER clones. I didn't appreciate the track that much, but the next track 'Parker's Eyes', showed me it was much more than that. The rest of the album showed what REDEMPTION really is: raw progressive metal. This is some of prog-metal at it's finest, very much like FATES WARNING in the albums surrounding "No Exit". The track 'Sapphire' shows a different side of REDEMPTION, and unlike many tracks like this performed by different bands, this one works. The 'Fullness of Time' suite is the masterpiece of the album, and shows how much very heavy, technical metal can be some of the finest. I recommend this to any fans of progressive metal, especially DREAM THEATER and FATES WARNING.
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Posted Tuesday, April 10, 2007 | Review Permalink
4 stars ‘The Fullness of Time’ is the second album by progressive metal band Redemption, featuring members of Fates Warning and Prymary. This album featured a number of line- up changes from their debut, including the vocal Ray Alder (Fates Warning), James Sherwood and Chris Quirarte (Prymary) in bass and drums.

And now, straight into the tracks:

‘Threads’: A quite strong opening track, with some heavy and rather speedy riffs and drumming beats at the beginning, and getting more complex throughout the song. This track, though it might left a strong impression at some early listening, eventually become a mediocre track compared to the rest of the album. Still a good track though.

‘Parker’s Eyes’: Some soft guitar melody with vocals in the beginning, and then develop into a heavier song with the riffs and drumming, but still melodic in some parts because of the keyboard sounds. Also check out the cool guitar solo on the middle part.

‘Scarred’: This track kicks out with some speedy riffs, drumming and keyboard. The song itself is played on a fast tempo overall, and have a quite catchy melody in some parts and great solo. The guitar sounds is quite dominating than the other instruments here.

‘Sapphire’: Another track with soft opening, a guitar melody with some singing. Then the guitar kicks in, followed by keyboard and drumming. The tempo is slower here, thus make this song more melodic than the previous track. From the middle part, the song gets more interesting with some guitar solos and drumming. I like the singing in this track most; Ray Alder vocal is great and definitely a strong element of the song as well as the music. ‘Sapphire’ is really an awesome track, probably the second best after ‘The Fullness of Time Suite’.

‘The Fullness of Time Suite’ is divided in four parts. The first part, ‘Rage (I)’ is a strong opening. You’ll hear some sort of an angry speaking, and then the guitar and the drumming kicks in nicely. The song has a nice keyboard melody in the middle, and also some guitar solos following in and ends in a bit heavy way. Then the second part ‘Despair (II)’ starts with some nice piano tunes. The song become slower and catchier here, and become a bit heavy toward the end although it ended in some nice piano melody. Part three, ‘Release (III)’ is an interesting part, with some tempo shifting, guitar solos, and some catchy parts in it. ‘Transcendence (IV)’ closes the suite and the album very nicely. It started with some beautiful keyboard melody and guitar tunes, with the nice vocals of Ray Alder. This is track is beautiful and melodic in some parts and complex but interesting in the other. Through the end of this song, the music becomes more melodic and ended beautifully with the keyboard and great vocal. As a whole, this track is really awesome, and definitely the best track of the album.

Overall, this is a great album. The music is cool and the vocals just great. The only flaw here is probably that the album sounds a bit too technical in a few parts, with the guitar solos, drumming and others. However, ‘The Fullness of Time’ would likely make a great addition to your collection, especially if you like bands like Dream Theater, Fates Warning and some others. This album deserves 4 stars, and highly recommended.

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Posted Monday, June 25, 2007 | Review Permalink
4 stars This album will always have a special place. For almost 5 years I didn't listen to music anymore. I was a huge fan of progressive (JETHRO TULL, GENESIS, PINK FLOYD, ...) and hard/heavy but tired of new groups (new albums) that were predictable, reusing old tricks, boring. I heard this album in a shop, specialized in hard rock. I asked to hear other songs. 5 minutes later I was buying it.

