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Quite simply, Queensryche was one of the essential bands in the development of progressive metal. Merging the metal of Iron Maiden with the atmospheres of Pink Floyd, the band created what may still be the quintessential metal concept album, OPERATION: MINDCRIME. The band's sound has centered on the operatic vocals of Geoff Tate singing over numerous versions of heavy rock over a 30 year career.

Starting in the early 1980's in Seattle, Washington, guitarists Chris Degarmo and Michael Wilton, along with bassist Eddie Jackson and drummer Scott Rockenfield, were in a cover band, the Mob, cutting their teeth on the work of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Singer Geoff Tate of local progressive bands Babylon and the Myth was brought in sporadically for gigs and then an EP. The EP, fueled by the anthemic "Queen of the Reich" gained the band national exposure. The band acquired Tate permanently, changed their name in honor of their then signature song, and were signed to EMI.

Initially tagged as an Iron Maiden descendent, Queensryche folded in more and more progressive influences under Tate and DeGarmo's direction on the LPs THE WARNING and RAGE FOR ORDER. The latter is one of several albums that may be considered the first true progressive metal album, as it melded keyboards, conceptual themes, and more complex song structures. However, Queensryche's defining moment was the full concept album from 1988, OPERATION: MINDCRIME. Its ambitious story covered government, religion, sex, drugs, and mental illness. The interconnected songs included an over ten minute epic, several MTV hit singles, and fueled the band's rise supporting several of the top metal tours of the time.

The following album, EMPIRE, took an intentionally more commercial tone and catapulted the band to major arenas where they performed MINDCRIME in its entirety as a headliner. The Pink Floyd influenced single "Silent Lucidity" was one of the major hits of the year. This would be the band's peak with eclectic PROMISED LAND being the last of the band's classic era. Musical tastes had changed, and the band attempted unsuccessfully to accommodate to alternative / grunge with HEAR IN THE NOW FRONTIER. DeGarmo left the band soon after, and Queensryche has had an up and down career. TRIBE and OPERATION: MINDCRIME II were much better received than their predecessors, and the band's continuing tours have included co-headlining with fellow prog-metal pioneers Dream Theater. Though never reac...
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QUEENSRYCHE top albums (CD, LP, MC, SACD, DVD-A, Digital Media Download)

3.69 | 247 ratings
The Warning
4.00 | 315 ratings
Rage For Order
4.21 | 951 ratings
Operation: Mindcrime
3.77 | 366 ratings
3.96 | 341 ratings
Promised Land
2.50 | 187 ratings
Hear In The Now Frontier
2.08 | 158 ratings
3.09 | 167 ratings
3.24 | 223 ratings
Operation : Mindcrime II
2.16 | 111 ratings
Take Cover
2.82 | 170 ratings
American Soldier
1.94 | 140 ratings
Dedicated To Chaos
2.04 | 84 ratings
Frequency Unknown
3.58 | 96 ratings
3.77 | 78 ratings
Condition Hüman

QUEENSRYCHE Live Albums (CD, LP, MC, SACD, DVD-A, Digital Media Download)

3.82 | 46 ratings
Live Evolution
4.48 | 111 ratings
Operation: Livecrime
2.60 | 30 ratings
The Art Of Live
3.27 | 32 ratings
Mindcrime at the Moore
2.50 | 2 ratings
Extended Versions

QUEENSRYCHE Videos (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS etc)

4.57 | 58 ratings
Operation: LIVEcrime
3.75 | 23 ratings
Live Evolution
4.64 | 85 ratings
Operation: LIVEcrime
2.32 | 25 ratings
The Art Of Live
3.73 | 28 ratings
Mindcrime at The Moore

QUEENSRYCHE Boxset & Compilations (CD, LP, MC, SACD, DVD-A, Digital Media Download)

3.72 | 33 ratings
Greatest Hits
1.40 | 11 ratings
Classic Masters
1.50 | 2 ratings
Face To Face
3.41 | 22 ratings
The Best Of Queensryche: Sign Of The Times

QUEENSRYCHE Official Singles, EPs, Fan Club & Promo (CD, EP/LP, MC, Digital Media Download)

3.42 | 127 ratings
4.07 | 15 ratings
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 Rage For Order by QUEENSRYCHE album cover Studio Album, 1986
4.00 | 315 ratings