Amazing melodies with a good voice, good riffs, multiple tempo and harmony changes. That is what I was looking for. Unfortunately their next album was a bit deceiving, and the first one, which I discovered later doesn't play in the same category.

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Posted Thursday, August 28, 2008 | Review Permalink
4 stars One of the heaviest Fates Warning albums out there

Guys, i'm sorry. I really know that this band does not sounds that much like Fates Warning, but the fact is that this is the only other band that Ray Adler sings and, in my opinion, his vocals are one important part of the FW's soul. So any band with his vocals WILL sound a little bit like Fates Warning, specially when the band he sings does progressive metal, though everything (from music to lyrics) were written by Nick Van Dyk.

In fact, if we threw out Ray's vocals, the band would have little resemblance (if none resemblance at all) with Fates Warning, mainly because Redemption's music is much heavier. I mean, usually music have tension / power passages, followed / preceded by relaxation / calm / release passages and the balance between both is what makes the music even, smooth (most of times, at least), round, making everything bond together. However, Redemption's music has much more tension, power, edgy parts than release parts, what makes the music uneven and unbalanced, something that, of course, counts rather negatively to the album in general.

About the songs, musicianship and other features, there are somethings i would like to state:

All musicians here are quite exceptional in their own instrument, though they are not very famous, probably because this is progressive metal and, like any other progressive genre, is quite demanding, instrumental-wise. The highlights in the instrumental session goes to Nick Van Dyk and his awesome guitar and keyboard work. Vocal-wise, Ray Adler, as always, did a very good job.

The songs are also very good generally, except the bonus track, which is only good, but fits considerably well in the album. The highlights go to Sapphire and to the The Fullness of Time suite. The song Parker's Eyes also deserves to be noted, because it is the only political song of the album, since it talks about the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the World Trade Center.

Grade and Final Thoughts

A very good album released by Redemption, The Fullness of Time brings some new things to the table. However, the ever-existing tension through the album seems to make it too uptight and somewhat odd. So, 4 stars.

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Posted Saturday, November 1, 2008 | Review Permalink
4 stars After having been highly enthusiastic about Origins of Ruin I simply had to get this predecessor by Redemption. The reason is that this album even had a higher average than the already praised successor.

It could hardly be a disappointment and so it wasn't. First notes of the opening song already made that very clear. Threads is the one to get you started for a great treat, very energetic and spectacular. The only downside is that it's a bit short (4,25*).

Next one, Parker's Eyes starts more quiet but that's only in the first minute, after that the heavy guitars set in and make this another great rocker. Vocalist Ray Alder stands out in this song (4*).

Amongst many superb tracks on this album, the 3rd, Scarred, is my absolute favourite of all. Talking about energetic, this one surpasses all the rest in that sense. The rhythm guitar is absolutely sensational though the entire band is firing at all cilinders here. One of the best prog metal songs I ever heard. (5*).

Sapphire is a very long track for prog metal standard and my expectations were huge for this one. It's indeed a great song but falls short compared to previous one. As a progressive composition this one scores higher though (4,25*).

The rest of the album consists of the multi parted title track, a 23 minute magnum opus confirming the greatness of this album. The guys are ultimately showing what they are made of. The composition is even more symphonical than Sapphire which was more of a large metal track. The four parts of this epic also have some metal elements but altogether this is more of a standard progressive epic. Very good but not overwhelming I have to say. (4,25*).

With the title track they prove they have every right to be on PA should anyone have doubts about that. Those doubts could have crept in with the first three songs but Fulness of Time is truly progressive I feel. The question that remains is whether this album is better than Origins of Ruin. That's still a tough call for me. If it is, it's just slightly better but I would like to call it a tie. In numbers that's a generous 4 stars making Redemption one of the better prog metal bands in my book.

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Posted Sunday, February 15, 2009 | Review Permalink
4 stars as far as I am concerned, this album is an event: I had left looking for new bands that could give as much pleasure as the 70's classics. I had not "discovered" yet that I am a prog fan (didn't know the concept of prog rock at that time - I thought it was just a style that died some decades ago...).

This album made me hope for a renewal of the music I loved (JT, Genesis, but alos hard rock). I listnen a lot to this album, then I discovered this site and a lot of bands I never had heard of before.

In that context, I would give five star to this album. However, now that I can compare it to much more references, I will give 4 stars, for what it means: excellent addition, but not essential.

What I like in this album is the strong energy, with the mix of good riffs and an excellent drummer, by supported an excelent vocalist.. Don't expect however very complex composition or a succession of rythm changes, with odd time signatures.

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Posted Wednesday, April 29, 2009 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
4 stars "The Fullness of Time" is the 2nd full-length studio album by US progressive metal act Redemption. The album was released through Sensory Records in June 2005. Redemption started out as the brainchild of main composer/guitarist/keyboardist Nick van Dyk and the debut album "Redemption (2002)" sounded like a project more than a real band effort IMO. There were lots of prominent guest appearences on that album like Ray Alder from Fates Warning on vocals (who sang lead vocals on one song) and Jason Rullo from Symphony X on drums. It´s not an album that impressed me much, so I approached "The Fullness of Time" with some caution. As it turns out my fears were unfounded. "The Fullness of Time" sounds much more like a band effort compared to it´s predecessor and is overall a much stronger release. Ray Alder is now a full-time member of the band and lead guitarist Bernie Versailles (Agent Steel, Engine, Fates Warning) has also opted to become a full-time member. New members of Redemption are drummer Chris Quirarte (Prymary, Roswell Six) and bassist James Sherwood (Prymary).

The music on the album is progressive metal. It´s rather traditional with heavy guitar riffs, keyboards, a tight and technically skilled rhythm section, and a skillful vocalist with a strong voice. There are influences in the music from acts like Dream Theater, Fates Warning (...well it´s hard not to sound like them when you share lead singer) and Symphony X (only when the piano kicks in. But when it does there´s an audible similarity). So far... so good. Nothing out of the ordinary there. What is out of the ordinary on "The Fullness of Time", is that the compositions are of an extremely high compositional quality for the genre and the musicians are some of the more skillful players in that genre too. The development that´s taken place since "Redemption (2002)" is impressive. Many progressive metal acts tend to overuse keyboards, but the use of keyboards on "The Fullness of Time" is very tasteful and helps create the hauntingly beautiful and at times desperate dark atmosphere on the album. The guitar riffs are heavy and powerful but cleverly played and sophisticated when that is called for.

The choice of Ray Alder as the lead vocalist in Redemption could have been a dangerous one (comparisons to Fates Warning will forever cling to Redemption), but his performance here is so strong that any critique of the choice of him as the lead vocalist will be hard to justify. The new rhythm section is also a great new asset to the band. Drummer Chris Quirarte shines throughout the album and a comparison to Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Transatlantic, OSI...etc.) is not far from the truth.

There are 8 tracks on the 57:28 minutes long album. The first 4 tracks are individual tracks but the last 4 tracks ("The Fullness of Time Suite") seque into each other and form a concept. As mentioned above all tracks are of a high musical, lyrical and compositional standard. "Parker´s Eyes" with it´s TV-reporter samples from the September 11th terrorist attack is for example a stunning goose bump inducing piece. The sound production by prolific Danish producer Tommy Hansen (who used to be a musician himself and play with The Old Man & The Sea) is professional, powerful and clear. A very suiting sound for the music on this album. Overall "The Fullness of Time" is a top notch progressive metal release and a 4.5 star (90%) rating is deserved.

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Posted Wednesday, July 29, 2009 | Review Permalink

Not repetitive in drumming and power chords along with same basic bass lines too often found in progressive metal.