Rage For Order
Queensr˙che Progressive Metal

Review by Warthur
Prog Reviewer

3 stars Rage for Order is where I and the critical consensus around Queensryche part ways - whilst many consider it a substantial improvement over The Warning and an important stepping stone on the way to fan favourite album Operation: Mindcrime. I agree to the extent that this is a transitional album between the sound of their debut and Operation: Mindcrime; my basic disagreement is that I do not consider this an improvement. Whereas The Warning left me energised, Rage For Order leaves me cold, not quite feeling progressive enough to scratch the progressive metal itch and feeling a little too calculated to be an enjoyable bit of melodic metal. Plus I find that at this point Geoff Tate's singing style starts to lurch into self-parody.
 Promised Land by QUEENSRYCHE album cover Studio Album, 1994
3.96 | 341 ratings

Promised Land
Queensr˙che Progressive Metal

Review by Modrigue
Prog Reviewer

3 stars Best 90's Queensr˙che album

3.5 stars

After their disastrous MTV attempt "Empire", QUEENSR?CHE decided to go back to a progressive approach on "Promised Land". However, in 1994, traditional heavy metal from the 80's was agonizing, whereas grunge, alternative rock and electronic music were greatly developing. Therefore, instead of reproducing the complex elaborated structures of "Operation: Mindcrime", the band decided to try something new by incorporating different musical styles. Still influenced by PINK FLOYD, but also by recent grunge bands such as PEARL JAM and even Eastern music, the compositions are more modern and innovative, resembling no other at the time.

Elegant and refined as always, this adventurous opus is well rooted in the 90's and not totally metal. It alternates atmospheric, gloomy, somber, melancholic, spacey, tortured and even slightly electronic passages. The range of addressed themes is also quite wide: reincarnation, isolation, alienation, madness, consumer society...

The ambient opener "9:28 A.M." is a short concrete music piece composed by drummer Scott Rockenfield. Quite surprising, the dark "I Am I" contains heavy riffing guitars and middle-eastern sonorities, installing an oppressive ambiance. Magic! The powerful "Damage Case" is great and sinister too. On the contrary, the enjoyable floydian piece "Out Of Mind" is acoustic and calm. "Bridge" narrates the relation between Chris de Garmo and his father, who died during the album recording sessions. A song also driven by the acoustic guitar, but a little boring tune. The proggiest song of the record is undoubtedly the title track, tortured and depressive. It features original elements such as discrete futuristic sonorities and especially - and for the first time - Geoff Tate playing saxophone! His solo is just mesmerizing! It's certainly not every day that you hear this jazz instrument on a metal disc.

Also pretty uncommon, "Disconnected" deals with American consumerist society and features Tate on saxophone again, supported by groovy riffing and electronic sound effects. Driven by DeGarmo's piano, "Lady Jane" is a touching power ballad about the influence of commercials. Then comes the heavy alternative rock "My Global Mind", efficient and catchy. The last two songs are unfortunately not the best part of the record. The rock ballad "One More Time" is average and a bit repetitive, whereas the acoustic closer "Someone Else?" sounds rather cheesy.

Anyway, "Promised Land" still remains adventurous and pleasant. I would like to hear this mixture of various styles more often. QUEENSR?CHE has definitely emancipated from their primary IRON MAIDEN influences here. Although uneven and containing less memorable melodies, the music is quite unique and refreshing. A genuine trip into the depths of your mind and the illnesses of modernity. Truly progressive stuff, but not by the common approach of most prog metal bands.

If you're looking for long complex metal compositions such as DREAM THEATER, this is not the one to pick. Nonetheless, if you want something original and depressive, this album is what you need. Recommended to metal or even to alternative hard rock fans!

 Operation: Mindcrime by QUEENSRYCHE album cover Studio Album, 1988
4.21 | 951 ratings

Operation: Mindcrime
Queensr˙che Progressive Metal

Review by Modrigue
Prog Reviewer

4 stars Operation: Progmetal

4.5 stars

What an evolution since "The Warning", released only four years before! Initially considered as an IRON MAIDEN rip- off, QUEENSR?CHE has simply offered to the world one of the very first metal concept album. Later, vocalist Bruce Dickinson himself will admit that MAIDEN's most progressive album of the 80's - the very good "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" - was not as elaborated as this opus. Furthermore, people often even assimilate "Operation: Mindcrime" to a heavier version of PINK FLOYD's "The Wall". Indeed, the compositions are ambitious, elegant and refined. However, is this comparison really justified?

The lyrics narrate the story of Nikki, a former junkie frustrated with contemporary society. He will become part of a secret revolutionary organization, led by a political and religious leader nicknamed Doctor X. This mysterious demagogue manipulates Nikki with his heroin addiction and brainwashing for a political murdering operation called 'Mindcrime'. How does all this musically translate?

After the short spoken introduction "I Remember Now" comes "Anarchy-X", a powerful instrumental opening. "Revolution Calling" is a great heavy metal achievement with its uncommon drumming and beautiful guitar solo. The title track is an enjoyable mid tempo 80's hard metal with a cool bass line, whereas the aggressive and complex "Speak" is just a prog metal little gem of and features numerous changes. Then arrives "Spreading The Disease", both threatening and epic, followed by "The Mission". I'm not a big fan of this song which I find rather average.

The second half is bit darker. Longest and most progressive track, the 11 minutes theatrical "Suite Sister Mary" alternates dark and haunting atmospheres. Undoubtedly the highlight of the disc! The band's initial IRON MAIDEN roots are still slightly perceptible with the energetic "The Needle Lies". After the short ambient sung transition "Electric Requiem", "Breaking The Silence" is heroic and touching, due Geoff Tate's typical plaintive singing. "I Don't Believe In Love" is also pleasant, while the short interludes "Waiting For 22" and "My Empty Room" are calm, pretty and floating. The record concludes on a sinister and pessimistic tone with "Eyes Of A Stranger".

"Operation: Mindcrime" is just one of the most important albums of the progressive metal genre. Although a little pompous at times and still sounding very eighties, it provides sophisticated compositions, rhythm changes, and the inspiration is overall constant. Is this an "heavy metal opera"? Maybe... If so, this deserves to be transcribed in a movie, like "The Wall". Maybe this will be already the case when you'll read this review...

Now that we talk about it, how does this disc finally compare to PINK FLOYD's well-known double opus? Well, here the music only borrows 70's progressive elements, as the palette of instruments and ambiances are not as wide and varied. The short interludes and tracks complexity can remind "The Wall" in the spirit, but I find the general comparison a little too exaggerated.

Neither similar to FATES WARNING's dark tortured style nor to DREAM THEATER's, "Operation: Mindcrime" still remains QUEENSR?CHE's summit and a major influence of the genre. Highly recommended to prog metal fans!

 The Warning by QUEENSRYCHE album cover Studio Album, 1984
3.69 | 247 ratings

The Warning
Queensr˙che Progressive Metal

Review by Modrigue
Prog Reviewer

4 stars Maidensr˙che

First studio album but second release by QUEENSR?CHE, "The Warning" is pretty much in the style of their self-titled debut EP: heavy metal in the vein of MAIDEN, with elegance, melodies and only slight progressive touches. Partially inspired by George Orwell's 1984, the compositions, were quite elaborated and refined compared to other metal bands, and deliver an impression of grace carried by Geoff Tate's incredible vocal range.

The powerful and epic opener "Warning" is just great! "En Force" is also nice with its galloping riff, whereas "Deliverance" is a little more original with its melody changes. More complex and melancholic, "No Sanctuary" calms down the pace, while the cool "N M 156" sounds a bit futuristic. More personal and in the style of QUEENSR?CHE's next opuses, the aerial "Take Hold The Flame" is touching, due to Tate's particular plaintive and piercing singing.

On the contrary, "Before The Storm" and "Child Of Fire" are neither very original nor remarkable, but remain however pleasant. More interesting is the 10 minutes mini-epic "Roads To Madness", the only genuine progressive track of the disc. On a dark and haunting ambiance, this evolving suite alternates slow, thrilling and hazy atmospheres, as well as heroic passages. One of QUEENSR?CHE's best tracks from the 80's.

With "The Warning", the Americans have not fully emancipated from their British metallic elder brothers yet. Not as complex and sophisticated as, say, FATES WARNING, the music is still very influenced by IRON MAIDEN. Nonetheless, although lacking originality and personality, the quality and inspiration are already present and the compositions display discrete melodic and progressive elements that will developed in their further records.