It seems the band wanted to avoid such cliches and create a quality progressive metal recording

Simply, this takes the drumming complexity of progressive rock, the fantastic vocals of Fate's Warning' s Ray Alder the interweaving of keyboards and guitars that most progressive rock bands would kill to achieve.

This is a recording that will only grow on people as repeated listenings will make it seem better and better.

Brilliant songwriting, musicianship, production and arrangements make this a recording other progressive metal bands should look to as an example.

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Posted Wednesday, July 29, 2009 | Review Permalink
5 stars This is one of my favourite bands. I got introduced to the band with this excellent album. All it took was a few listens of Sapphire on the internet radio and I was hooked! I had to buy this CD.

I wasn't disappointed. There is no weak or average track here.

The opening track is great. "Threads" is building up in momentum, until the chorus followed by some nice solos and closing with the chorus again. WOW!

"Parker's Eye" is very emotional. Ray Alder singing on this album is great overall. On this song, I think it really stands out, his voice being very emotional. Very strong track, the only complaints that I would have is the insert of footage from 9/11 however as it seems to distract from the song a little too much.

"Sapphire" is such a great song. I can't help sing along: Claw off my eyes, I'd rather be blind than see you walk away from me? Ray Alder does pour some emotions in. Hard to believe this song is close to 16 minutes. No major change of tempo but it keeps always evolving and is all very coherent.

The ending piece, "The Fullness Of Time Suite", broken in 4 tracks, took some more time to appreciate. The 4 songs (or parts) just flow from one to another. I prefer "Despair" with all the vocals that stick to your brain and "Transcendence" which brings a very nice closure.

As opposed to many other in the prog-metal scene, the lyrics are not too cryptic and do means something you can relate to it.

Overall, it is a very enjoyable piece of work. Even after more than 2 years, I still listen to it regularly. Superb! 5 well deserved stars!

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Posted Friday, November 13, 2009 | Review Permalink
4 stars Redemption has been becoming more and more famous; from being just a side project of Nick Van Dyk to a real full-time band featuring one of the most talented and famous vocalists of the progressive metal scene, Ray Adler from Fates Warning. With their second album, "The Fullness Of Time", the band does a huge step toward from their sound in the debut album, and create an excellent album.

Of course Nick Van Dyk called in for this band all excellent musicians, two from Fates Warning ( Ray Adler, mentioned above, and Bernie Versailles on lead guitar), two from the band Prymary (bassist James Sherwood and drummer Chris Quirarte), so it's easy to understand how ambitious this project should have been. The style is pretty much straight- forward progressive metal; long songs, memorable epic sounding melodies, fast shredding guitar solos alternated with keyboard solos, very skilled musicianship on the behalf of everybody, powerful vocals. Of course they are elements that make this band "unique"; Ray Adler's voice is kind of fragile and delicate sounding, despite singing without ever hesitating and being easily able to reach high notes. I though can't really give Ray Adler the medal for originality, since his voice has already been known from Fates Warning. The songwriting is one of the true shiny diamonds of this album; songs like "Sapphire", "Parker's Eyes", "Threads" and even the final suite "The Fullness Of Time" require a lot of talent and creativity, whether you like them or not. These are songs that every prog metal fan will like or even love, simply because they are the true and simple definition of the genre, even though sometimes they aren't quite as original or experimental than you would think.

"Threads" is a really awesome and gripping song, with many rhythm changes and with, of course excellent musicianship. Every thing about this song to me is good, there is not one bad moment in it. I couldn't describe the next three songs better than how I just described this first song, keeping though in mind that "Sapphire" has one of the most unbelievable metal performances of all time by a vocalist. Truly amazing work. The twenty one minute suite is where this album finds it's weak point, and I know many will disagree about this; Everything is just less captivating, less haunting, even though the experimentation is a little wider, especially in the last part "Transcendence".

But honestly I really think this is an album that should be considered a lot more than how it is now, because of it's amazing solid structure and great content.