A promising and convincing first studio album anyway. I'm warning you: If you're looking for challenging songs, do not pick this one, but if you just want powerful and elegant 80's heavy metal, "The Warning" is exactly what you need!

 Condition Hüman by QUEENSRYCHE album cover Studio Album, 2015
3.77 | 78 ratings

Condition Hüman
Queensr˙che Progressive Metal

Review by Einwahn

5 stars Rush have already shown us that great bands can re-ignite in their maturity, and it is fantastic to see the same happen to Queensr˙che. The paucity of PA ratings for 'Condition Hüman' suggests that many site members have given up on this band. Let me just say that, for those who appreciated the first five QR albums, 'Condition Hüman' is almost beyond criticism. Powerful, driving, yet interesting and sophisticated, this is breathtaking stuff. Core members from the original line-up have of course departed, so the endurance of the trademark QR sound is interesting. The drummer Scott Rockenfield is surely integral and I find myself listening ever more closely to his contribution. Production is lucid and very high quality. The title track is 7:46 and would not have sounded out of place on 'Promised Land', QR have not forgotten about progressive rock.

Verdict: Absolutely essential for any Prog Metal fan.

 Condition Hüman by QUEENSRYCHE album cover Studio Album, 2015
3.77 | 78 ratings

Condition Hüman
Queensr˙che Progressive Metal

Review by UMUR
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars "Condition Hüman" is the 14th full-length studio album by US prog/power metal act Queensr˙che. The album was released through Century Media Records in October 2015. It´s the second release with lead vocalist Todd La Torre after Geoff Tate was fired from the band. "Queensr˙che (2013)" was generally well received by fans and reviewers alike, but sophomore releases are sometimes hard (and "Condition Hüman" can in some respects be considered just that).

Fortunately that´s not the case with "Condition Hüman", which is as well balanced, well written, and well performed as it´s predecessor. Stylistically the listener is also treated to music that is similar in sound, so if you enjoyed "Queensr˙che (2013)", there is a good possibility that you´ll find listening pleasure in "Condition Hüman" too. The music is melodic US power metal with occasional progressive leanings. Todd La Torre has a strong voice and a commanding delivery and the band are very well playing.

The tracks are predominantly vers/chorus structured and pretty easily accessible, but not simple by any means. The material on the 12 track, 53:21 minutes long album is generally cleverly composed, detailed, and intriguing. Queensr˙che can both pack a relatively hard punch, but also deliver lighter and more melodic playing, and they often strike a good balance between their playing styles. It´s definitely one of their strengths that they can use stylistic elements from a fair amount of musical styles, and combine them into a sound that is unmistakably the sound of Queensr˙che.

"Condition Hüman" is very well produced. The sound production is professional, clear, and powerful sounding. A perfect match for the music. Upon conclusion "Condition Hüman" is another strong release by the band, and it´s obvious that La Torre has reignited Queensr˙che´s spark. They sound inspired again and maybe most importantly they play metal again, and not dull semi-heavy hard rock like they´ve done on way too many of their post-"Promised Land (1994)" releases. A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.

 Condition Hüman by QUEENSRYCHE album cover Studio Album, 2015
3.77 | 78 ratings

Condition Hüman
Queensr˙che Progressive Metal

Review by metalrob4662

5 stars Best album since "Promised Land" I've been a QR fan since the very beginning and this is one of my faves, all the songs are catchy and infectious Right from the Opener "Arrow of Time" to the progressive closer "Condition Human" this album has every element of a Classic QR album. Superb chrouses , excellent guitar work by Michael Wilton ( aka Whip) and Parker Lundren. superb bass and singing by Eddie "Bass" Jackson , Scott Rockenfield's drumming is always a highlight for me one of the best drummers in the business. and of course Todd LaTorre, not only is Todd a Humble guy but an awesome musician in every aspect. I must say if you really listen to this album he makes it his own , there is no "Clone" here just pure kick ass vocals and great lyrics!

The last album was very good, but this one takes it up a notch, and the production is superb! ( I know many people complained about the last one being over compressed) Zeuss (Chris 'Zeuss' Harris) out did himself on this getting the best for the band!

I don't feel there is one filler on this album, even the ballad "Just Us" is incredible.

My top 5 faves though are: 1) The Aftermath /Condition Human 2) Hellfire 3) eye9 4) Bulletproof 5) All There Was

This is a "Must have" for all classic Queensryche fans! and even for those who love great Melodic Metal/Rock with Progressive elements thrown in. I hear they are already writing songs for the next album! Hoping they continue for yrs to come! \m/ Long Live Queensryche!

 Dedicated To Chaos by QUEENSRYCHE album cover Studio Album, 2011
1.94 | 140 ratings

Dedicated To Chaos
Queensr˙che Progressive Metal

Review by Necrotica
Prog Reviewer

1 stars Let's face it: if you are familiar with the world of metal, then the name "Queensryche" is a household name for the band whose early works are well-regarded. Yet, everything since 1997's Hear in the Now Frontier has been extremely polarizing to old and new fans alike. There WERE signs of hope in the year of 2009 with American Soldier, an album that contained tracks with promising glimmers of the old style. So, we reach the biggest question of them all: What the hell were they thinking with this album???

Here's the thing; the band's recent output might have been lackluster, but nothing compares to the murderous peak they reach here. Dedicated to Chaos is a essentially a lengthy, boring tour of all that has gone wrong with Queensryche. Even a half-tolerable song in the form of the radio-friendly "Get Started" can't save the record from complete mediocrity in any case.

So, the biggest problem? Geoff Tate. You might be wondering: "How does Queensryche's general figurehead become the worst aspect of the album?" The problem is twofold: In his vocals and his lyrics. Most of his vocal output consists of weird off-key wails and spasms that don't sum up to much of anything (except getting incredibly annoying after a while); even his softer side has random out-of-place melodies and dynamics that don't even up with the sound. The lyrics, on the other hand, are ridiculously simple on the record, from the concept of (are you ready for this?) driving (*gasp*) to trying to unify the world in peace. Tate's subjects are overall very limited here, and the lyrics don't expand well on the premises.

The best song here is the aforementioned opener "Get Started," a very straightforward rock track with typical choruses and semi-decent vocals. The song isn't anything extraordinary, but at least the band seem to know what they're doing, and the track is fun to listen to now and again. Let it sink in, because this feeling doesn't last for too long.

When firing up the other tracks, one of the huge issues with the album is that it just drags and drags and draaaaaaags. It's understood that the band wanted to create an album with more rhythm (and that they did), but the rhythms could have at least been more exciting or stimulating; Instead, the band are content with using and recycling bored, tired drumming. Because of stuff like this, the 53:55 runtime truly feels like an eternity.

Another predicament is that there are some more experiments this time around, often with unfavorable results. The worst of this appears in "Hard Times" which mixes soul, reggae, space rock, and a couple of other genres into a mixing pot, but instead it ends up being very dispassionate-sounding and unconvincing with its influences. The atmosphere that is created only serves to drain any energy the song might have possessed.

This album is not an album where you see a bump in the road; In this album, you see a dark abyss with a small crevice of light seeping out of it. In other words, Queensryche are getting fewer and fewer chances to redeem themselves, and with this album, they just might have killed their career for good. What a shame.

(Note that this review was from 2011, and my thoughts regarding the final paragraph have since changed because of the band's new material with Todd LaTorre)

(Originally published on Sputnikmusic)

 Tribe by QUEENSRYCHE album cover Studio Album, 2003
3.09 | 167 ratings

Queensr˙che Progressive Metal

Review by Necrotica
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3 stars Geoff Tate and co. have certainly been dwindling for the last 15 years. Queensryche used to be known as one of the defining bands in the prog metal genre, but ever since 1997's Hear in the Now Frontier, they took on a more contemporary alternative style with hints of the old 'Ryche sound mixed in. What followed was an atomic bomb of backlash from fans who wanted the old classic sound of Queensryche back. So far, most attempts have still been in vain, but a couple of them have had some shining glimmers of the old days, including 2003's underrated Tribe.

One factor in attempting to bring success back to the band was to bring original guitarist Chris DeGarmo back to the fold for just this one album. However, when Sanctuary Records caught wind of this, they stated that DeGarmo returned as a permanent member, most likely to boost Queensryche's popularity and sales for the album. One thing can be said here: Chris's presence can clearly be felt here, and having him in the album marks a return to the quality not seen since Promised Land.