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Posted Friday, April 15, 2011 | Review Permalink
3 stars good stuff, not bad. that's what i first thought when i heard The Fullness Of Time but maybe that was because my introduction to Redemption was the masterpiece Snowfall on Judgement Day.

Threads (5:43): not a great song to begin with; i mean its ok but doesn't have anything memorable

Parker's Eyes (6:15): sounds promising to start with, the first few minutes are great and then it gets repetitive

Scarred (7:56): weak riffs, not Ray at his best, average at best

Sapphire (15:55): the "epic" of the album, its well-constructed but not quite great

The Fullness of Time Suite: 5. Rage (5:01) 6. Despair (3:20) 7. Release (5:16) 8. Transcendence (7:59)

the "suite" doesn't really sound like one to me but its 4 good songs put together...i love the beginning of Rage (is that Ray in the narration leading into the killer riff?)

overall, above average but like i said, since i listened to this after "Snowfall..." it was going to be hard to impress me more...

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Posted Tuesday, October 18, 2011 | Review Permalink
5 stars I admire Nick Van Dyk, the mastermind behind Redemption. He's one of the best music composers and arrangers on this planet. If you are a fan of progressive metal you need to listen to Redemption.

"The Fullness of Time" is the second album by Redemption and their first album with the master vocalist Ray Alder. They are really heavy and don't trespass the boundaries; they stick to the main purpose of their music, filled with melodies and heavy riffs and never give you extra annoying parts or stuff like intolerable instrumental sections or unattractive keyboard solos that need to force themselves into the ears of the listener.

"Sapphire" is one of the masterpieces of progressive metal. Almost 16 minutes of pure mastery. The lyrics are so powerful and full of emotions. The music arrangement is perfect and excellent so that it stands alone among many other bands. It is almost unlike Dream Theater or Symphony X. Nick Van Dyk has a unique relation-of-parts on his mind. He always surprises you with his melodic connections and vocal lines that are somewhat extraordinarily the glue of the songs. Nobody could bring the vocals such amazingly to this style of progressive metal music.

"Parker's Eyes" is yet another great track from this album. You can always enjoy great melodic solos and melodic structures integral to the song.

"The Fullness of Time" is a four-part song. Again, the vocal melodies stand out. Nick Van Dyk seems to know where to take us with his powerful imagination in music. The lyrics on this series is dealing with realities of life and the relationships (specially one's relation with their own "Self") and may serve many of us perfectly.

I end this review with one of my favorite lines from the last song: "No more false facades, covering my feelings, preventing a connection!"

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Posted Friday, October 12, 2012 | Review Permalink
5 stars Every now and then an album comes along that is so perfect in every way that I wish I could give it 6 stars. This is one of those albums for me. A true six-star, dessert island, run into a burning building to save masterpiece. Highlights are "Sapphire", perhaps the most perfect song ever written, and "Parker's Eyes", an incredibly emotional look at childhood's end. Nick van Dyk's songwritting, both musically and lyrically, is at the top of his game, and Ray Alder's vocals have never sounded better. Not in 25 years with Fates Warning, not in his own project Engine. Never. In every way, this is a perfect masterpiece of progressive metal.
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Posted Friday, December 21, 2012 | Review Permalink
3 stars California-based Redemption is one of the better bands of the Dream Theater-lite style, combining crunchy riffs, cheesy synths, an abundance of shredding solos and an overdramatic vocal. You know, a kind of band you know is unoriginal, but technically very impressive and kind of fun to listen to. Redemption does have a specialty though - cathartic songs about tramautic interpersonal relationships delivered in a "sensitive macho" vocals style of Ray Alder. And the truth is, there is a certain limit to the amount of this lyrical stuff one can digest, and I think they slightly overdid it here. Especially the 20-minute suite, the Fullness of Time, which I find to be not as seamless as I'd like and kind of unneccesarily harsh in the beginning.
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Posted Wednesday, June 8, 2016 | Review Permalink

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