Unlike previous albums, Geoff Tate really keeps his vocals on the down low here, letting the other instruments shine. This also gives Tate a more diverse palette, especially in terms of the dynamics presented here. Every instrument is very balanced here as well, as supposed to the generally vocal/guitar fronted sound Queensryche usually possesses, giving every member a chance to show what they can do.

About the songs themselves, there are ten here, clocking in at 41:37. The short length of the songs keeps them from getting stale or boring, a problem Queensryche have been running into with some recent work (*cough* Dedicated to Chaos *cough*). "Open" is a great, well, opener and wastes no time cutting to the chase of the album's sound. There are explosive (though sometimes rather slow) choruses and sly verses that show more of that aforementioned diversity here. While I'm on the topic of diversity, this album also features the return of the saxophone used in Promised Land. On here, it's prominent on "Art of Life" and gives it a dark jazzy edge, fitting in with the rugged spoken verses.

A big highlight here is the title track, "Tribe." It starts out with a progressive 6/8 riff, and eases the distortion when the verse hits with more spoken vocals. The tension of the song never really lets up, though, until the chorus clashes with powerful soaring vocals and a heavy rhythm pacing things along. The song sounds like it could have been featured on Promised Land or even Empire to an extent.

Unfortunately, some latter-day Queensryche flaws are still present here, and heard the most on the final track, "Doin' Fine." I starts out promisingly enough, with a strong guitar riff and nice relaxed feel, but soon just turns lazy. Even with a short run-time of 3:54, the song drags on and on, and keeps you waiting for something interesting to show up. Really, that's the biggest problem with the album; Some songs are too draggy and lack the passion of the better songs. "Falling Behind" has a really apt song title in that sense; it starts out with a nice acoustic riff, but then just... never catches real fire.

However, the album is still very good, and is one of the best latter-day Queensryche albums you can get. Geoff Tate's vocals are still powerful, and Chris DeGarmo, while a bit restrained here, hasn't lost any of his touch. Overall, this is a solid album, and their best since Promised Land... that is, until American Soldier came along.

(Note: this review was originally from 2011)

(Originally published on Sputnikmusic)

 Operation: Mindcrime by QUEENSRYCHE album cover Studio Album, 1988
4.21 | 951 ratings

Operation: Mindcrime
Queensr˙che Progressive Metal

Review by AndyJ

3 stars Queensryche's 'Operation: Mindcrime' was one of the first metal albums I bought way back in my teenage years and it was a completely random purchase. I was sifting through stacks of heavy metal CDs at my local record store when this one jumped out at me. I freaked out over the cover and bought it immediately - I didn't even bother to ask the girl behind the counter if I could listen to it first.

I remember being blown away when I first put it on. Initially I didn't really know what to make of this album, it being so different from the other music I was listening to at the time. But it quickly became one of my favourites. I enjoyed the story of revolution and loss, and fell in love with Geoff Tate as a vocalist - some of those power notes he was able to hit in this album are out-of-this-world!

As a heavy metal album I consider 'Mindcrime' to be very good, but as a progressive metal album I'm a little bit underwhelmed. I never really considered this particular record to be all that progressive. Sure, it has the long story concept running throughout, but the individual songs by and large follow a fairly conventional rock/metal song structure. Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Solos, Chorus, Outro. Or variations of that... Queensryche put out more proggy albums after this one, specifically the 1991 album 'Empire', which I personally think is better than 'Mindcrime'.

The only particularly progressive song on the album is 'Suite Sister Mary', and if I'm being honest its the one song on the album I've never particularly liked and I have a tendancy to skip it more often than not. The reason being the vocals are just too shrill and over-the-top for me. I find that song just a touch overpowering for my ears - I've never been one for opera!

Musically the performances on this album are solid. As already mentioned Geoff Tate is a wonderful vocalist, and his voice is so full of emotion and power in this album. The guitar riffs are memorable and melodic, and there are some nice instrumental solos. Scott Rockenfield is a total powerhouse behind the drum kit in this album, and his chops really drive a lot of the music on.

The problem I have in assigning a rating to this album is I'm on a prog site, not a metal site. As a metal album this probably deserves 4-stars, but as a prog album I can only give it 3-stars. Queensryche are a progressive band, but I'd argue less so on this album than in their later releases...

Stand-out tracks are 'The Mission', 'Eyes Of A Stranger' and 'Speak'.

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